2069: -߻ (Ach jodel mir noch einen-Stosstrupp Venus blast zum Angriff)
27- ܻ (The 27th Day)
(The Atomic Submarine)
߻ (Without Warning)
(Battle Los Angeles)
Ȼ (Close Encounters Of The Third Kind)
ۻ (The brother from another planet)
Ż (The Return)
(Alien Warrior)
Ż (The Invasion)
ɻ (Invasion of the Star Creatures)
Ȼ (Invasion From Inner Earth)
(Invasion Of The Saucer Men)
˻ (Invasion Of The Body Snatchers), 1956
˻ (Invasion Of The Body Snatchers), 1978
(Invaders From Mars), 1953
(Invaders From Mars), 1985
Ż (The Second Arrival)
ܻ (Yesterdays Target)
» (Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders)
Ȼ (The Visitants)
ͻ (District 9)
(The Day Time Ended)
, ܻ (The Day the Earth Stood Still), 1951
, ܻ (The Day the Earth Stood Still), 2008
ۻ (Wavelength)
(Hunter Prey)
л (The Watch)
ֻ (Dr. Alien)
(Devil Girl From Mars)
(The Astronauts Wife)
- ۻ (Cat-Women of the Moon)
(Liquid Sky)
Ż (Oblivion)
-2. л (Oblivion 2: Backlash)
ɻ (The forgotten)
ʻ (Earth vs. The Flying Saucers)
(The Evil Brain from Outer Space)
Ȼ (Signs)
51 (51)
- ۻ (Zontar: The Thing from Venus)
Ż (Altered)
Ż (Alien Trespass)
Ȼ (Alien Raiders)
Ȼ (Alien Avengers)
-2 (Alien Avengers-2)
ͻ (The Extra-Terrestrial)
» (Cowboys and Aliens)
ͻ (Cocoon)
-2. Ż (Cocoon-2. The Return)
(End of the World)
һ (Contact)
л (Repo Man)
Ȼ (Rymdinvasion i Lappland)
Ż (Starship Invasions)
(Queen Of Blood)
(Blood Suckers from Outer Space)
ѻ (Kronos)
ۻ (The Puppet Masters)
ֻ (Quatermass And The Pit)
-2 (Quatermass-2)
» (Laserblast)
(The Shadow Men)
л (Mom and Dad Save the World)
ɻ (Battleship)
(Meatball Machine)


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24- 100 (1996).


ۻ (Beyond the Rising Moon)
» (Alien Nation)
: Ȼ (Alien Nation: The Enemy Within)
: (Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy)
: (Alien Nation: Body and Soul)
: һ (Alien Nation: Dark Horizon)
: Ż (Alien Nation: Millennium)
Ȼ (Not of This Earth), 1957
Ȼ (Not of This Earth), 1988
Ȼ (Not of This Earth), 1995
Ż (The Incredible Invasion)
ۻ (Invisible Invaders)
Ȼ (Evils of the Night)
λ (UFO)
: -߻ (UFO: Target Earth)
Ż (Los Nuevos Extraterrestres)
ܻ (The Night Caller)
ܻ (Nightbeast)
߻ (Night of the Blood Beast)
ѻ (They Live)
ѻ (They Are Among Us)
λ (Akce Bororo)
» (Alien Siege)
ܻ (Species)
-2 (Species-2)
-3 (Species-3)
-4. Ż (Species-4: The Awakening)
» (Predator Island)
» (Alien Hunter)
λ (Grey Skies)
Ȼ (Interceptors)
߻ (The Astounding She-Monster)
ʻ (The Sender)
˻ (Body Snatchers)
(Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro)
Ż (The Arrival)
Ż (Aftershock)
Ż (Earthbound)
(Phantom from Space)
(The Cosmic Man)
ֻ (Impostor)
(Spaced Invaders)
Ż (Aliens in the Wild, Wild West)
ۻ (Alienators)
ۻ (Intruders)
ۻ (Out There)
ۻ (Chikyu Boeigun)
: ѻ (Alien Grey: Zone-X)
ջ (Thin Air)
ɻ (Prometheus)
» (Alien Opponent)
ѻ (The Darkest Hour)
(Ferocious Planet),
ۻ (The X-Files)
(Sette uomini d'oro nello spazio)
ͻ (Skyline)
һ (The Stuff)
ѻ (Cosmos Mortal)
ӻ (Jigureul jikyeora)
ۻ (Strange Invaders)
ѻ (The Creeping Terror)
߻ (Dark Universe)
(Dark Breed)
Ļ (Dark City)
(Killers from Space)
ջ (High Desert Kill)
(It! The Terror from Beyond Space)
» (Horror Of The Blood Monsters)
(The Trollenberg Terror)
ۻ (Los monstruos del terror)
Ȼ (Predators)
һ (The Faculty)
- ߻ (Destination Inner Space)
ѻ (The Man From Planet X)
ۻ (Starman)
, ޻ (The Man Who Fell To Earth)
Ļ (The Fourth Kind)
Ż (Attack the Block)
(Target Earth)
(The Quatermass Xperiment)
λ (Xtro)
-2. (Xtro-2: The Second Encounter)
-3. ̻ (Xtro-3: Watch the Skies)
(It Came From Outer Space)
-2 (It Came From Outer Space-2)
߻ (This Island Earth)
(I Married a Monster from Outer Space)
(I Am Number Four)
̻ (I Come In Peace)
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