13 » (13 Dead Men)
16 » (16 Blocks)
24 Ȼ (24 Hours to Midnight)
6000 (6000 km di paura)
8 ܻ (8 Million Ways to Die)
88 һ (88 Minutes)
(Crash Landing)
(Car Crash)
һ (Juice)
Ļ (Inferno)
ͻ (Crank)
-2. Ż (Crank-2: High Voltage)
(Hell Ride)
ۻ (Hellfighters)
Ȼ (The Hot Box)
Ȼ (American Strays)
ʻ (American Hunter)
˻ (Angel)
-2. Ȼ (Angel-2: Avenging Angel)
-3. (Angel-3: The Final Chapter)
-4. ̻ (Angel-4: Undercover)
(Guardian Angel)
û (Armstrong)
ۻ (Biker Boyz)
(Motor Psycho)
(The Mini-Skirt Mob)
ۻ (Bandidos)
ջ (BMX Bandits)
Ȼ (Running Scared)
ܻ (Rapid Fire)
λ (Baja Run)
ۻ (No Mercy)
(Crazy Mama)
ܻ (The Mad Bomber)
Ȼ (Kick or Die)
߻ (White Lightning)
ͻ (Elephant White)
Ȼ (Edge of Honor)
λ (Ashanti)
Ż (Hell Up in Harlem)
˻ (Outrage)
ۻ (Silent Assassins)
ʻ (Billy Jack)
ʻ (Next of Kin)
(Girls for Rent)
, ʻ (Sweet Jesus, Preacherman)
˻ (T.K.O.)
(Beomjweui jaeguseong)
Ի (The Big Easy)
Ż (Truck Stop Women)
ܻ (Fight for Your Life)
ǻ (The Blues Brothers)
-2000 (Blues Brothers 2000)
һ (Dynamite Brothers)
޻ (Brothers in Arms)
ɻ (Blue Streak)
һ (Body Armour)
ۻ (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)
-2. Ż (G.I. Joe-2: Retaliation)
ջ (Plato's Run)
Ż (Trapped)
Ż (Trapped)
Ż (Under Siege)
-2. ۻ (Under Siege-2: Dark Territory)
Ȼ (Out for Blood)
ۻ (Dhaam Dhoom)
Ȼ (Seeking Justice)
һ (Nick of Time)
Ȼ (On Deadly Ground)
л (A bout portant)
Ȼ (Wasabi)
ɻ (Fast-Walking)
߻ (The Great Texas Dynamite Chase)
ʻ (Bang Boom Bang-Ein todsicheres Ding)
ܻ (Blastfighter)
û (Thunder County)
(Willie Dynamite)
ǻ (The Piano Player)
л (Jik zin)
Ȼ (Out of Reach)
(Outside the Law)
ܻ (Sudden Death), 1977
ܻ (Sudden Death), 1995
Ż (Ambushed)
(The Power Within)
Ȼ (Five the Hard Way)
ʻ (Airwolf)
ܻ (Air Marshal)
Ż (Redemption)
(Collateral Damage)
ۻ (The Warriors), 1979
ۻ (The Warriors), 1995
߻ (Full Clip)
(Gordon's War)
Ȼ (Da Vinci's War)
(Stryker's War)
ɻ (Shadowboxer)
ʻ (Bounty Tracker)
ۻ (Kurozu zero)
-2 (Kurozu zero-2)
߻ (Enemy Territory)
(Invasion U.S.A.)
