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(Mag Wheels)
-2 (Dead or Alive-2: Tobosha)
: 41 (Joshuu sasori: Dai-41 zakkyo-bo)
ܻ (The Green Hornet)
ѻ (Impulse)
Ż (Junior G-Men of the Air)
λ (Mr. Wrong)
߻ (Xin jing cha gu shi)
ۻ (The One Eyed Soldiers)
λ (Midnight Lace)
-2. (Laid to Rest-2: Chrome Skull)
ܻ (Journey to Midnight)
(Massacro al Grande Canyon)
(The Killing Jar)
Ż (Hot Fuzz)
60 Ļ (Gone in Sixty Seconds)
һ (Charlie Chan Carries On)
ͻ (Shao Lin yu Wu Dang)
Ȼ (Sherlock Holmes Faces Death)

18 -12 ( )

һ (Airport)
ʻ (Pale Rider)
Ȼ (Out of Time)
» (The Challenge)
ͻ (Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre)
ۻ (Hyenas)
Ȼ (Los ojos de Julia)
ʻ (House on Greenapple Road)
(Yellow Brick Road)
ۻ (Tian shi xing dong)
̻ (The Woman in Green)
Ż (I crudeli)
Ȼ (Screams of a Winter Night)
Ȼ (The Wilby Conspiracy)
Ż (Walled In)
Ļ (Natura contro)
ʻ (Zodiac Killer)
ʻ (Zoo)
߻ (Mania)
Ȼ (Mutiny on the Bounty)
Ȼ (Zombie Nation)
ӻ (Keep My Grave Open)
Ļ (Extraordinary Rendition)
ͻ (Nixon)
, ۻ (Nothing But the Truth)
ͻ (Night Train to Munich)
ۻ (One-Eyed Jacks)
(Shock Chamber)
ʻ (Offspring)
ܻ (The Whistle Blower)
(Hissatsu onna kenshi)
! (Have a Nice Weekend)
л (Wind Chill)
λ (The Empty Mirror)
ʻ (Empty)
ۻ (Open Graves)
߻ (Santo y Blue Demon vs Dracula y el Hombre Lobo)
ϻ (Fase 7)
- (The Orphan Killer)
һ (Pathfinder)
̻ (Shadows Over Chinatown)
ϻ (Wyatt Earp)
(The Wolfman)
߻ (Los cuatro salvajes)
ۻ (The Gypsy Moths)
» (Monster High)
һ (The Experiment)


11:14 (11:14)
: -л (Arn-Tempelriddaren)
- (Ator l'invincibile)
Ȼ (Ashanti)
(The Big Bounce), 1969
(The Big Bounce), 2004
(Los anos barbaros)
ۻ (The Barbarians)
ۻ (666 Mo gwai fuk wut)
λ (21)
(Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts)
Ȼ (Africa Screams)
(Le avventure dell'incredibile Ercole)
(All the Pretty Horses)
Ż (Apology)
» (Alien Siege)
Ȼ (Almost Heroes)


Ż (Aces High)
λ (Comanche blanco)
Ȼ (Ripley Under Ground)
Ȼ (Defence of the Realm)
Ż (Dead-End Drive In)
ܻ (Hevnen)
Ȼ (Ministry of Vengeance)
(Il momento di uccidere)
(The Devil's Gravestone)
(Operation Delta Force)
: (Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell)
» (Dio, sei proprio un padreterno!)
̻ (Under Fire)
ջ (Voyage of the Damned)
ʻ (The Insider)
Ļ (Beyond the Stars)
׻ (Sin yan)
ʻ (Dead End)
Ż (Shelter)
! (Kiru)

29 -4

ܻ (To Be or Not to Be)
Ż (Dans ton sommeil)
Ż (Piedone d'Egitto)
ʻ (Another Thin Man)
λ (Duel at Diablo)
̻ (Dead or Alive: Hanzaisha)
: ߻ (Joshu sasori: 701-go urami-bushi)
л (The Green Hornet Strikes Again)
ѻ (Impulse)
ͻ (The Canyon)
޻ (Dead Man Running)
λ (A Dangerous Place)
ܻ (Cast a Dark Shadow)
ʻ (Echelon Conspiracy)
(Onna hissatsu ken)
л (The Dark Wind)
ӻ (The Garden Murder Case)
-5 (Fast and the Furious-5)
л (Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum)
(Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror)


