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70- .

2019 : - (2019: Dopo La Caduta Di New York)
ͻ (Avalon)
Ż (Hell Comes to Frogtown)
ͻ (Adrenalin: Fear The Rush)
3000 (America 3000)
ѻ (Antiviral)
(Class of Nuke 'Em High)
-2. » (Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown)
-3. , Ļ (Class of Nuke 'Em High 3: The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid)
ֻ (Freejack)
ֻ (Spoiler)
- (Escape From L. A.)
- (Escape From New-York)
ʻ (The Running Man)
ѻ (Mad Max)
-2. Ȼ (Mad Max-2. The Road Warrior)
-3. (Mad Max-3. Beyond Thunderdome)
л (The Sisterhood)
: л (Jigoku no banken: kerubersu)
(Bunker Palace Hotel)
ͻ (Babylon A.D.)
- » (A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell)
л (Waterworld)
̻ (Slipstream)
(Warrior of the Lost World)
ۻ (Troma's War)
2072 (I Guerrieri DellAnno 2072)
1990 (1990: I Guerrieri Del Bronx)
ۻ (The Hunger Games)
λ (Natural City)
Ȼ (New Crime City)
ۻ (Urban Warriors)
(City Limits)
, ߻ (Day the World Ended)
(La Decima Vittima)
(The Road)
» (Drive)
߻ (Guilty Pleasures)
(Wicked, Wicked)
3000 (Gli sterminatori dell'anno 3000)
- λ (Yor, The Hunter From The Future)
(La Gabbia)
߻ (The Book of Eli)
ۻ (Endgame-Bronx Lotta Finale)
(Batoru Rowaiaru)
-2 (Batoru Rowaiaru-2)
Ȼ (Jigoku no banken: akai megane)
ܻ (Fortress)
-2. Ż (Fortress-2. Re-entry)
ۻ (Screamers)
-2. (Screamers-2: The Hunting)
- Ȼ (Chopper Chicks In Zombietown)
ۻ (Killer's Moon)
ʻ(Moon Child)
λ (A Better Place)
-2 (Frogtown-2)
ܻ (The Adjustment Bureau)
ܻ (Miss Muerte)
ӻ (On The Beach)
Ż (Twisted Justice)
- ܻ (Surf Nazis Must Die)
λ (Inception)
λ (The Unseen)
Ż (Un delitto poco comune)
Ļ (Neon City)
(Wrong Is Right)
ۻ (Scissors)
Ȼ (Carriers)
Ż (Night Warning)
ۻ (Night Of The Comet)
(Night of Bloody Horror)
޻ (Wedlock)
ܻ (Firepower)
λ (Firebird 2015 A.D.)
: ۻ (Accion mutante)
Ż (Minority Report)
- (Terminal Island)
(New Rose Hotel)
ʻ (Turkey Shoot)
λ (Future Hunters)
ͻ (No Escape)
ɻ (Masters of Universe)
(Battlefield Earth. A Saga Of The Year 3000)
(Omega Cop)
3000 (Warlords)
Ȼ (Total Recall)
ͻ (The Ultimate Warrior)
Ļ (Last Exit)
һ (Last Stand)
׻ (L'ultimo guerriero)
߻ (Final Destination)
-2 (Final Destination-2)
-3 (Final Destination-3)
-4 (Final Destination-4)
-5 (Final Destination-5)
Ż (LUltimo Uomo Della Terra)
߻ (The Last Chase)
߻ (The Last Broadcast)
߻ (The Aftermath)
Ȼ (Repo Men)
ͻ (The Postman)
ֻ (Alienator)
ջ (Trouble In Mind)
ܻ (The Divide)
˻ (Rollerball), 1975
˻ (Rollerball), 2002
ܻ (Santa sangre)
λ (Future Force)
һ (Deathsport)
Ȼ (Solarbabies)
߻ (Steel Dawn)
Ȼ (Strange Days)
ۻ (Surrogates)
̻ (Sleep Dealer)
ͻ (Banlieue 13)
-2. ̻ (Banlieue 13-2. Ultimatum)
3000 (Caged Heat 3000)
Ȼ (The Terror Within)
-2 (The Terror Within-2)
һ (Ultraviolet)
(Le prix du danger)
- (The Omega Man)
λ (Tanin no kao)
- (I Am Legend)