Ż (Second in Command)
» (Defiance)
» (The Challenge)
ϻ (Ransom), 1996
ϻ (Ransom), 1974
ӻ (E tan qun ying hui)
ܻ (Forced Vengeance)
: ߻ (Angel Hill: l'ultima missione)
(Supreme Sanction)
һ (No Exit)
һ (No Way Out)
ʻ (High Risk)
л (Gator)
(South Bronx Heroes)
(Eye of the Eagle)
-2. » (Eye of the Eagle-2: Inside the Enemy)
(Eye of the Tiger)
(Five Across the Eyes)
ջ (Con la rabbia agli occhi)
(The Wrath of Cain)
Ȼ (Roadracers)
Ȼ (Blue City)
(Fear City)
, ߻ (Citta violenta)
ۻ (San tau dip ying)
Ż (Urban Justice)
߻ (Il cittadino si ribella)
(The Border)
: ߻ (Extralarge: Black Magic)
ʻ (Thunderbolt and Lightfoot)
Ȼ (The Manhandlers)
Ȼ (Let's Get Harry)
ܻ (Anche gli angeli mangiano fagioli)
(Driving Force)
ܻ (Bersaglio sull'autostrada)
ۻ (Il giorno del Cobra)
(Joshua Tree)
» (The Whole Ten Yards)
ͻ (Detective Malone)
л (The Detonator), 2003
л (The Detonator), 2006
(Action Jackson)
... (T.N.T. Jackson)
(Johnny Handsome)
߻ (Julia)
Ȼ (Savage Sisters)
һ (Savage Dawn)
ܻ (Savage!)
(Dixie Dynamite)
߻ (La dynamite est bonne a boire)
(Diplomatic Siege)
ۻ (Journal of a Contract Killer)
(To the Limit)
Ȼ (Pushed to the Limit)
Ȼ (Proof of Life)
һ (Dolemite)
(House of the Rising Sun)
66 (Roadhouse 66)
Ȼ (Road House), 1948
Ȼ (Road House), 1989
-2. » (Road House-2: Last Call)
Ļ (Hot Rods to Hell)
һ (Tough Enough)
Ȼ (Gong chang fei long)
̻ (Drum)
(Bi xie lan tian)
(Wrong Side of Town)
(Gli amici di Nick Hezard)
(The Friends of Eddie Coyle)
л (The Alternate)
(Trappola diabolica)
λ (The Devil's Dominoes)
- (Pau mui)
--2 (Pau lui ji duet meng ji lui)
Ȼ (Bloodlust)
Ȼ (Death Wish)
-2 (Death Wish-2)
-3 (Death Wish-3)
-4. ۻ (Death Wish 4: The Crackdown)
-5. Ȼ (Death Wish-5: The Face of Death)
ۻ (Tian shi xing dong)
-2 (Tian shi xing dong-2: Zhi huo feng jiao long)
-3 (Tian shi xing dong-3: Mo nu mo ri)
(The Female Bunch)
Ȼ (Women in the Night)
(Swamp Women)
(Muk lau hung gwong)
(Violent Saturday)
Ļ (Brute Corps)
̻ (Dead or Alive: Hanzaisha)
-2 (Dead or Alive-2: Tobosha)
-3 (Dead or Alive-3: Final)
޻ (Bound by Honor)
ɻ (Out of Line)
ɻ (The Hunted)
˻ (Cornered)
Ȼ (The Wilby Conspiracy)
(Hitman's Run)
Ȼ (Murphy's Law)
(Steele's Law)
ʻ (Hostage)
Ȼ (Crackerjack)
-2 (Crackerjack-2)
߻ (Tripwire)
(Paid in Full)
(Pay in Full)
Ż (Colpo in canna)
Ż (Blackout)
ʻ (Le protecteur)
ʻ (The Defender)
һ (Hijack)
һ (Seizure)
һ (Hard Time: Hostage Hotel)
1-2-3 (The Taking of Pelham One Two Three), 1974
1-2-3 (The Taking of Pelham One Two Three), 2009
ۻ (Act of Piracy)
ܻ (Animal)
