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8- 60- .

- Ż (And Now for Something Completely Different)
ͻ (Adrenaline)
13 (Hellblock 13)
Ȼ (The ABCs of Death)
Ż (Amazon Women on the Moon)
-2 (Creepshow-2)
-3 (Creepshow-3)
(Tales From The Crypt)
ۻ (Tales From The Darkside. The Movie)
, ܻ (Big Boobs, Blonde Babes, Bad Blood)
, ӻ (The Air I Breathe)
ܻ (Screamtime)
(Dr. Terror's Gallery Of Horrors)
(Cats Eye)
ܻ (Dead Of Night), 1945
ܻ (Dead of Night), 1977
(Sin City)
(Evil Town)
(The Burning Moon)
(Due Occhi Diabolici)
˻ (Home for the Holidays)
(Dr. Terrors House Of Horrors)
(Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense)
(Hammer House of Horror)
, ܻ (The House That Dripped Blood)
, ܻ (The Dorm That Dripped Blood)
߻ (The Uncanny)
Ȼ (Screams of a Winter Night)
» (Alien Zone)
ʻ (Zoo)
ۻ (From Beyond The Grave)
» (Robot Stories)
(Hood of Horror)
(The Tenement)
» (The Monster Club)
(Cradle of Fear)
ۻ (Nightmares)
ܻ (Trick 'r Treat)
λ (Pulp Fiction)
߻ (Blood Bath)
Ȼ (Slices of Life)
Ż (Lady in the dark)
(Twists of Terror)
5+ (Survive Style 5+)
߻ (Mania)
» (Body Bags)
л (Das Wachsfigurenkabinett)
Ȼ (Histoires extraordinaires)
ͻ (Necronomicon)
ܻ (The Willies)
ѻ (Night Train to Terror)
(Shock Chamber)
߻ (Flesh And Fantasy)
ջ (Kwaidan)
ܻ (Subconscious Cruelty)
ۻ (Wong gok ka moon)
Ȼ (After Midnight)
л (The Final Terror)
Ż (The Offspring)
Ȼ (Hide and Go Shriek)
ܻ (Journey to Midnight)
Ż (A Reflection of Fear)
- ߻ (Tales That Witness Madness)
Ż (Quicksilver Highway)
ʻ (Torture Garden)
û (Fright)
» (The Vault Of Horror)
Ȼ (Tears of Kali)
Ȼ (Deadtime Stories)
ӻ (The Meaning of Life)
ۻ (Twice-Told Tales)
(Strange Frequency)
-2 (Strange Frequency-2)
(Amores perros)
(Twilight Zone: The Movie)
ʻ (The Illustrated Man)
ܻ (Trois vies et une seule mort)
(I Tre Volti Della Paura)
(Three Cases of Murder)
ȅ (Sam gang yi)
ȅ-2 (Saam gaang)
(The Trilogy Of Terror)
-2 (The Trilogy of Terror-2)
̻ (The Pleasure Drivers)
ѻ (Chung Hing sam lam)
ۻ (Tales from the Crapper)
ۻ (Tales Of Terror)
Ȼ (Chillers)
ͻ (The Fountain)
» (Fright Show)
» (Freakshow)
Ȼ (Go)
Ļ (Poison)