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Ż (Alraune)
ܻ (Rapid Fire)
һ (Napoli spara)
(The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover)
λ (Vendetta dal futuro)
: ߻ (Milano trema-la polizia vuole giustizia)
߻ (The Ninja Mission)
Ȼ (Mercenary Fighters)
Ȼ (Ninjas, Condors 13)
߻ (No Man's Land)
(Night of the Running Man)
(Night of the Warrior)
ɻ (One Tough Cop)
(La mala ordina)
-, -һ (La polizia incrimina la legge assolve)
Ȼ (Phantom Raiders)
(Omega Syndrome)
Ż (The Perfect Weapon)
(The Man from Hong Kong)
Ļ (Mi ni te gong dui)


(Return of the Ape Man)
ϻ (Ransom)
- Ȼ (Somewhere in the Night)
(The Long Good Friday)
(She Demons)
ۻ (Space Men)
Ȼ (Feux rouges)
(Bok chun)
-, ܻ (Somos lo que hay)
(L'inconnue de Hong Kong)
-4. Ȼ (Resident Evil-4: Afterlife)
ܻ (Executive Decision)
ܻ (The Longest Day)
ʻ (Satan's School for Girls)
(Woman of Straw)
(Tarzan and His Mate)
(Target Earth)
, ߻ (The Man Who Haunted Himself)
λ (Shalako)


(Aaron Eckhart)
(Abel Ferrara)
(Ava Gardner)
(Adam Baldwin)
(Adam Sandler)
(Adolfo Celi)
(Adrian Paul)
(Adrian Hoven)
(Adrien Brody)
(Aki Kaurismaki)
(Akim Tamiroff)
(Akira Kurosawa)
(Alan Ladd)
(Alan J. Pakula)
(Alan Parker)
(Allan Holzman)
(Alan Hume)
(Alvy Moore)
(Alec Baldwin)
(Alec Gillis)

27 -14 ( )

Ȼ (Dick Tracy's G-Men)
» (Hell Is for Heroes)
Ȼ (Ruthless People)
߻ (Brothers)
(Behind Enemy Lines)
߻ (Rendition)
» (The Wind and the Lion)
(Tarzan's Magic Fountain)
ɻ (The Enemy Below)
һ (Enemy at the Gates)
» (Defiance)
(The Dirty Dozen)
ƻ (Fast and the Furious-2)
-2 (Saang gong kei bing-2)
-3 (Sheng gang qi bing di san ji)
һ (Cross of Iron)
˻ (Der Schut)
Ż (Surviving the Game)
˻ (The International)
һ (Red Dawn)
ܻ (The Scarlet Claw)
17 (Stalag 17)
(The Trap)
ɻ (The Glimmer Man)
Ȼ (The Edge)
(Striking Distance)
̻ (Green Zone)
(Wrong Is Right)
Ļ (Night Train)
Ż (Shoot to Kill)
߻ (Valkyrie)
Ȼ (The Hunters)
(The Flight of the Phoenix)
-3. ɻ (Ging chat goo si-3: Chiu kup ging chat)
ͻ (Poseidon)
ɻ (The Last Samurai)
Ȼ (Thunderbirds)
λ (The Presidio)
һ (The Bridge at Remagen)
߻ (Exit Wounds)
һ (Salt)
ʻ (Shooter)
(Tarzan's Three Challenges)
» (Flags of Our Fathers)
-2 (Rush Hour-2)
Ļ (The Black Camel)


- Ż (And Now for Something Completely Different)
Ż (Amazon Women on the Moon)
(White Slaves of Chinatown)
(Collateral Damage)
ͻ (Citizen Kane)
Ļ (L'altro inferno)
Ȼ (Blood Sisters)
Ȼ (Christie's Revenge)
λ (Cloverfield)
߻ (City Hall)
(Black Hawk Down)
(The Anderson Tapes)
Ȼ (Desu pawuda)
ܻ (Blood Simple)
ܻ (Ambulancen)
-2 (Desu noto-2: The last name)
ѻ (The Amazing Mr. X)
(Black Widow)
ƻ (Blackmail)