-! (Kaboom)
҅-! (Dio perdonaIo no!)
» (Bringing Out the Dead)
(Dying Breed)
Ȼ (Mangue Negro)
: ͻ (Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain)
Ȼ (La collina degli stivali)
л (How to Steal the World)
(The Karate Killers)
(Freeway Maniac)
߻ (The Loveless)
λ (One Spy Too Many)
Ż (Diamante Lobo)
(To Trap a Spy)
(The Rare Breed)
- Ȼ (Tequila Body Shots)
Ż (The Spy in the Green Hat)
̻ (The Spy with My Face)
ջ (The Helicopter Spies)


ǻ (Vera Cruz)
˻ (Vertical Limit)
ͻ (The War Wagon)
Ż (Vertige)
11 ѻ (11 Harrowhouse)
߻ (Unhinged)
˻ (When Michael Calls)
Ż (Mexican Werewolf in Texas)
̻ (Wanted: Dead or Alive)
ӻ (Wake of the Red Witch)
ɻ (Uninhabited)
- (Hell's Half Acre)
ɻ (The Way Back)
(Victim Five)
Ż (7 dollari sul rosso)
ܻ (And Soon the Darkness)
-2. һ (Wall Street-2: Money Never Sleeps)
(4 for Texas)
-3 (Walking Tall-3: Final Chapter)

27 -2

(Solo contro Roma),
(Il richiamo del lupo)
ɻ (Shadowboxer)
л (Le voleur)
ۻ (Journal of a Contract Killer)
л (Jue dou Lao Hu Zhuang)
߅ (Sometimes a Great Notion)
Ȼ (Lassie)
(La vendetta di Ursus)
Ż (Sha shou hu die meng)
» (Never Cry Wolf)
߻ (Shoot the Hero)
Ļ (Lost Command)
˻ (Shark Swarm)
ۻ (I tartari)
(The Three Musketeers)
(Il trionfo di Maciste)
» (Ursus nella valle dei leoni)
Ż (Ursus nella terra di fuoco)


99 (Federal Operator 99)
ۻ (Hellfighters)
ܻ (Amen)
Ż (Affair in Trinidad)
ɻ (The High and the Mighty)
λ (Il ritorno di Ringo)
ͻ (Harry Brown)
Ȼ (The Haunting of Molly Hartley)
ʻ (Hombre)
Ż (Hereafter)
ӻ (18 Shades of Dust)
» (The Hit List)
ɻ (100 Rifles)
߻ (Taxidermia)
Ȼ (Hatari!)
(Herbie Goes Bananas)
- ͻ (Sono gososha wo nerae: Jusango taihisen yori)
: ۻ (Blackhawk: Fearless Champion of Freedom)
(The Hole)


ʻ (The Daisy Chain)
» (Defiance)
ۻ (Wicked Minds)
Ȼ (Dear Mr. Gacy)
ջ (Das Leben der Anderen)
(The Substitute)
» (Game for Vultures)
Ż (Heart of Stone)
һ (The Cradle Will Fall)
л (Dead Air)
-3. ܻ (Operation Delta Force-3: Clear Target)
(The Curse of the Screaming Dead)
л (Deadly Impact)
߻ (Death Spa)
л (Death Sentence)
ջ (Danza macabra)
ѻ (Dona Macabra)
ʻ (Cul-de-sac)
һ (Das Experiment)


ɻ (Bombs Over Burma)
ջ (Brancaleone alle crociate)
Ȼ (Brotherhood of Blood)
Ȼ (The Brotherhood of Justice)
ֻ (Brotherhood of Murder)
λ (The Brotherhood), 2010
λ (The Brotherhood), 1968
Ȼ (Blutsbruder)
λ (Buckaroo)
̻ (La casa sfuggita)
ܻ (The Conqueror)
ƻ (Incident at Deception Ridge)
Ȼ (Il Casanova di Federico Fellini)
Ż (Cartagine in fiamme)
ƻ (Delusion)
ӻ (Bridge to the Sun)
69 ߻ (The Fighting 69th)
, ! (Carry on Dick)
(Freaky Farley)