̻ (La belva col mitra)
, Ȼ (The Evil That Men Do)
ǻ (Mean Johnny Barrows)
Ȼ (Chains of Gold)
» (Game for Vultures)
Ż (Survival Game)
Ż (Surviving the Game)
˻ (Over the Top)
߻ (Severance)
л (Icarus)
л (Armored)
ۻ (Killer Instinct)
Ȼ (Lai wong)
ܻ (The Exterminator)
-2 (Exterminator-2)
Ļ (Source Code)
(Every Which Way But Loose)
ܻ (Any Which Way You Can)
û (Pistol Whipped)
ʻ (Stunt Rock)
ۻ (Stunts)
-2: Ż (Fugitive Mind)
: ۻ (Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects)
û (Cleopatra Wong)
-2 (Cage-2)
ۻ (When Strangers Appear)
(Tiger Claws)
-2 (Tiger Claws-2)
-3 (Tiger Claws-3)
ۻ (Hardball)
Ȼ (Yi ben wu yan)
ֻ (Assassins' Code)
: ͻ (Codename: Silencer)
Ȼ (Leather Jackets)
ۻ (Cocaine Wars)
(The A-Team)
л (Der Commander)
ܻ (Chain of Command)
һ (The Contract)
ֻ (The Korean)
̻ (Mean Machine)
Ȼ (Coffy)
ѻ (Redbelt)
ʻ (Die Hard)
-2 (Die Hard-2)
-3 (Die Hard-3)
-4 (Die Hard-4)
λ (The Hard Word)
ʻ (The Godson)
(Mexican Bloodbath)
(Blutiger Freitag)
ۻ (Blood Warriors)
Ȼ (Blood Money)
(Hell's Bloody Devils)
, , ͻ (Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane)
λ (The Big Job)
(Slaughter's Big Rip-Off)
ۻ (Mean Guns)
һ (Torque)
? (Flic ou voyou)
- ޻ (Quelqu'un derriere la porte)
- Ż (Kunyonga-Mord in Afrika)
ܻ (Soft Target)
(Lady Avenger)
- » (Un verano para matar)
(Face of Terror)
(Private Wars)
, (Bin lim mai ching)
Ż (Bulletface)
λ (Catch the Heat)
ӻ (Foxtrap)
ܻ (A Better Way to Die)
45- л (Love and a .45)
λ (Love Lies Bleeding)
Ȼ (Love and Bullets)
߻ (Love and a Bullet)
л (MacGruber)
(Maximum Conviction)
ػ (Baby)
(Sheba, Baby)
Ȼ (Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes)
λ (Mandingo)
- (Goma-2)
(The Killing Machine)
Ż (Machete)
˻ (Lesser of Three Evils)
Ȼ (Blinkende lygter)
ܻ (Revenge)
ܻ (Fuk sau)
(Soldier's Revenge)
(Hawk's Vengeance)
ʻ (The Mechanic), 1972
ʻ (The Mechanic), 2011
ʻ (The Mechanik)
˻ (Sugar Hill), 1974
˻ (Sugar Hill), 1993
߻ (Militia)
Ȼ (Ministry of Vengeance)
ֻ (The Peacemaker)
45- л (Ms. 45)
: (Cobra Mission)
: -2 (Cobra Mission-2)
߻ (Mission of Justice)
: ܻ (Mission Kill)
ʻ (Mr. Majestyk)
: Ȼ (Brain SmasherA Love Story)
Ż (Gu huo zi: Zhi ren zai jiang hu)
-2 (Goo waak jai 2: Ji maang lung gwoh gong)
-3 (Gu huo zi-3: Zhi zhi shou zhe tian)
-4 (97 goo waak jai: Jin mo bat sing)
ۻ (Colli di cuoio)
λ (Moscow Zero)
ѻ (Sidewinder 1)
ܻ (The Revenger)
ͻ (Malone)



, , , . , . , , , ( , , ). .
(- action-)- , , , , . . , .
, . , : , , , . , . , ( ). -.
, , , , 90% . 80-90- , , , . , , , .