˻ (Insidious)
(Coogan's Bluff)
л (Choose)
ۻ (Il giorno della civetta)
- ܻ (Green for Danger)
ۻ (Mackenna's Gold)
ѻ (Impulse)
Ļ (Exodus)
ʻ (The Shootist)
һ (Our Man Flint)
(Fright Night)
: ߻ (Kozure okami: Ko wo kashi ude kashi tsukamatsuru)
ܻ (Priest)
л (Pearl Harbor)
û (The Vicious Circle)
λ (Ricco)
λ (Murder Most Foul)
޻ (Tarzan Goes to India)
(Tiger Bay)
-2. ܻ (xXx-2: State of the Union)


(Topper Returns)
߻ (Feng yun ren wu)
˻ (Children of the Grave)
ܻ (Da dao Wang Wu)
ѻ (Ma tou da jue dou)
(Hunter's Blood)
̻ (Scarface)
λ (Catch the Heat)
λ (New Year's Evil)
ɻ (The Majorettes)
ֻ (Du bei chuan wang)
ܻ (Ching nu yu hun)
-2 (The Executioner, Part II)
λ (Mr. Moto's Last Warning)
(L'ultima orgia del III Reich)
: ̻ (Ju-on: Shiroi rojo)
(Rocky Balboa)
» (Horror High)


: (Abraxas-Riti segreti dall'oltretomba)
Ż (The Angel Wore Red)
ܻ (Anna Nicole)
- (The Adventurous Blonde)
ֻ (Assassins' Code)
ػ (Baby)
߻ (Bad Biology)
(The Bad Game)
߻ (Bad Company)
Ļ (Bad Kids Go to Hell)
ѻ (Bad Bizness)
Ȼ (Bad Boy Bubby)
ɻ (Bad Cop)
Ȼ (Bad Charleston Charlie)
ʻ (Bad Girls Dormitory)
(The Arrangement)
ֻ (13th Child)
ǻ (The Amazing Howard Hughes)
ѻ (Alex l'ariete)
ܻ (Ambar)


û (Der amerikanische Freund)
(White Heat)
߻ (Wang ming ren zhe)
-3. ۻ (Wild Things-3: Diamonds in the Rough)
λ (The World Is Not Enough)
ʻ (When Eight Bells Toll)
- һ (Who Dares Wins)
Ȼ (Where Have All the People Gone)
ѻ (The Woods)
- ߻ (Wan fa gui zong yi Shao Lin)
ջ (Werewolves on Wheels)
޻ (Wedlock)
ֻ (Du bi quan wang yong zhan chu men jiu zi)
˻ (The Fallen Idol)
Ļ (L'ultimo volo all'inferno)
: ̻ (Ju-on: Kuroi shojo)
߻ (Mortelle randonnee)
ӻ (Topper Takes a Trip)
» (Shao Lin jiang shi)

29 -4

(Jack el destripador de Londres)
(Red Riding Hood)
Ż (Blood Legacy)
׻ (Largo Winch)
л (London Conspiracy)
Ȼ (The Lovely Bones)
л (World Trade Center)
(Point of Terror)
ۻ (Don't Be Afraid of the Dark)
λ (Don't Let Him In)
ɻ (Unknown)
ʻ (...hanno cambiato faccia)
(The Ward)
(The Last Exorcism)
ܻ (Reaper)
(The Warrior's Way)
ɻ (Tarzan and the Jungle Boy)
ʻ (Triangle)


ۻ (Balance of Power)
: л (Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever)
Ż (Banditi a Milano)
ۻ (Bandidos)
ۻ (The Bandits)
ۻ (Barricade)
λ (Baja Run)
ͻ (Bai ga jai)
. -߻ (The Bare Wench Project)
Ż (Bao chou)
» (Bandit Queen)
һ (Bandit: Beauty and the Bandit)
߻ (Bad Company)
߻ (The Bad Pack)
(Bad Santa)
(Barbe bleue)
Ȼ (Balls of Fury)


