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14- (2007).

24 Ż (24 Hours in London)
8 Ż (8 Heads in a Duffel Bag)
л (G-Men)
(G-Men vs. the Black Dragon)
Ȼ (Alibi)
Ļ (Alphabet City)
л (American Gangster)
Ż (Angel on My Shoulder)
Ȼ (Avenging Angelo)
Ȼ (Angels with Dirty Faces)
Ȼ (The asphalt jungle)
(Atlantic City)
» (The Grissom Gang)
(Crazy Six)
(White Heat)
(Les gants blancs du diable)
ɻ (L'immortel)
ۻ (Reservoir Dogs)
Ȼ (Mad Dog and Glory)
Ȼ (Pete Kelly's Blues)
(The big heat)
ͻ (Black Gunn)
ػ (Snatch)
: (Bonanno: A Godfather's Story)
λ (Borsalino)
߻ (Borsalino and Co.)
ѻ (Il boss)
һ (Brother)
λ (The Brotherhood)
ͻ (The Newton Boys)
ۻ (Bootleggers)
һ (Below the Deadline)
л (Point Blank)
ۻ (Les Vampires)
ۻ (Blast of Silence)
һ (Le rouge est mis)
Ȼ (Crime Wave)
(The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond)
ͻ (L'ennemi public 1)
(The Public Enemy)
(Public Enemies)
Ż (Le deuxieme souffle), 1966
Ż (Le deuxieme souffle), 2007
߻ (Le choix des armes)
ۻ (Hak se wui)
-2 (Hak se wui yi wo wai kwai)
(High Sierra)
л (Hoodlum)
߻ (Gangster Story)
ۻ (Mobsters)
- (Last Man Standing)
- Ļ (Hell Is a City)
ǻ (20 000 Eyes)
ܻ (Second Skin)
(The Long Good Friday)
ۻ (Split Second)
» (The Don Is Dead)
λ (Donnie Brasco)
(Plunder Road)
ӻ (Get Shorty)
(Underworld U.S.A.)
(The Devil's Party)
(Les tontons flingueurs)
һ (Il prefetto di ferro)
Ż (His Kind of Woman)
̻ (The Lady in Red)
(Black Oak Conspiracy)
Ż (In Bruges)
Ȼ (The Valachi Papers)
ɻ (Villain)
ۻ (Mean Streets)
û (The Crooked Circle)
߻ (A History of Violence)
λ (Casino)
: λ (Kansas city confidential)
, , (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels)
ͻ (The Cotton Club)
(Sinatra Club)
» (Thick as Thieves)
ۻ (Smokin' Aces)
-2. ֻ (Smokin' Aces-2: Assassins' Ball)
(The Crew)
(The Outfit)
» (King of the Ants)
- (King of New York)
(King of the Underworld)
(Criss Cross)
ܻ (Bella Mafia)
ܻ (La padrina)
ֻ (The Godfather)
-2 (The Godfather-2)
-3 (The Godfather-3)
ͻ (Dhoom Dadakka)
л (The Criminal)
ͻ (Romanzo criminale)
ۻ (Blood Street)
߻ (Gong wu)
Ȼ (Lansky)
- (Lady Killer)
̻ (Scarface), 1932
̻ (Scarface), 1983
߻ (La part des lions)
(Luca il contrabbandiere)
λ (Macao)
(Little Odessa)
л (Junior G-Men)
Ż (Junior G-Men of the Air)
ܻ (Little Caesar)
99, 44 (99 and 44/100% Dead)
(Marked Woman)
̻ (Milano calibro 9)
(Gokudo kuroshakai)
ֻ (El padrino)
(Mona Lisa)
̻ (Amsterdam Heavy)
Ȼ (Du rififi chez les hommes)
ӻ (Touchez pas au grisbi)
, , -: ۻ (Napoli, Palermo, New York, il triangolo della camorra)
λ (Invisible Stripes)
Ż (The Untouchables)
ػ (No Orchids for Miss Blandish)
λ (Nobody Lives Forever)
˻ (La notte degli squali)
ѻ (The Brink's Job)
ɻ (They Made Me a Killer)
Ȼ (Johnny Dangerously)
ѻ (Da lao ai mei li)
ͻ (Lord of War)
Ż (I'll Sleep When I'm Dead)
Ȼ (Gang Busters)
λ (Wrong Turn at Tahoe)
׻ (The Executioner)
Ȼ (Gli esecutori)
-: ӻ (Palermo Milano solo andata)
Ȼ (Die Spinnen)
(Miller's Crossing)
Ļ (The Captive City)
ɻ (Bad Cop)
» (Dio, sei proprio un padreterno!)
߻ (The Chase)
- (Prison Train)
л (Bowery at Midnight)
̻ (Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye)
һ (Eastern Promises)
(The Last Days of Frankie the Fly)
л (The Last Gangster)
ͻ (The Last Don)
-2 (The Last Don-2)
˻ (Last Rites)
ӻ (18 Shades of Dust)
ӻ (La scoumoune)
Ȼ (Wake of Death)
Ȼ (Bullets or Ballots)
λ (Carlito's Way)
˻ (Yoidore tenshi)
Ż (Du rififi a Paname)
λ (Rififi a Tokyo)
(The Pay-Off)
Ż (The Roaring Twenties)
λ (Key Largo)
, ޻ (Romeo Is Bleeding)
(Ruby Cairo)
ܻ (Bound)
޻ (Pizza Connection)
(The Boondock Saints)
-2. ջ (The Boondock Saints-2: All Saints Day)
(Force of Evil)
ֻ (The Sicilian)
ͻ (Le clan des Siciliens)
ɻ (Afyon oppio)
(A Bronx Tale)
һ (L'instinct de mort)
һ (The Specialist)
ܻ (Odds Against Tomorrow)
߻ (La horde)
һ (Stiletto)
λ (Cento giorni a Palermo)
׻ (Le doulos)
(Lucky Number Slevin)
Ļ (Dark City)
(Tony Arzenta)
ʻ (Dead End)
(Jail Bait)
ͻ (Charlie Valentine)
(Die schwarze Kobra)
(Black Rose of Harlem)
ʻ (Black Tuesday)
ܻ (Black Caesar)
Ȼ (Prizzi's Honor)
! (Kill!)
λ (The Killing)
ۻ (The Killers), 1946
ۻ (The Killers), 1964
Ȼ (Les felins)
Ȼ (Johnny Cool)
(I padroni della citta)
Ȼ (We Own the Night)
Ȼ (Goodfellas)
Ż (Perrier's Bounty)
˻ (Sedia elettrica)
ǻ (I Died a Thousand Times)