ػ (Johnny English)
޻ (John Q)
л (The Principal)
λ (Donnie Brasco)
Ż (In Bruges)
Ż (Snakes on a Plane)
л (Icarus)
̻ (Between Heaven and Hell)
ʻ (The Mechanik)
û (Le cerveau)
-4. ˻ (Operation Delta Force-4: Deep Fault)
һ (Direct Contact)
Ż (Fatal Rescue)
(Lipstick Camera)
ۻ (Kirot)
λ (The Cutter)
ʻ (The Man)
Ȼ (We Own the Night)
߻ (Showtime)

26 -4

Ż (Illegal)
λ (The Brothers Rico)
ܻ (To Be or Not to Be)
-4 (Spy Kids-4: All the Time in the World)
л (Dillinger)
ܻ (The Long Night)
λ (The Chinese Ring)
- (Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard)
ͻ (Red Canyon)
ͻ (The Woman Hunter)
(Two of a Kind)
Ȼ (Timequest)
λ (5 Against the House)
ʻ (Loan Shark)
л (The Lineup)
ʻ (The Skeptic)
(Tarzan's Fight for Life)
Ȼ (Clash by Night)
- (Tian luo fei sha xi yang hong)
-2 (Trilogy of Terror-2)


3S3: Ļ (Agente 3S3: Passaporto per l'inferno)
ǻ (The Agony and the Ecstasy)
-77 (Airport-77)
: ۻ (The Librarian: Quest for the Spear)
߻ (City by the Sea)
л (The Detonator)
ػ (W.)
ѻ (Carlos)
ۻ (Smokin' Aces)
ʻ (The Marksman)
, ˻ (Stranger Than Fiction)
-2: ɻ (Delta Force-2: The Colombian Connection)
ӻ (3:10 to Yuma)
-2 (The Last Seduction-2)
߻ (Illicit Behavior)
Ȼ (Cause of Death)
» (Fifty Dead Men Walking)
(The Boondock Saints)
Ļ (7 Seconds)
ܻ (Doomsday)


2046 Ļ (2046)
λ (Acquasanta Joe)
ɻ (Above Suspicion)
ʻ (Acceptable Risk)
λ (Mannequins fur Rio)
ܻ (The Adjustment Bureau)
(Xiao shi yi lang)
Ż (On Dangerous Ground)
ɻ (Accident)
Ż (Portland Expose)
Ļ (Roaring City)
һ (The Racket)
Ȼ (Nightfall)
ɻ (Afyon oppio)
(Treasure of Monte Cristo)
Ȼ (Dark Alibi)
ӻ (Murder by Contract)
ͻ (Across the Pacific)
-, (C'e Sartanavendi la pistola e comprati la bara)


Ȼ (L'alibi)
Ż (L'armata Brancaleone)
޻ (La battaglia d'Inghilterra)
˻ (Johnny Angel)
- (Johnny Guitar)
ɻ (Klatwa doliny wezy)
ۻ (La classe de neige)
߻ (Kit & Co.)
ۻ (Los corsarios)
ۻ (Le cri du hibou)
: (Jing wu feng yun: Chen Zhen)
Ż (The Legend of God's Gun)
ۻ (Le legioni di Cleopatra)
, ޻ (Je t'aime, je t'aime)
߻ (Le lieu du crime)
л (Lo foo chut gang)
-2 (Lao hu chu geng-2)
Ȼ (Johnny Dangerously)
Ż (Los desesperados)
Ȼ (I Love You to Death)


һ (Yong zhe wu ju)
Ż (Spooks Run Wild)
Ȼ (Slices of Life)
޻ (McQ)
Ȼ (Slither)
Ȼ (The Spoilers)
ۻ (Arrowhead)
Ż (The Seven-Ups)
Ż (Skjult)
л (Slaughter)
-2 (Sniper-2)
Ȼ (Stavisky)
һ (Stiletto)
ͻ (Stone)
л (The Sons of Katie Elder)
Ȼ (Pusher)
Ż (Charlie Chan in London)
, (The Spy Who Came in from the Cold)