߻ (A Fugitive from Justice)
ֻ (The Fugitive)
ܻ (It Always Rains on Sunday)
̻ (Season of the Witch)
Ż (Knowing)
л (The FBI Story)
ѻ (Red Planet Mars)
(The Small Back Room)
Ż (Per qualche dollaro in piu)
-2. ܻ (Ring of Fire-2: Blood and Steel)
Ż (Footsteps in the Fog)
-2: - ͻ (The Bad Lieutenant-2: Port of Call-New Orleans)
: -2 (Project Shadowchaser-2)
߻ (Seven Days to Noon)
(Tarzan and the She-Devil)
-2. ۻ (To Die for-2. Son of Darkness)
߻ (The Sorcerer's Apprentice)
, , ɻ (Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo)
߻ (Six Degrees of Separation)

29 -6

Ȼ (Il bandito dagli occhi azzurri)
(Bu yi shen xiang)
(The House Across the Lake)
(Se sei vivo spara)
λ (Sleeping Murder)
(Dead Meat)
ɻ (The Monster of Piedras Blancas)
Ȼ (Sky Riders)
λ (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow)
߻ (The Night of the Strangler)
ۻ (Du bi shuang xiong)
ֻ (Dubei dao)
ʻ (Senza ragione)
λ (Sabu and the Magic Ring)
ܻ (Slaughterhouse-Five)
λ (Pickup)
߻ (The Quiet Earth)
Ȼ (Murder by Proxy)
ۻ (Los monstruos del terror)
л (Harper)


(The Shoes of the Fisherman)
ѻ (Stagecoach)
ɻ (Il colosso di Rodi)
(The Queen)
ܻ (Little Caesar)
Ȼ (Mar adentro)
޻ (Trouble in Paradise)
Ż (C'era una volta il West)
ʻ (The Pawnbroker)
ʻ (Sergeant York)
޻ (Ride the High Country)
߻ (Tarzan Escapes)
һ (Jumper)
Ȼ (To Die For)
ǻ (Chan Is Missing)
(L'horloger de Saint-Paul)
, (The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance)
һ (The Black Pirate)
ͻ (Shane)
ܻ (Fury)


(The Sting)
Ȼ (Die Todesgottin des Liebescamps)
, ߻ (Toki o kakeru shojo)
(Tomorrow Never Dies)
ɻ (Tormented)
. » (Star Wars: Episode III-Revenge of the Sith)
-3: л (Starship Troopers-3: Marauder)
̻ (A Sound of Thunder)
Ȼ (Space Raiders)
̻ (They're Playing with Fire)
һ (Smokey and the Bandit)
(Steele Justice)
» (Spalovac mrtvol)
л (The Sniper)
л (Starkweather)
ۻ (Son of the Pink Panther)
(Son of Flubber)
л (Topper)
(The Teacher)
--3 (Spider-Man-3)


߻ (Battle Circus)
(The Base)
޻ (Bandit: Bandit Goes Country)
(Bandit: Bandit Bandit)
ۻ (Bandidos)
ͻ (Barry Lyndon)
ۻ (Barricade)
Ż (Battle in Seattle)
ʻ (Bang Boom Bang-Ein todsicheres Ding)
Ȼ (Bathory)
(The Basketball Diaries)
, ܻ (Bao biao)
Ȼ (Beastly Boyz)
ۻ (The Beast of War)
Ȼ (The Beast of Bray Road)
(The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones)
» (The Beat Generation)
(The Beacon)
(Bandit: Bandit's Silver Angel)
Ż (The Beast)


V- (V for Vendetta)
л (Vampire)
Ȼ (A linterieur)
(Underworld U.S.A.)
Ż (Altered)
13 (Trece campanadas)
(Twists of Terror)
99, 44 % (99 and 44/100% Dead)
(L'ultimo squalo)
(The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)
߻ (Ugetsu monogatari)
(Amores perros)
ܻ (3 hommes abattre)
߻ (Troy)
- Ȼ (Tuareg-Il guerriero del deserto)
ӻ (The Alphabet Murders)
(Laine des Ferchaux)
51 (The 51st State)
(Akmareul boatda)

