(- detego-, ). , , . , , . , , .
: , , giallo, noir, . , , suspense (- , , ). , , , . suspense , , , , - .
- , . , . , . , , , 10 (2009).
24- 100 (1996).

13 » (13 Lead Soldiers)
8 ͻ (8 femmes)
׻ (The Scarlet Clue)
ʻ (Angel Blade)
(Arsene Lupin detective)
ѻ (Nora inu)
» (San taam)
Ȼ (Bellamy)
ʻ (Die weisse Spinne)
(Insomnia), 1997
(Insomnia), 2002
(Light Sleeper)
ѻ (The Cat Creeps), 1930
ѻ (The Cat Creeps), 1946
ɻ (Blondes at Work)
- (The Adventurous Blonde)
4.50 (Murder She Said)
4.50 (4.50 from Paddington)
Ż (Entangled)
Ȼ (Into the Night)
̻ (At Bertram's Hotel)
» (Benefit of the Doubt)
Ż (Vivement dimanche!)
(An Inspector Calls)
л (Jill Rips)
Ż (Edge of Darkness)
, ۻ (They Might Be Giants)
Ż (Salinui chueok)
ɻ (Das Verratertor)
Ż (Contre-enquete)
(Calling Philo Vance)
(Where the Truth Lies)
Ȼ (Eyes in the Night)
Ȼ (Snake Eyes)
(Eyes Of A Stranger)
λ (Der Bucklige von Soho)
̻ (Ordeal by Innocence)
λ (Der Gorilla von Soho)
Ż (Das Gasthaus an der Themse)
(Ein Sarg aus Hongkong)
һ (23 Paces To Baker Street)
ʻ (Body Double)
λ (Doppio delitto)
λ (Murder Once Removed)
, ̻ (Flickan som lekte med elden)
(Man som hatar kvinnor)
(The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
Ȼ (Di Renjie)
ջ (The Case of the Velvet Claws)
Ż (The Case of the Howling Dog)
ջ (The Case of the Lucky Legs)
Ż (The Case of the Curious Bride)
Ż (The Case of the Black Cat)
һ (Ein Unbekannter rechnet ab)
һ (Ten Little Indians), 1965
һ (Ten Little Indians), 1989
ܻ (Jennifer Eight)
(Jim Hanvey, Detective)
̻ (Dr. M)
߻ (Madhouse)
ʻ (House on Greenapple Road)
(House of Mortal Sin)
ʻ (Another Thin Man)
(The Snorkel)
Ż (Devil in a Blue Dress)
л (Der Wurger von Schlob Blackmoor)
(Akuma no temari-uta), 1961
(Akuma no temari-uta), 1977
һ (Iron Maze)
˻ (Der Schut)
Ȼ (The Pearl of Death)
(The Spider Woman)
̻ (The Woman in Green)
Ȼ (Taking Lives)
λ (Sleeping Murder)
Ż (Manhattan Murder Mystery)
Ż (Castle in the Desert)
(Castle Of Evil)
ѻ (Curtains)
Ȼ (The Beast With Five Fingers)
ʻ (Der grune Bogenschutze)
λ (The Mirror Crack'd)
̻ (Evil Under the Sun)
(The Dark Eyes of London)
Ȼ (Wartezimmer zum Jenseits)
ǻ (The Golden Eye)
ӻ (And the Sea Will Tell)
λ (And Then There Were None)
λ (Tag: The Assassination Game)
λ (A Perfect Murder)
ֻ (Perfect Stranger)
, л (Sorry, Wrong Number)
ۻ (Tangled Destinies)
Ի (Das Indische Tuch)
ϻ (The Missing Corpse)
, Ȼ (A Pocket Full of Rye)
׻ (Brick)
λ (The Chinese Ring)
ѻ (Cleopatra Jones)
λ (Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold)
һ (Klute)
ܻ (Night Must Fall)
ͻ (Der Hexer)
-2 (Neues vom Hexer)
13 (Zimmer 13)
» (Akumu tantei)
-2 (Akumu tantei-2)
û (Der rote Kreis)
ܻ (The Scarlet Claw)
ۻ (Bloodline)
? (Who's Harry Crumb?)
? (Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?)
- ɻ (Someones Watching Me!)
ܻ (The Bat)
Ż (Lady in Cement)
(The Trap)
ʻ (Der Falscher von London)
ͻ (Max Payne)
(Malibu Express)
(The Devil's Mask)
ۻ (Mask of Murder)
Ȼ (The Masks of Death)
ܻ (Madeo)
ۻ (Die Tote aus der Themse)
л (Monsieur Hire)
Ż (Mr. Wong in Chinatown)
ɻ (Young And Innocent)
̻ (Der Monch mit der Peitsche)
ܻ (Frailty)
ܻ (Der Racher)
(Mandrake the Magician)
л (Quai des Orfevres)
36 (36 Quai des Orfevres)
Ż (True Crime)
Ż (Assault)
(The Beneficiary)
Ȼ (The Night Walker)
ѻ (A Stranger Among Us)
(The Jade Mask)
ܻ (The Night Visitor)
ۻ (Night Moves)
߻ (The Night of the Strangler)
(Night of the Archer)
(Night of Terror)
(Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase)
ۻ (Nancy Drew Trouble Shooter)
޻ (Nancy Drew)
(Nancy Drew-Detective)
(Nancy Drew-Reporter)
λ (A Murder Is Announced)
(Dressed to Kill)
(Once You Kiss a Stranger)
л (Terminal Choice)
(The Oxford Murders)
Ȼ (Dangerous Money)
- (L.A. Bounty)
˻ (Fallen angel)
(Der Henker von London)
ջ (The First Deadly Sin)
(Song of the Thin Man)
ɻ (P.J.)