100 ǻ (100 Tears)
л (Ling qi bi ren)
Ȼ (The Gambler and the Lady)
Ȼ (Dishonored Lady)
ѻ (Tang shan da xiong)
Ż (Survival)
ɻ (Un dollaro tra i denti)
- ʻ (There Was a Crooked Man)
ֻ (The Tenant)
1-2-3 (The Taking of Pelham One Two Three)
ۻ (Teeth)
ۻ (The Strangers)
ܻ (Tell-Tale)
ɻ (The Naked Kiss)
λ (Sunshine)
, - ܻ (Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here)
л (Thor)
(The Threat)
, Ż (Taiyo wo nusunda otoko)


(Crash Landing)
- (Cry Wolf)
Ļ (Cheetah)
˻ (Cave In)
? (Che c'entriamo noi con la rivoluzione?)
ѻ (Commandos)
һ (The Contract)
ۻ (The Cry of the Owl)
ջ (Cha shou)
, ? (Ci risiamo, vero Provvidenza?)
ջ (Collision Course)
» (Cheyenne Autumn)
(The Cobweb)
ӻ (Dark Descent)
Ȼ (Darby's Rangers)
(Deal of the Century)
߻ (Deadly Shaolin Longfist)
(Death of a Gunfighter)
-2 (Cheech and Chong's Next Movie)
ʻ (Le choc)


-2. (The Librarian-2: Return to King Solomon's Mines)
ܻ (Forced Vengeance)
(Steele's Law)
ǻ (Mean Johnny Barrows)
(Delta Force Commando)
ѻ (Redbelt)
ܻ (Bloodstone)
ܻ (Blood and Bone)
(La monaca del peccato)
(Le monache di Sant'Arcangelo)
ۻ (Hired to Kill)
Ȼ (U.S. Seals)
Ļ (Death Train)
(Three Days to a Kill)
ѻ (The Kill Reflex)
λ (Future-Kill)
(Cobra nero)
Ȼ (Eva nera)
: ƻ (Emanuelle nera: Orient reportage)

26 -1

Ż (Tall in the Saddle)
Ȼ (Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi)
- ɻ (Old Shatterhand)
» (The Train Robbers)
(Frozen River)
Ż (Frozen)
λ (Chato's Land)
Ż (White Line Fever)
߻ (The Sea Chase)
Ż (Surveillance)
ܻ (The Thaw)
Ļ (The Passage)
(Midnight in Saint-Petersburg)
(Deadly Breed)
߻ (A Lawless Street)
˻ (Final)
, ѻ (Fort Apache the Bronx)
ӻ (Charlie Chan in Honolulu)
߻ (Spy Story)
(Bullet to Beijing)


2012 Ļ (2012)
û (Alice ou la derniere fugue)
(All'ombra di una colt)
(To the Limit)
̻ (Hausu)
Ż (Ett hal i mitt hjarta)
(The Hudsucker Proxy)
ֻ (Jisatsu sakuru)
Ż (10000 A.D.: The Legend of a Black Pearl)
ۻ (The Ides of March)
(The Hitman)
߻ (Restless)
λ (Noriko no shokutaku)
λ (Una pistola per Ringo)
̻ (Ritratto di borghesia in nero)
(Kaidan hebi-onna)
߻ (La via della prostituzione)
λ (Trade)
Ż (Moju)
Ļ (Jigoku)


(Zhong lie Jing wu men)
, ܻ (Una ragione per vivere e una per morire)
ֻ (Perfect Stranger)
ȅ ߻ (Vadol'ammazzo e torno)
޻ (Each Dawn I Die)
» (The Maverick Queen)
-2 (Jing wu men xu ji)
(Pi li sha shou)
ɻ (The Invisible)
Ȼ (Xin jing wu men)
(Cry of the City)
Ȼ (Bullets or Ballots)
߻ (Qi meng wu fu jiang)
(Sette pistole per un massacro)
ʻ (Snowbeast)
» (Fear of Clowns)
(The Super Ninja)
-2 (Pusher-2)
λ (Django il bastardo)
ܻ (Flashfire)