26 -2

л (The Astral Factor)
Ȼ (Paper Bullets)
(Tarzan's Greatest Adventure)
ۻ (Cani arrabbiati)
(The Greed of William Hart)
λ (The Forbidden Kingdom)
-2 (Bloodsport-2)
ۻ (True Blood)
ܻ (The Revenger)
ۻ (Edges of Darkness)
λ (Ring of Fire)
: » (Kozure Okami: Meifumado)
ʻ (Interceptor)
ɻ (Kidnapped)
Ȼ (Ghosts of Mississippi)
: ޻ (Shadowchaser)
λ (Play Murder for Me)
һ (The Tourist)
л (The Human Factor)
л (Escapement)


ۻ (Barricade)
Ȼ (Beatrice Cenci)
. ֻ (Berlin Alexanderplatz)
Ȼ (Bernie)
Ȼ (The Beatniks)
(Beomjweui jaeguseong)
(Behind Enemy Lines)
-2. (Behind Enemy Lines-2: Axis of Evil)
-3. ߻ (Behind Enemy Lines-3: Colombia)
» (Benefit of the Doubt)
Ȼ (Benny's Video)
, ܻ (Bao biao)
Ż (Beauty and the Beast)
(Bedknobs and Broomsticks)
(The Beneficiary)
߻ (Belly of the Beast)
߻ (Beautiful Creatures)
ͻ (Becoming Jane)
ͻ (Berberian Sound Studio)
, ɻ (Beiss mich, Liebling)


Ȼ (Hell Drivers)
Ȼ (The Clouded Yellow)
߻ (Good-Time Girl)
Ż (The Good Die Young)
ѻ (The Long Haul)
Ȼ (Hatter's Castle)
ӻ (The Green Cockatoo)
л (Corridor of Mirrors)
-3 (Bloodsport-3)
Ż (L'ossessa)
ɻ (Never Let Go)
-3, (Ring of Fire-3: Lion Strike)
ͻ (The Upturned Glass)
Ż (Brighton Rock)
̻ (Appointment with Crime)
߻ (Scoop)
߻ (Tarzan and the Slave Girl)
߻ (The October Man)
ۻ (The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima)
ӻ (I Met a Murderer)

28 -3

Ż (Salinui chueok)
(Werckmeister harmoniak)
Ȼ (The Silencers)
˻ (The Two Mrs. Carrolls)
(La ley de Herodes)
л (I...comme Icare)
2112 (Moon)
ܻ (Madeo)
λ (Inception)
ջ (Shutter Island)
ۻ (Killer's Kiss)
ջ (Journey Into Fear)
߻ (Shao Lin zui ba quan)
̻ (Tai ji yuan gong)
λ (Satantango)
ʻ (Shen tong shu yu xiao ba wang)
ܻ (Knock on Any Door)
ջ (El secreto de sus ojos)
ʻ (The Thin Man)
: ɻ (Trois couleurs: Rouge)


ͻ (The Guilty)
(Public Enemies)
(The Snorkel)
߻ (Noose)
Ȼ (Bloody Mary)
ʻ (Bloodfist)
Ȼ (The Legend of Sorrow Creek)
Ȼ (Ned Kelly)
˻ (Otoshiana)
(Lonely Hearts)
λ (Eye for an Eye)
ܻ (Death Warrant)
л (The Last Gangster)
Ż (Rio Grande)
Ȼ (Mortal Thoughts)
һ (L'instinct de mort)
Ȼ (Tarzan's Peril)
ۻ (Pacific Heights)
- (Fortune Is a Woman)
Ż (The Man Between)


