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24- 100 (1996).

߻ (Anatomie)
-2 (Anatomie-2)
Ż (Faceless)
(Silent Fall)
ܻ (Mad Love)
ͻ (Blackenstein)
(Seddok, l'erede di Satana)
» (Bringing Out the Dead)
(Beyond Re-Animator)
Ż (Autopsy)
ǻ (Jian Gui)
-2 (Jian Gui-2)
ǻ (The Eye)
Ż (Corruption)
ܻ (Nekeddo buraddo: Megyaku)
» (Horror Hospital)
(Doctor Blood's Coffin)
ֻ (The Walking Dead)
(The Two Faces Of Dr. Jekyll)
Ļ (Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde)
Ļ (Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde), 1920
Ļ (Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde), 1931
Ļ (Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde), 1941
Ļ (Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde), 1968
Ļ (Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde), 1991
Ļ (Dr. Jekyll And Sister Hyde)
ۻ (The Doctor And The Devils)
ͻ (Doctor Sleep)
(House Of Frankenstein)
л (Donor)
ۻ (B.O.R.N.: Body Organ Replacement Network)
ʻ (Acceptable Risk)
(Daugher Of Dr. Jekyll)
(La Figlia Di Frankenstein)
(Frankenstein's Daughter)
(Dracula contra Frankenstein)
߻ (Whiffs)
(She Demons)
ֻ (The Tenant)
(Le Testament Du Docteur Cordelier)
Ż (Kansen)
ػ (The Suckling)
Ż (Blackout)
ʻ (The Protector)
ʻ (The Tingler)
(Evil Of Frankenstein)
(The Corpse Vanishes)
(The Clinic)
, ӻ (La piel que habito)
Ȼ (Flatliners)
ܻ (Control)
ʻ (Scream And Scream Again)
Ȼ (Gritos En La Noche)
߻ (Blood Mania)
ۻ (Corridors of Blood)
ܻ (Beast of Blood)
ۻ (Blood Link)
ǻ (Pink Eye)
ӻ (Cabin Fever)
Ȼ (La Vie Amoureuse De L'Homme Invisible)
(The Alligator People)
Ȼ (Mask of Death)
(The Revenge Of Frankenstein)
׻ (Mr. Stitch)
(Donovan's Brain)
Ȼ (Mary Reilly)
߻ (Edge Of Sanity)
Ż (The Penalty)
һ (The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant)
(Bride Of The Monster)
(Bride Of Re-Animator)
(Bride Of Frankenstein)
(The Bride)
ʻ (The Unborn)
-2 (The Unborn-2)
Ȼ (The Thing with Two Heads)
ͻ (La Horripilante Bestia Humana)
Ż (Mansion Of The Doomed)
ͻ (Organ)
, ͻ (Before I Hang)
(Flesh For Frankenstein)
ۻ (The Flesh And The Fiends)
ͻ (The Black Sleep)
ܻ (La Venganza del sexo)
˻ (The Body Snatcher)
(The Ghost Of Frankenstein)
ֻ (The Unearthly)
Ż (Awake)
Ż (Awakenings)
(The Curse Of Frankenstein)
ۻ (Severed Ties)
л (Re-Animator)
(Spider Baby Or The Maddest Story Ever Told)
ӻ (Born to Be Sold)
, ܻ (La mano che nutre la morte)
(Hands of a Stranger)
(Orlacs Hande), 1924
(The Hands Of Orlac), 1960
(El Secreto Del Dr. Orloff)
޻ (Blind Date)
λ (Dr. Renault's Secret)
(The Frankenstein Syndrome)
ɻ (Scarab)
ܻ (Blind Rage)
ܻ (Blind Witness)
ջ (Blind Fear)
Ļ (Terminal)
Ż (Strange Behavior)
ӻ (Lust For Frankenstein)
(The Son of Dr. Jekyll)
(Son Of Frankenstein)
(The Horror Of Frankenstein)
λ (Stolen Face)
ɻ (The Harvest)
90 (Frankenstein 90)
߻ (Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man)
ͻ (Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed)
(Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell)
Ȼ (Mary Shelley's Frankenstein)
ӻ (Frankenstein Created Woman)
ͻ (Frankenstein), 1931
ͻ (Frankenstein), 1993
-1970 (Frankenstein-1970)
-80 (Frankenstein 80)
» (Circus Of Horror)
ܻ (Exquisite Tenderness)
Ȼ (Charly)
(Body Parts)
(Body Puzzle)
, ܻ (The Man They Could Not Hang)
̻ (LHomme Au Cerveau Greffe)
(Black Friday)
(Phase 4)
ۻ (Sutures)
߻ (Traitement de choc)
(Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein)
Ȼ (Human Experiments)
л (Escapement)
(I Was A Teenage Frankenstein)
, л (I, Monster)