ۻ (Point Break)
Ż (Choke Canyon)
Ȼ (Dangerously Close)
ʻ (The Marksman)
̻ (Above the Law)
Ȼ (Mercenary Fighters)
ۻ (Hired to Kill)
(The Hitman)
(Dip huet seung hung)
(Hit Man)
(Sat sau ji wong)
̻ (Wanted: Dead or Alive)
(Assault on Devil's Island)
13 (Assault on Precinct 13), 1976
13 (Assault on Precinct 13), 2005
̻ (The Hard Way)
ۻ (Drug Runners)
Ȼ (Real Bullets)
λ (Driven to Kill)
ܻ (National Security)
Ȼ (Sky Riders)
» (The Six Thousand Dollar Nigger)
- ֻ (Bogard)
ܻ (Nowhere to Run)
(Uncommon Valor)
λ (Essential Killing)
ɻ (Undisputed)
-2. ɻ (Undisputed-2: Last Man Standing)
-3. Ż (Undisputed-3: Redemption)
(Irresistible Force)
ɻ (Avinash)
л (Lo foo chut gang)
-2 (Lao hu chu geng-2)
ɻ (BitterSweet)
Ȼ (The Losers)
Ż (The Expendables)
ɻ (Unstoppable)
ɻ (Le battant)
(Raw Deal)
߻ (Never Back Down)
-2. Ż (Never Back Down-2: The Beatdown)
(Joy Ride)
-2. Ȼ (Joy Ride-2: Dead Ahead)
߻ (No Man's Land)
һ (Knockout)
һ (Haywire)
(Night of the Running Man)
(Night of the Warrior)
(The Night of the Hunter), 1955
(The Night of the Hunter), 1991
ܻ (Vigilante)
ܻ (Deathcheaters)
ܻ (Return Fire)
̻ (Engaged to Kill)
-500 (Fireball 500)
ۻ (Fire Birds)
ܻ (Agneepath), 1990
ܻ (Agneepath), 2012
ɻ (Fire Down Below)
Ż (Shoot to Kill)
(The Bank Job)
- (The St. Louis Bank Robbery)
ͻ (One Man Army)
, ܻ (One Down, Two to Go)
, , ܻ (One Eight Seven)
Ļ (Lone Wolf McQuade)
(A Man Apart)
(Lonely Are the Brave)
ܻ (Target of Opportunity)
Ż (Once Upon a Time in Mexico)
λ (Noon-e-neun noon I-e-neun i)
λ (Zahn um Zahn)
λ (An Eye for an Eye)
Ż (Final Judgement)
Ż (Final Justice)
ͻ (The Octagon)
ܻ (Command Performance)
߻ (Dangerous Ground)
(Danger Zone)
Ż (Strip Search)
λ (A Dangerous Place)
Ż (Honky Tonk Freeway)
ʻ (A Dangerous Man)
ѻ (Operation Golden Phoenix)
ɻ (Fighting Mad)
ɻ (The Eagle Path)
Ȼ (Death Machines)
ֻ (Kshatriya)
Ż (Guns)
(The Siege)
ɻ (Savage Island)
߻ (The Brave One)
ܻ (Backfire)
Ż (Recoil)
л (Fighting Back)
» (Angels' Brigade)
ɻ (Vigilante Force)
(Perkins' 14)
߻ (Forces speciales)
ֻ (Killer Force)
߻ (Polk County Pot Plane)
ѻ (Komando samber nyawa)
ܻ (Born to Raise Hell)
(A Prayer for the Dying)
̻ (Hua qi Shao Lin)
ͻ (The Woman Hunt)
һ (Cat Run)
» (Chasing Ghosts)
ɻ (Pig Hunt)
(La mala ordina)
(Cane arrabbiato)
ʻ (The Hunter)
Ȼ (Lie tou)
Ȼ (The Bounty Hunter)
Ȼ (The Hunters)
Ȼ (Treasure Raiders)
ɻ (Bounty Hunters)
ۻ (The Retrievers)
ܻ (Bet Your Life)
߻ (Pariah)
57 (Passenger 57)
ܻ (First Blood)
ǻ (Prime Cut)
ʻ (Transporter)
-2 (Transporter-2)
-3 (Transporter-3)
ʻ (The Negotiator)
ܻ (Fuoco incrociato)
: (Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright)
ʻ (Interceptor)
(The Glove)
(The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith)
(Crying Freeman)
