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24- 100 (1996).

100 » (100 Feet)
- (Belphegor-Le Fantome Du Louvre)
ѻ (Beetlejuice)
ۻ (Suay Laak Sai)
(Nella Stretta Morsa Del Ragno)
(Topper Returns)
(Ghost Warrior)
ۻ (Headless Horseman)
Ż (The Evictors)
Ȼ (High Spirits)
л (Hollywood-Monster)
˻ (Voices from the Graves)
» (Ghost Town)
Ż (Hold That Ghost)
˻ (Children of the Grave)
л (The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer)
ػ (La casa delle anime erranti)
ɻ (House of Bones)
Ż (House On Haunted Hill), 1959
Ż (House On Haunted Hill), 1999
» (The Haunted)
, һ (The House That Screamed)
, -2. (The House That Screamed-2. Hellgate)
, λ (The House Where Evil Dwells)
, ܻ (The House That Would Not Die)
̻ (Hausu)
̻ (House)
-2. ߻ (House-2. The Second Story)
-3. » (House-3. The Horror Show)
-4. ̻ (House-4. Home Deadly Home)
ʻ (Dominique)
ɻ (The Boogeyman), 1980
ɻ (The Boogeyman), 2005
-2 (The Boogeyman-2)
-3 (The Boogeyman-3)
Ȼ (Slip)
ܻ (Conjurer)
ɻ (Tormented)
λ (The Evil)
(Call of the Hunter)
(A Name for Evil)
߻ (Kagero-za)
˻ (Grave Encounters)
߻ (Ghost Story)
߻ (Tokaido Yotsuya kaidan)
Ż (The Canterville Ghost)
(KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park)
ɻ (Sien nui yau wan), 1987
-2 (Sien nui yau wan-2: Yan gaan do)
ɻ (Sien nui yau wan), 2011
(Ghost Ship), 1952
(Ghost Ship), 2002
ɻ (Box of Shadows)
Ȼ (Nomads)
ܻ (Trick or Treat)
(Nightmare at the End of the Hall)
ۻ (Cauchemares)
(Rose Red)
ͻ (Boardinghouse)
Ż (The Legend Of Hell House)
̻ (Lady in White)
Ȼ (The Legend of Sorrow Creek)
» (Haunted)
(The Haunting), 1963,
(The Haunting), 1999
(Moon in Scorpio)
λ (Revenge Of The Boogeyman)
» (Vengeance of the Dead)
» (Ghost Month)
» (La dolce casa degli orrori)
ܻ (Don't Go to Sleep)
Ż (The Uninvited)
Ż (The Entity)
» (Monster Night)
˻ (Otoshiana)
(The Possession of David O'Reilly)
λ (Lake Mungo)
һ (She Waits)
˻ (The Gravedancers)
Ż (Boo!)
λ (Stir Of Echoes)
-2, ɻ (Stir of Echoes-2: The Homecoming)
Ȼ (The Ghost Breakers)
ܻ (Ching nu yu hun)
(The Ward)
(Ghost Dad)
߻ (Fertile Ground)
߻ (Flesh for the Beast)
λ (Buried Alive)
Ȼ (The Death Train)
˻ (Full circle)
һ (Poltergeist)
-2. ӻ (Poltergeist 2. The Other Side)
-3 (Poltergeist-3)
Ȼ (The Haunted Mansion)
(El beso de ultratumba)
(Almost Dead)
Ż (Ghost)
߻ (Spookies)
߻ (Haunted)
ʻ (Bhoot)
л (The Ghost And Mrs. Muir)
Ȼ (An American Haunting)
ۻ (The Beacon)
(Blackbeard's Ghost)
һ (The Spirit Is Willing)
(Bangkok Haunted)
Ż (The Haunting in Connecticut)
Ż (Ghosts on the Loose)
ɻ (The Haunting Of Seacliff Inn)
» (Haunting of Winchester House)
Ȼ (Spettri)
ͻ (The Nesting)
Ż (The Awakening)
(Crowhaven Farm)
Ż (Ju-on)
-2 (Ju-on-2)
: ̻ (Ju-on: Shiroi rojo)
: ̻ (Ju-on: Kuroi shojo)
Ż (The Grudge)
-2 (The Grudge 2)
-3 (The Grudge-3)
ۻ (Curse of the Headless Horseman)
Ż (The Gathering)
޻ (Au Rendez-Vous De La Mort Joyeuse)
߻ (Burnt Offerings)
ѻ (Korei)
ػ (Dood eind)
һ (El orfanato)
ʻ (The Skeptic)
ϻ (The Vault)
ܻ (Death Tunnel)
Ȼ (Death of a Ghost Hunter)
Ż (Solstice)
(The Frighteners)
Ȼ (Knocking on Death's Door)
ۻ (The Stone Tape)
߻ (The Innkeepers)
һ (The Dead Will Tell)
л (Topper)
ӻ (Topper Takes a Trip)
ܻ (The Marsh)
ɻ (13 Ghosts), 1960
ɻ (13 Ghosts), 2001
(The Dark)
߻ (The Amityville Horror), 2005
߻ (The Amityville Horror), 1979
-2. ܻ (Amityville-2. The Possession)
-3 (Amityville 3D)
-4. ߻ (Amityville-4. The Evil Escapes)
-5. Ż (Amityville-5. The Amytiville Curse)
-6. ۻ (Amityville-6. Its About Time)
-7. Ż (Amityville-7. A New Generation)
-8. ʻ (Amityville-8. Dollhouse)
߻ (Fragiles)
ջ (Yabu no naka no kuroneko)
- Ż (Something Evil)
л (Fanny och Alexander)
- Ȼ (High School Ghosthustlers)
Ż (The Apparition)