߻ (American Ninja)
ɻ (American Samurai)
߻ (Boiler Room)
ͻ (Babylon A.D.)
(A Night to Remember)
߻ (Nine Deaths of the Ninja)
ܻ (Stardust)
(The Story of Mankind)
л (Kickboxer)
-5. ѻ (X-Men-5: First Class)
ܻ (Don't Bother to Knock)
- л (Inside Man)
(Lonely Are the Brave)
߻ (The Brave One)
ֻ (Kick-Ass)
̻ (Find Me Guilty)
(The Debt)
-2 (The Pink Panther-2)
Ȼ (Tarzan and the Mermaids)
Ȼ (L'entente cordiale)


Ȼ (Betty Fisher et autres histoires)
(Behind Enemy Lines)
Ż (Beyond This Place)
(Beverly Hills Vamp)
λ (Betrayal of Trust)
ܻ (Bersaglio sull'autostrada)
(Bi xie lan tian)
ۻ (Biao jie, ni hao ye)
-2 (Biao jie, ni hao ye: xu ji)
޻ (Beyond Borders)
(Beyond the Time Barrier)
(Beyond the Law)
Ż (La bestia nel cuore)
Ȼ (Bian fu chuan qi)
ܻ (Best Revenge)
ܻ (Bet Your Life)
ۻ (Beyond the Moon)
Ȼ (Beyond the Black Rainbow)
(El beso de ultratumba)
λ (Betrayal)


-2. (American Ninja-2: The Confrontation)
ǻ (The Men Who Stare at Goats)
(Burning Bright)
(The Child's Eye)
(The Devil's Double)
-2 (Iron Man-2)
һ (Inspector Gadget)
(Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant)
-2. Ļ (Kickboxer-2: The Road Back)
ۻ (Point Break)
̻ (Above the Law)
, λ (Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth)
ɻ (Operazione San Gennaro)
߻ (Rules of Engagement)
ܻ (Traitor)
ۻ (The Way of War)
Ȼ (Twilight)
Ȼ (Tarzan and the Lost Safari)
ۻ (None But the Brave)
Ż (Attack the Block)


(The Hellfire Club)
(The Big Country)
ͻ (L'ennemi public 1)
- ѻ (Black Belt Jones)
ۻ (Kind Hearts and Coronets)
Ļ (Captain Blood)
-2: λ (Casper-2: A Spirited Beginning)
-2 (Bloodfist-2)
˻ (Rogue)
: ӻ (Kozure okami: Jigoku e ikuzo! Daigoro)
һ (The Patriot)
Ȼ (Repo Men)
(The Adventures of Robin Hood)
Ȼ (Missing)
ۻ (Severed Ties)
Ȼ (Nihon no ichiban nagai hi)
Ļ (The Longest Yard)
(Tarzan the Fearless)
ѻ (Black Narcissus)


(Bila spona)
Ż (Bionic Ever After?)
: 6 (Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic)
, ܻ (Bigger Than Life)
, ܻ (Big Boobs, Blonde Babes, Bad Blood)
̻ (Big Town After Dark)
Ļ (Big Town)
̻ (The Big House)
̻ (The Big Turnaround)
ʻ (Big Bad Wolf)
һ (Big Fan)
» (Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet)
Ȼ (Big Momma's House)
-4 (Biao jie, ni hao ye-4: zhi qing bu zi jin)
Ȼ (Bikini Bloodbath)
λ (The Big Job)
(Birdman of Alcatraz)
Ȼ (Bikini Island)
Ż (Bird on a Wire)
߻ (Bite Me!)