Ż (Pursuit to Algiers)
̻ (Garde a vue)
ۻ (Wait Until Dark)
Ż (Framed for Murder)
ܻ (Midnight)
û (The Vicious Circle)
ͻ (Murder at the Gallop)
(The Last of Sheila)
ܻ (Ripper)
Ȼ (Kiss of death), 1947
Ȼ (Kiss of Death), 1995
» (The Singing Detective), 1986
» (The Singing Detective), 2003
λ (Righteous Kill)
λ (The Presidio)
ʻ (Preston Tylk)
Ȼ (Doomed to Die)
ʻ (Ghosted)
42- ۻ (The Phantom of 42nd Street)
(The Phantom of Hollywood)
(Phantom of Chinatown)
(Fen ku lou)
(The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)
Ȼ (Der Fluch der gelben Schlange)
ۻ (Curse of the Black Widow)
: л (Professione: reporter)
, , ɻ (Gone Baby Gone)
Ż (Let the Devil Wear Black)
(Victim Five)
» (Five Golden Dragons)
߻ (Herowork)
Ż (Disclosure)
߻ (Berserk!)
(Im Banne des Unheimlichen)
λ (Murder Most Foul)
޻ (Appointment with Death)
Ż (Whistling in the Dark)
(Charlie Chan's Secret)
ͻ (Garrison)
л (The Seven-Per-Cent Solution)
ۻ (Sisters), 1973
ۻ (Sisters), 2006
̻ (After the Thin Man)
Ż (Deadly Surveillance)
Ż (Death on the Nile)
޻ (A Cold Night's Death)
(Smart Blonde)
ӻ (The Naked Face)
(The List of Adrian Messenger)
һ (Stiletto)
׻ (Der Richter und sein Henker)
̻ (Crucible Of Terror)
ʻ (Sleuth), 1972
ʻ (Sleuth), 2007
û (The Mysterious Mr. Wong)
ջ (El secreto de sus ojos)
Ȼ (The Mandarin Mystery)
Ȼ (The Mystery of Spoon River)
(The hidden room)
Ȼ (True Confessions)
ܻ (So Dark The Night)
Ȼ (Theatre Of Blood)
Ȼ (Theatre Of Death)
߻ (Darker Than Amber)
Ȼ (Dark Alibi)
ۻ (Water Damage)
ͻ (Shadows and Fog)
̻ (Shadows Over Chinatown)
߻ (Shadow Of A Doubt)
(Shadow of the Thin Man)
߻ (The Thin Blue Line)
ʻ (The Thin Man)
ɻ (The Thin Man Goes Home)
ۻ (Torchy Runs for Mayor)
Ż (Torchy Blane in Chinatown)
Ż (Torchy Blane in Panama)
̻ (Torchy BlanePlaying with Dynamite)
ӻ (Torchy Gets Her Man)
һ (The Third Secret)
ܻ (The Thirteenth Guest)
ͻ (Tristan)
ܻ (The Walking Stick)
(Sanctuary of Fear)
Ȼ (The Bat Whispers)
ӻ (The Alphabet Murders)
߻ (The Murder at the Vicarage)
Ż (Murder on the Orient Express)
Ż (The Kennel Murder Case)
λ (The Casino Murder Case)
ӻ (The Garden Murder Case)
Ż (Murder on the Campus)
(Assassination of a High School President)
(The Bishop Murder Case)
(Murder Over New York)
Ȼ (The Rosary Murders)
ۻ (The Canary Murder Case)
Ȼ (Killjoy)
Ȼ (Terror by Night)
һ (The Moving Finger)
, (Fly Away Baby)
ѻ (Hickey and Boggs)
» (The Pyx)
ӻ (Charlie Chan in Honolulu)
Ż (Charlie Chan in Egypt)
Ż (Charlie Chan in the Secret Service)
Ż (Charlie Chan in London)
λ (Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo)
л (Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum)
Ż (Charlie Chan at the Opera)
Ż (Charlie Chan in Panama)
Ż (Charlie Chan in Paris)
λ (Charlie Chan in Reno)
λ (Charlie Chan in Rio)
Ż (Charlie Chan at the Circus)
Ż (Charlie Chan in Shanghai)
һ (Charlie Chan in The Chinese Cat)
» (Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen)
Ż (Charlie Chan on Broadway)
Ż (Charlie Chan at the Race Track)
ջ (Charlie Chan at the Olympics)
ٻ (Charlie Chan at Treasure Island)
һ (Charlie Chan Carries On)
(L'horloger de Saint-Paul)
Ż (The Private Eyes)
߻ (Black Magic)
Ļ (The Black Camel)
ƻ (Blackmail)
(The Shanghai Cobra)
Ż (Sherlock Holmes in Washington)
(Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror)
ջ (Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking)
(Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear)
Ȼ (Sherlock Holmes Und Das Halsband Des Todes)
Ż (Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon)
Ȼ (Sherlock Holmes Faces Death)
-2. ɻ (Sherlock Holmes-2: A Game of Shadows)
Ļ (Schizoid)
߻ (Schizo)
һ (Dead Cert)
(The Trygon Factor)
Ż (Blowup)
, λ (Murder Ahoy)
(Experiment in Terror)
ջ (A Study in Scarlet)
, Ȼ (I Saw What You Did)
̻ (I Wake Up Screaming)