ѻ (Heaven's Prisoners)
ʻ (The Carpenter)
߻ (The Bad Pack)
ܻ (Bad Blood)
Ȼ (Bad Charleston Charlie)
޻ (Walking the Edge)
û (Breakout)
û (The Getaway)
߻ (Northville Cemetery Massacre)
Ż (Manhattan Chase)
̻ (Point Blank)
ѻ (Derailed)
̻ (Deep Cover)
̻ (Liberty Stands Still)
Ȼ (Submarines)
ͻ (Submerged)
ɻ (Framed)
(52 Pick-Up)
ɻ (Snake Eater)
-2. Ȼ (Snake Eater-2: The Drug Buster)
-3. ͻ (Snake Eater-3: His Law)
(Flight of Black Angel)
(Gladiator Cop)
ӻ (Rent-a-Cop)
Ļ (Le boulet)
(Sunset Heat)
ɻ (Midnight Cowboy)
ʻ (Midnight Man)
Ȼ (Messenger of Death)
Ż (The Final Comedown)
ۻ (Ultimos dias de la victima)
Ȼ (The Last Hard Men)
Ļ (The Last Ride)
Ļ (L'ultimo volo all'inferno)
Ļ (Final Round)
ֻ (One Last Dance)
߻ (Deadline Auto Theft)
ջ (The Final Cut)
ѻ (The Last Hour)
(Kiss of the Dragon)
Ȼ (Kiss Me Deadly)
λ (Beyond Justice)
(Steele Justice)
ܻ (Traitor)
ɻ (Pursued)
̻ (Guilty as Charged)
Ȼ (Ghosted)
Ȼ (Phantom Raiders)
ܻ (Executive Decision)
ܻ (Strategic Command)
߻ (L'aventure, c'est l'aventure)
λ (The Domino Principle)
Ȼ (Cause of Death)
Ļ (Bucktown)
: ޻ (Project Shadowchaser)
: -2 (Project Shadowchaser-2)
: -3 (Project Shadowchaser-3)
: -4. (Project Shadowchaser-4. Orion's Key)
Ļ (Dead End City)
̻ (Machine Gun Preacher)
޻ (Down the Drain)
(The Hard Corps)
˻ (Le professionnel)
: (Chuen jik sat sau)
һ (Direct Contact)
Ż (Bird on a Wire)
Ȼ (Rang zidan fei)
, һ (Bullets, Blood and a Fistful of Cash)
Ż (Die xue jie tou)
ۻ (The Way of War)
λ (Showdown in Little Tokyo)
(Paradise Now)
(Rolling Thunder)
ۻ (The Jezebels)
λ (The Right Stuff)
л (Revolver), 1973
л (Revolver), 2005
Ļ (Red)
Ż (Deadbeat at Dawn)
Ż (Requiem pour une tueuse)
λ (Ricco)
ʻ (Pink Cadillac)
Ȼ (Rocky)
-2 (Rocky-2)
-3 (Rocky-3)
-4 (Rocky-4)
-5 (Rocky-5)
(Rocky Balboa)
ܻ (Romeo Must Die)
ͻ (Ronin)
Ļ (RED: Retired Extremely Dangerous)
-2 (Rambo: First Blood Part 2)
-3 (Rambo-3)
-4 (Rambo-4)
(Running Red)
һ (Enough)
(The Most Dangerous Game)
Ļ (The Longest Yard)
Ż (Un temoin dans la ville)
- ӻ (Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters)
- -2 (Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters-2)
޻ (Bonded by Blood)
Ȼ (Sinners and Saints)
߻ (Traitor's Heart)
(Silver Streak)
Ļ (Han cheng gong lue)
ܻ (Sitting Target)
» (Il giustiziere sfida la citta)
(Omega Syndrome)
(The Rock)
ۻ (Skinheads)
˻ (Landspeed)
ܻ (Sweet Revenge)
(Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song)
һ (Layer Cake)
л (Slaughter)
(Hunt to Kill)
(Deadly Breed)
һ (Deadly Outbreak)
Ż (Death Promise)
Ż (Death Journey)
Ż (Lethal Seduction)
ۻ (Assassination Games)
ϻ (Deadly Ransom)
л (Deadly Impact)
ʻ (Hairpin Circus)
ѻ (Con Express)
Ȼ (Deadly Heroes)
Ļ (Death Force)
ɻ (Back in Action)
» (The Death Collector)