31 -6

û (Boomerang)
» (House of Strangers)
λ (Tomorrow Is Forever)
˻ (Cornered)
- Ż (Deadline at Dawn)
-6: (Bloodfist-6: Ground Zero)
л (McCabe and Mrs. Miller)
1119 (Dial 1119)
(Raw Deal)
ܻ (Backfire)
ɻ (Desperate)
Ż (Crime in the Streets)
: -4. (Project Shadowchaser-4. Orion's Key)
ۻ (Deadly Games)
ͻ (Union Station)
(Tarzan and the Huntress)
(Shadow of the Thin Man)
ͻ (L'espion)
Ļ (Venom)

25 -1

-5 (American Ninja-5)
ջ (Battle of the Bulge)
ۻ (Chi bi)
(The Battle of the River Plate)
л (City of Ember)
-2. Ż (The Dirty Dozen-2: Next Mission)
(Tarzan's Savage Fury)
: Ż (Zathura: A Space Adventure)

ɻ (Midway)
(The Unholy Three)
Ż (The Offence)
(The First Great Train Robbery)
(Escape from Alcatraz)
» (Zulu Dawn)
(Yi boh lai beng duk)
(Tears of the Sun)
- (Tian zhan)
. Ȼ (Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World)


Ż (Brooklyn's Finest)
- (Last Man Standing)
- -2 (E yu tou hei sha xing)
Ȼ (Casper Meets Wendy)
» (The Viking Queen)
-4. (Bloodfist-4: Die Trying)
Ȼ (The Vengeance of She)
ͻ (Madigan)
ǻ (Night Has a Thousand Eyes)
ۻ (Armored Car Robbery)
Ż (They Won't Believe Me)
(The Siege)
λ (Betrayed)
: -3 (Project Shadowchaser-3)
ʻ (Satan's School for Girls)
(A Bronx Tale)
л (Death Sentence)
(Tarzan Finds a Son)
ֻ (Street Fighter), 1994


(Yield to the Night)
Ȼ (On Deadly Ground)
-2 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2)
߻ (Pitfall)
-5 (Kickboxer-5)
(Tian zi men sheng)
λ (The Legend of Zorro)
л (Mom and Dad Save the World)
- (L'inafferrabile invincibile Mr. Invisibile)
(Mona Lisa)
(Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey)
Ļ (Night and the City)
(Night of Fear)
, , ? (O Brother, Where Art Thou?)
ѻ (Operation Golden Phoenix)
-5 (Final Destination-5)
ӻ (The Princess and the Call Girl)
λ (Rambo)
ۻ (Modern Problems)
Ի (The Public Eye)


Ȼ (Black Magic Woman)
(Bittere Ernte)
(Bitter Moon)
л (Bitter Feast)
-2 (Big Momma's House-2)
-3 (Biao jie, ni hao ye-3: zhi da ren jia dao)
-2. ͻ (Bikini Bloodbath-2 Car Wash)
- ۻ (Black Blooded Brides of Satan)
ɻ (BitterSweet)
, ܻ (Black Day Blue Night)
Ļ (Black Ice)
Ż (Black 13)
߻ (The Black Magic)
(Black Rose of Harlem)
(Black Rock)
ܻ (Black Death)
λ (Black Gold)
һ (Black Dynamite)
һ (Black Dawn)
(Black Killer)


Ż (Butterfly on a Wheel)
Ż (Burke and Hare)
ۻ (The Dragon Pearl)
ܻ (The Fiend)
ܻ (Green Lantern)
-2 (Inspector Gadget-2)
-19 (K-19: The Widowmaker)
-4. л (Kickboxer-4: The Aggressor)
Ȼ (Lies and Illusions)
(Xiangang xiao jiao fu)
(Mega Snake)
(The Karate Kid)
˻ (Paintball)
ܻ (First Blood)
Ȼ (The Last Airbender)
޻ (Marked for Death)
-4 (The Final Destination-4)
ɻ (Kidnapped)
. . Ż (Eclipse)
л (The Human Factor)


л (Algiers)
л (American Gangster)
Ļ (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)
ӻ (On the Waterfront)
һ (Twelve O'Clock High)
(The Public Enemy)
ͻ (Gunga Din)
-4. Ż (The Dirty Dozen-4: The Fatal Mission)
(In Like Flint)
Ȼ (The Searchers)
ͻ (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)
ܻ (La haine)
ɻ (Framed)
» (Ladri di biciclette)
(An American Crime)
ʻ (Felon)
ܻ (High Noon)
, λ (Sex, Lies, and Videotape)
ʻ (Slither)
(Tarzan the Magnificent)