ܻ (The Scarlet Worm)
Ļ (A Town Called Bastard)
(Il sepolcro dei re)
(Siu nin Wong Fei Hung ji: Tit Ma Lau)
(Tie hou zi)
Ȼ (March or Die)
Ȼ (Panic Button)
(La petite voleuse)
Ż (El Mascarado Massacre),
- S-077 (Marc Mato, agente S. 077)
Ȼ (I vendicatori dell'Ave Maria)
Ļ (They Raid by Night)
߻ (Testa t'ammazzo, crocesei mortoMi chiamano Alleluja)
Ż (They Who Dare)
ʻ (Il ratto delle sabine)
ܻ (Seven Men from Now)
: ǻ (Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo)
Ż (Tecumseh)
ɻ (Six Gun)


ɻ (Stormbreaker)
Ȼ (The Serpent of Death)
Ȼ (Golden Earrings)
ʻ (Deadline)
ܻ (Blood Night)
߻ (Ceremonia sangrienta)
Ȼ (Mutiny on the Bounty)
Ȼ (No Blade of Grass)
ʻ (The Night Stalker)
˻ (Una pistola per cento bare)
߻ (Outta Time)
-: ӻ (Palermo Milano solo andata)
, ܻ (Tre croci per non morire)
߻ (The Lost Tribe)
ʻ (Ofelas)
(Killer Elephants)
Ȼ (Am zin)
Ȼ (Dias contados)
Ż (Charlie Chan in Egypt)

29 -4

39 (Case 39)
˻ (Cornered)
û (Comme un boomerang)
Ȼ (The Comancheros)
ɻ (Convoy)
(La commare secca)
û (Le cercle rouge)
Ȼ (Carriers)
-2. (Operation Delta Force-2: Mayday)
(Knife Edge)
(The Chamber)
߻ (The Chase)
߻ (Consequence)
(Confessions of a Nazi Spy)
һ (Le pistole non discutono)
̻ (The Covenant)
߻ (Chloe)
ͻ (Centurion)
̻ (Chisum)
ʻ (Cleaner)


38- ܻ (Taegukgi hwinalrimyeo)
ӻ (Reflections in a Golden Eye)
Յ ! (Dio li creaIo li ammazzo!)
(Quest for the Mighty Sword)
ɻ (Fast-Walking)
Ȼ (Fantasma en el Oeste)
ۻ (Eaux profondes)
(Dinamite Jim)
ۻ (European Vacation)
-2 (Gaai tau saat sau)
ɻ (Raiders of the Seven Seas)
Ȼ (Yi ben wu yan)
λ (Tong gen sheng)
Ż (Lady in a Cage)
, ޻ (Dites-lui que je l'aime)
(Thor il conquistatore)
(Destination Gobi)
ۻ (Der schwarze Panther von Ratana)


-3. (Angel-3: The Final Chapter)
߻ (Guncrazy)
(Far from Home)
- ܻ (M.A.S.H.)
(Alien Autopsy)
Ż (Autopsy)
(The Wrath of Cain)
Ȼ (Road House)
Ȼ (House by the River)
ջ (Woman in Hiding)
Ż (Alien Trespass)
Ի (Beneath the 12-Mile Reef)
߻ (No Place to Hide)
-: ۻ (RoboCop: Prime Directives)
Ȼ (Taxi)
ǻ (You Only Live Once)
߻ (The Street with No Name)
(Tom yum goong)
ۻ (Sutures)


10 000 λ (10 000 dollari per un massacro)
(Mo jian xia qing)
Ȼ (Gong chang fei long)
û (Tie qi men)
λ (Fade to Black)
λ (Murder, Inc.)
, Ȼ (Fist of Fear, Touch of Death)
ۻ (Long man sha shou tze yo ren)
ܻ (Kujaku o)
(Crying Freeman)
Ȼ (Train de vie)
Ż (Midnight Madness)
(Last Train from Gun Hill)
ɻ (Pursued)
ܻ (Furnace)
(The Pay-Off)
ջ (The St. Valentine's Day Massacre)
(Sette winchester per un massacro)
Ż (Death Promise)