ۻ (Men of War)
ۻ (Straw Dogs), 1971
ۻ (Straw Dogs), 2011
(Condition Red)
߻ (A Violent State)
» (The Hit List), 2011
» (The Hit List), 1989
» (Kill List)
ۻ (Sleeping Dogs)
û (Ring of Steel)
λ (No Country for Old Men)
ʻ (The Junkman)
Ż (Le vieux fusil)
ʻ (Stick)
̻ (Cent mille dollars au soleil)
ͻ (Stone)
ƻ (Guardian)
׻ (The Traveling Executioner)
Ȼ (Strategia per una missione di morte)
ʻ (Shooter)
ʻ (The Contractor)
׻ (The Hit)
һ (Super Spook)
- (Super Fly)
- (Superchick)
л (The Mack)
Ȼ (Dias contados)
Ż (La Horse)
Ȼ (Taxi)
-2 (Taxi-2)
Ż (Tactical Assault)
(Angel's Dance)
ͻ (Taffin)
ܻ (Ek Ajnabee)
л (The Dark Wind)
л (Silent Partner)
ʻ (Truck Turner)
ܻ (The Harder They Come)
ʅʅʻ (tick...tick...tick)
Ļ (Dong jing gong lue)
Ȼ (Pusher)
-2 (Pusher-2)
-3 (Pusher-3)
޻ (Merchant of Death)
(Breaking Point)
(Three Days to a Kill)
ܻ (Hard Target)
(Hard Times)
ͻ (Jackson County Jail)
(Lock Up)
Ż (Kill Me Later)
ѻ (The Kill Reflex)
Ż (The Amsterdam Kill)
ۻ (Killers)
ӻ (The Replacement Killers)
ջ (Cop Killers)
Ȼ (Killing Zoe)
ɻ (Overkill)
(Get Carter), 1971
(Get Carter), 2000
60 Ļ (Gone in Sixty Seconds), 1974
60 Ļ (Gone in Sixty Seconds), 2000
(Airline Disaster)
(La menace)
(Low Blow)
߻ (The Nail Gun Massacre)
- (Los Angeles Streetfighter)
ֻ (Street Fighter)
: -Ȼ (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li)
ܻ (Street Knight)
һ (Ultraviolet)
Ȼ (The Annihilators)
߻ (Detention)
̻ (Ticker)
» (L'alpagueur)
- (Trouble Man)
Ż (Man on Fire)
(Hollywood Man)
Ȼ (The Midnight Man)
(Shadow Man)
(The Human Tornado)
л (The Human Factor)
(Cobra nero)
-2 (The Black Cobra-2)
-3 (The Black Cobra-3)
, (Black Mama, White Mama)
(The Black Panther)
λ (The Black Gestapo)
һ (Black Dynamite)
ɻ (Black Snake)
--ֻ (The Black Klansman)
(Fair Game)
˻ (The Fourth Angel)
ʻ (Cleaner)
ʻ (Sweepers)
-- (Klansman)
Ȼ (Snabba Cash)
ջ (Black Shampoo)
» (The Black Six)
Ȼ (The Aggression Scale)
ʻ (Le choc)
» (Moonshine Highway)
ɻ (Shamus)
ͻ (Chameleon), 1998
ͻ (Chameleon), 1996
-3. ۻ (Chameleon-3: Dark Angel)
л (Hammer)
Ȼ (Hennessy)
ܻ (Flashfire)
ɻ (Coldblooded)
̻ (Cotton Comes to Harlem)
һ (De la part des copains)
Ż (Good Guys Wear Black)
(Chrome and Hot Leather)
Ļ (Mi ni te gong dui)
л (The Farmer)
ͻ (Foxy Brown)
51 (The 51st State)
ƻ (The Fast and the Furious), 1955
ƻ (The Fast and the Furious), 2001
-2 (The Fast and the Furious-2)
-3. һ (The Fast and the Furious-3: Tokyo Drift)
-4 (The Fast and the Furious-4)
-5 (The Fast and the Furious-5)
л (Friday Foster)
һ (Shaft)
޻ (Expert Weapon)
һ (The Expert)
ֻ (The Killer Elite), 1975
ֻ (The Killer Elite), 2011
λ (Placebo Effect)
Ȼ (Caged Fury)
Ȼ (Rage of Honor)
-2 (Rage of Honor-2)
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