һ (Blacktop)
û (Blanc comme neige)
Ȼ (Blanche Fury)
Ż (Blackout)
ۻ (Black Water Gold)
ۻ (Blackwater Valley Exorcism)
޻ (The Bleeding)
(Bleeding Iowa)
(Bleeding Rose)
(Blade on the Feather)
(Blazing Frontier)
߻ (Blazing Guns)
-2. ʻ (Black Mask-2: City of Masks)
(Black Mass)
(The Black Tent)
(The Black Panther)
(Black Silence)
. » (Blade Rider, Revenge of the Indian Nations)
̻ (Black Thunder)

28 -4

ʻ (The Paper Boy)
Ȼ (Slime City)
ɻ (Iced)
Ż (Castle in the Desert)
ܻ (Trick or Treats)
(Bloody Wednesday)
-5. ܻ (Bloodfist-5: Human Target)
߻ (Blades)
ɻ (Mausoleum)
û (The Brain)
(Raw Deal)
ܻ (Night Life)
޻ (One Dark Night)
(52 Pick-Up)
Ż (L'aveu)
̻ (Appointment with Fear)
߻ (Les 7 jours du talion)
Ż (Hider in the House)
Ȼ (Tarzan and the Trappers)


λ (Antibody)
ɻ (Biohazardous)
ۻ (The Weight of Water)
λ (Blast from the Past)
Ȼ (Out for Justice)
1408 (1408)
һ (Bloodsport)
(So Evil My Love)
(Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)
--2 (The Karate Kid-2)
ɻ (Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief)
(Song of the Thin Man)
ͻ (The Last Legion)
-2 (Rambo: First Blood Part 2)
ͻ (Solomon Kane)
(Il figlio del capitano Blood)
-3. ۻ (Transformers-3: Dark of the Moon)
(Tarzan Triumphs)
ӻ (Murder by Phone)
ۻ (The Change-Up)


ֻ (Demented)
ѻ (White Dog)
߻ (Demon of Paradise)
̻ (Il faut vivre dangereusement)
ܻ (La bete)
˻ (Grave Encounters)
-8. ܻ (Bloodfist-8: Trained to Kill)
߻ (Serpent's Lair)
(Maciste contro il vampiro)
Ż (Dead Dudes in the House)
» (Revenge in the House of Usher)
ɻ (Trip with the Teacher)
(Against the Dark)
ͻ (The Nesting)
-2. ӻ (Stripped to Kill-2: Live Girls)
Ȼ (Tarzan's Desert Mystery)
ջ (High Desert Kill)
ѻ (Chaos)
ʻ (The Attic)

30 -5

-4. Ż (American Ninja-4: The Annihilation)
л (The Undying Monster)
޻ (Battle of Britain)
ܻ (Amer)
(Sheng gang qi bing)
51 (51)
λ (A Bridge Too Far)
̻ (La casa muda)
: Ȼ (Kozure Okami: Oya no kokoro ko no kokoro)
̻ (They Drive by Night)
ܻ (Backfire)
--4 (The Next Karate Kid)
һ (The Patriot)
ջ (The Wrong Arm of the Law)
Ż (Du rififi a Paname)
(Tarzan and the Valley of Gold)
-2. λ (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-2: The Beginning)
! ! ! (Tora! Tora! Tora!)
ۻ (Turistas)
- (Killer School Girls from Outer Space)


ӻ (A Howling in the Woods)
˻ (The Eighteenth Angel)
» (Ghost Town)
99 һ (99 River Street)
ܻ (If Looks Could Kill)
(Tarzan's Hidden Jungle)
ӻ (Evil in the Woods)
ۻ (Blood Relations)
(Dead Mate)
Ż (Sunburst)
ɻ (Island Claws)
ɻ (Convicted)
û (Arson, Inc.)
ܻ (The Crooked Way)
(Stripped to Kill)
Ȼ (Tales from the Gimli Hospital)
ɻ (The Laughing Policeman)
Ż (The Seduction)
(Destination Murder)
ʻ (The Attic)


