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24- 100 (1996).

12 ͻ (12 Angry Men)
(The Devils Advocate)
(Anatomy of a Murder)
ֻ (The Fugitive)
߻ (Time Without Pity)
߻ (Defenseless)
߻ (Leave Her to Heaven)
̻ (The Big House)
ѻ (The Boss)
л (Brubaker)
ӻ (In Hell)
(In the Valley of Elah)
һ (The Verdict)
Ȼ (Just Cause)
ܻ (A Time to Kill)
ܻ (The Rainmaker), 1956
ܻ (The Rainmaker), 1997
Ż (Vertigo)
ܻ (Blue Steel)
һ (Double Jeopardy)
ͻ (The Paradine Case)
ͻ (The File on Thelma Jordon)
(Nu zi jian yu)
(Women's Prison)
(The Life of David Gale)
(Beyond the Law)
Ż (Jagged Edge)
ͻ (Law Abiding Citizen)
(The Star Chamber)
ܻ (Animal)
ۻ (Evil Angels)
ջ (And Justice for All)
(The Phenix City Story)
2455 (Cell 2455 Death Row)
һ (The Client)
(The Lincoln Lawyer)
(Birdman of Alcatraz)
һ (Dead Man Walking)
Ż (Mississippi Burning)
λ (Mr. Ricco)
ۻ (The Young Philadelphians)
(Assalto al tesoro di stato)
(The People Against O'Hara)
Ż (Compulsion)
ɻ (The Wrong Man)
ɻ (A Few Good Men)
(Never Take Sweets from a Stranger)
, » (Half Past Dead)
, -2 (Half Past Dead-2)
߻ (The Accused), 1988
߻ (The Accused), 1949
ɻ (The Gingerbread Man)
λ (Eye for an Eye)
ǻ (Final Analysis)
Ȼ (Dangerous Curves)
߻ (Dangerous Intentions)
Ȼ (Legal Eagles)
߻ (High Crimes)
Ż (Convicts 4)
ɻ (Convicted)
ܻ (Betrayed by Innocence)
(The Chamber)
ܻ (Crossfire)
(The Executioner's Song)
λ (The Letter)
ܻ (Bad Boy)
(Escape from Alcatraz)
, ߻ (Please Murder Me)
(Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil)
߻ (Rules of Engagement)
ۻ (Reversal of Fortune)
Ȼ (Presumed Innocent)
ʻ (Felon)
̻ (Find Me Guilty)
Ȼ (Ghosts of Mississippi)
(Jian yu bu she fang)
ʻ (Un prophete)
ѻ (Le proces)
ѻ (Trial)
, ܻ (The Hand That Rocks the Cradle)
Ȼ (Runaway Jury)
߻ (Witness for the Prosecution)
Ȼ (Witness to the Mob)
Ļ (L'annee sainte)
ܻ (Sette volte sette)
ۻ (One Woman's Courage)
л (Death Sentence)
(Death of a Soldier)
ܻ (Knock on Any Door)
(Le juge et l'assassin)
ۻ (Count the Hours)
ۻ (The Story on Page One)
߻ (Gam yuk fung wan)
-2 (Jian yu feng yun-2: Tao fan)
ջ (KillerKiller)
λ (Murder!)
ʻ (You Can't Get Away with Murder)
Ȼ (Murder in the First)
Ż (A Killer in the Family)
(To Kill a Mockingbird)
˻ (L'ange noir)
Ż (Bade Dil Wala)
Ż (Blade Violent-I violenti)
(The Firm)
(I, the Jury)
ܻ (I Confess)
- ʻ (I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang)