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24- 100 (1996).

ܻ (And Now the Screaming Starts!)
(The Hellfire Club)
ʻ (The Mad Magician)
Ȼ (Blanche Fury)
Ż (Tras el cristal)
Ȼ (Resurrection Mary)
(L'Amante Del Demonio)
(Maschera Di Cera)
ɻ (The Resurrected)
: (Dead Time: Kala)
(Les Yeux Sans Visage)
(The Anniversary)
ʻ (The Grotesque)
Ȼ (The Door with Seven Locks)
Ż (Two on a Guillotine)
ʻ (Dead Ringer)
λ (Diary of a Madman)
» (House Of Usher), 1960
» (House of Usher), 2008
Ȼ (Grandmother's House)
߻ (House of Whipcord)
Ż (The House In Nightmare Park)
л (House Of Wax)
(House Of Evil)
» (House of Strangers)
ջ (House of the Damned)
» (House of Horrors)
, λ (The House That Cried Murder)
, һ (La Residencia)
(Dear Dead Delilah)
̻ (The Woman in Black), 1989
̻ (The Woman in Black), 2012
Ļ (The Violent Kind)
л (Underworld)
Ȼ (Hatter's Castle)
(Tower of Evil)
(Amanti DOltretomba)
Ȼ (The Haunted Palace)
» (Terror! Il Castello Delle Donne Maledette)
Ż (Walled In)
Ļ (Hoboken Hollow)
λ (Buried Alive)
-2 (Buried Alive-2)
ܻ (The Fiend)
Ż (La bestia nel cuore)
л (Corridor of Mirrors)
߻ (Identity)
Ż (The Tell-Tale Heart)
» (Chamber of Horrors)
- λ (Something for Everyone)
(Warlock Moon)
» (The Comedy of Terrors)
» (Dying Room Only)
л (Nightmare in Wax)
ɻ (Derriere les murs)
λ (Crescendo)
(The Screaming Woman)
ȅ ɻ (Screamand Die)
߻ (Ceremonia sangrienta)
Ż (Blood Legacy)
ۻ (Brides of Blood)
ۻ (Blood Relations)
(Blood and Lace)
? (Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?)
л (London Conspiracy)
Ȼ (Love After Death)
(So Evil My Love)
ʻ (Maniac)
(La Maschera Del Demonio)
» (Revenge in the House of Usher)
ʻ (Mr. Sardonicus)
Ȼ (The Tomb of Ligeia)
û (Mortuary)
˻ (My Cousin Rachel)
ʻ (Macabre)
л (Waxwork)
-2. Ȼ (Waxwork-2. Lost in Time)
л (House of Wax)
(The Black Torment)
λ (The Legacy)
Ȼ (The Uninvited)
ɻ (The Unknown)
ͻ (Necronomicon-Getraumte Sunden)
(The Unholy Three)
л (Night Monster)
ۻ (Night Terrors)
, ۻ (La Notte che Evelyn usci dalla tomba)
(Night of Fear)
ջ (Inn of the Damned)
ܻ (Tell-Tale)
ɻ (Las garras de Lorelei)
λ (One Body Too Many)
» (Isle Of The Dead)
(Le Scomunicate Di San Valentino)
Ż (Footsteps in the Fog)
̻ (Witchfinder General)
» (La Chute De La Maison Usher)
λ (Buried Alive)
ۻ (The Premature Burial)
Ȼ (The Crime Of Dr. Crespi)
ʻ (Lo Spettro)
- (Invisible Ghost)
(Presence of Mind)
ʻ (The Oblong Box)
߻ (Curse Of The Crimson Altar)
» (The Haunted House of Horror)
ջ (Cool Air)
-59 (Psyche 59)
(5 tombe per un medium)
: ջ (Rasputin: The Mad Monk)
(La Mano De Un Hombre Muerto)
(From Beyond)
ܻ (La Plus Longue Nuit Du Diable)
(La settima donna)
(The Seventh Victim)
ܻ (La senora Muerte)
ۻ (La Sorella di Satana)
ɻ (Silver Blaze)
ɻ (The Hound Of The Baskervilles), 1939
ɻ (The Hound Of The Baskervilles), 1959
ɻ (The Hound of the Baskervilles), 1978
ɻ (The Hound of the Baskervilles), 1983
ɻ (The Hound Of The Baskervilles), 1988
̻ (The Old Dark House), 1932
̻ (The Old Dark House), 1962
ܻ (The Strange Door)
Ȼ (Fear In The Night)
л (Mystery Of The Wax Museum)
(Il mistero di Oberwald)
ͻ (The Wyvern Mystery)
ջ (Danza macabra)
ܻ (Dark and Stormy Night)
ʻ (Torture Dungeon)
޻ (On a Dark and Stormy Night)
(Dark Places)
ѻ (Dark Woods)
ѻ (Dona Macabra)
ѻ (Trance)
» (Fog Island)
» (Assassinio al cimitero etrusco)
ѻ (The Terror)
л (Terror in the Wax Museum)
ͻ (El Baron del terror)
(Gli Orrori Del Castello Di Norimberga)
ʻ (The Terror Of The Tongs)
߻ (Horrors Of The Black Museum)
ܻ (The Ghoul)
, - (Flavia, La Monaca Musulmana)
(Circus of Fear)
ӻ (The Cabin in the Woods)
, ߻ (The Man Who Laughs)
ʻ (The Attic)
ϻ (The Skull)
(The Black Room)
ܻ (Black Death)
(The Black Waters of Echo's Pond)
(Riti, magie nere e segrete orge nel trecento)
ͻ (The Black Raven)
ʻ (The Black Castle)
һ (The Black Cat), 1934
һ (The Black Cat), 1966
(Castle Freak)
(Les bijoutiers du clair de lune)
Ȼ (I Sell the Dead)