ܻ (Crazy Eights)
(The Shrine)
ۻ (Les demons)
(Wicked Little Things)
ܻ (Primal)
(The Woman)
Ż (The Task)
» (Stake Land)
Ȼ (Outcast)
» (Trailer Park of Terror)
» (Night of the Demons)
ɻ (Fire Down Below)
߻ (Fertile Ground)
: » (La polizia accusa: il servizio segreto uccide)
ɻ (Scream of the Banshee)
: ܻ (Project: Kill)
λ (Rififi a Tokyo)
ܻ (The Tunnel)
(Satan's Schoolgirls)


Ȼ (Blood Deep)
ɻ (Blondes at Work)
(Bloodbath in Psycho Town)
߻ (Blood Countess)
߻ (Blood Mania)
(Blood Car)
߻ (Blood Massacre)
Ż (Blood Crime)
- (Blood Red Planet)
Ȼ (Blood Money)
Ȼ (Blood Screams)
ۻ (Brides of Blood)
ۻ (The Blood Bond)
Ȼ (Blood and Guts)
Ȼ (Blinkende lygter)
ɻ (Bon Cop, Bad Cop)
ӻ (Un buco in fronte)
Ż (Blood City Massacre)
Ļ (Bleu comme l'enfer)
Ż (The Blinds)


ܻ (Chief Crazy Horse)
߻ (Iga ninpocho)
- (Gungala la pantera nuda)
л (Jodhaa Akbar)
Ȼ (House of the Black Death)
һ (Hard Time: Hostage Hotel)
» (The Calling)
λ (Intimate Betrayal)
л (Cascadeur)
λ (The Hard Word)
Ż (Ice Scream: The ReMix)
Ż (The Island on Bird Street)
߻ (Haunted)
ʻ (The Highwayman)
(Cattle Annie and Little Britches)
߻ (Calendar Girl Murders)
(Happy Landing)
(Houseboat Horror)
߻ (Jiang tou)
(Hei bao)

26 -22 2013 ( )

һ (Juice)
ǻ (Anamorph)
-3. Ȼ (The Librarian-3: The Curse of the Judas Chalice)
̻ (Dio non paga il sabato)
(Des diamants pour l'enfer)
(Merveilleuse Angelique)
Ȼ (Winnetou und Shatterhand im Tal der Toten)
һ (Il pianeta errante)
һ (Hollow Gate)
ջ (Tutto per tutto)
λ (Garringo)
ӻ (Herbie Rides Again)
(Scar City)
ʻ (Gurotesuku)
(I giorni dell'ira)
(True Grit)
Ȼ (Victim of Desire)
(The Victim)
(The White Dog Sacrifice)
ޅȻ (Giu la testahombre)
л (Twisted Nightmare)
-2. ܻ (Vacancy-2: The First Cut)
л (The Collector)
-7. (Bloodfist-7: Manhunt)
ۻ (A Woman's Face)
л (The Prowler)
߻ (Xin fang shi yu)
-3. Ȼ (No Retreat, No Surrender-3: Blood Brothers)
߻ (Unfaithful)
ɻ (Unstoppable)
Ļ (Nightforce)
-3 (Transporter-3)
Ȼ (Die Flubpiraten vom Mississippi)
Ȼ (The Poughkeepsie Tapes)
Ż (Captivity)
߻ (Borderland)
Ի (Hollow Triumph)
(Invitation to a Gunfighter)
Ȼ (The Newlydeads)
λ (Traces of Red)
һ (Gli specialisti)
-2 (Fear of Clowns-2)
ʻ (The Gunfighter)
Ȼ (Tarzan and the Amazons)
, (El hombre que mato a Billy el Nino)
˻ (The Fourth Angel)
-3. ӻ (Walking Tall-3: Lone Justice)
̻ (Scar)
-2 (Experiment-2)
, , ޻ (La diligencia de los condenados)