ʻ (The Triangle)
(The Big White)
Ȼ (Out for Blood)
Ȼ (Wasabi)
(Du saram-yida)
Ȼ (The Children)
50000 ۻ (50,000 B.C.: Before Clothing)
ʻ (Il pistolero dell'Ave Maria)
Ȼ (From Within)
7- Ż (Vanishing on 7th Street)
Ż (Blood Out)
һ (El mariachi)
(Hunt to Kill)
ӻ (The Naked Face)
ͻ (The Wyvern Mystery)
Ȼ (The Whisperers)
ʻ (The Reeds)
ӻ (Drowning Mona)
Ȼ (Shanghai Knights)

30 -6

ܻ (American Shaolin)
(Big Bad Mama)
ɻ (The Quick and the Undead)
ӻ (In Hell)
ʻ (The Horseman)
» (The Whole Ten Yards)
ǻ (The Golden Eye)
» (The King of the Kickboxers)
߻ (No Retreat, No Surrender)
ɻ (Unstoppable)
(A Man Apart)
̻ (He Was a Quiet Man)
һ (Hangmen Also Die!)
. ջ (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides)
ʻ (Fear Runs Silent)
281 (RKO 281)
(The Seventh Coin)
ܻ (The Social Network)
ͻ (Chameleon)
ܻ (Rabia)


Ż (2 Days in the Valley)
Ȼ (Midnight's Child)
Ȼ (I lunghi giorni della vendetta)
» (The Long Ships)
Ż (The Maiden Heist)
Ļ (Longford)
Ȼ (The Mountie)
ֻ (The Mexican)
һ (Mexican Sunrise)
һ (The Mill and the Cross)
Ȼ (The Losers)
(Meek's Cutoff)
̻ (Pandorum)
˻ (Lost Signal)
Ȼ (5ive Days to Midnight)
(The 7 Adventures of Sinbad)
ۻ (Sleza knyazya tmy)
45 ջ (Meurtre en 45 tours)
ֻ (The Only Good Indian)
, ӻ (The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing)


Ȼ (Shark in Venice)
׻ (The Scarlet Clue)
(Running Woman)
(Seconds Apart)
ۻ (Nati con la camicia)
, ! (Piu forte, ragazzi!)
Ż (Kansen)
߻ (Severance)
˻ (La notte degli squali)
17 (17 Again)
: ܻ (The Shepherd: Border Patrol)
˻ (The Prisoner of Shark Island)
Ż (Yogen)
л (The Purple Monster Strikes)
Ի (The Reef)
߻ (Death and Cremation)
! ܻ (Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot)
λ (Cjamango)
: (Spring Break Shark Attack)

26 -2

127 » (127 Hours)
Ż (Escape to Athena)
л (Almighty Thor)
- (Ercole l'invincibile)
Ȼ (Kelly's Heroes)
Ȼ (The Other Side of Midnight)
10000 ۻ (10,000 B.C.)
Ļ (Source Code)
: -ӻ (Ludwig: Requiem fur einen jungfraulichen Konig)
ֻ (Heartbreak Ridge)
ʻ (The Transporter)
(Al di la della legge)
ջ (Lord of the Flies)
߻ (Busting)
(The Ghost and the Darkness)
Ż (Requiem pour une tueuse)
Ż (Deadfall)
» (Fourteen Hours)


л (Il ladro di Bagdad)
, ɻ (Il bianco il giallo il nero)
̻ (La Gerusalemme liberata)
, Ż (Jin se tai yang)
(Il gladiatore che sfido l'impero)
ʻ (Harry Black)
(Il gigante di Metropolis)
(I due gladiatori)
» (I dieci gladiatori)
(Le gladiatrici)
(Il colosso di Roma)
Ļ (Il gattopardo)
(Maciste alla corte del Gran Khan)
» (Maciste contro i Mongoli)
- ۻ (Maciste, gladiatore di Sparta)
- Ż (Maciste, il gladiatore piu forte del mondo)
- Ż (Maciste, l'uomo piu forte del mondo)
(Escape from Zahrain)
(Il figlio dello sceicco)
ǻ (I Never Promised You a Rose Garden)


, » (Angelique, marquise des anges)
ۻ (The Crazies)
ʻ (Vera Drake)
λ (Moscow Zero)
Ȼ (All Through the Night)
λ (Rise)
λ (Essential Killing)
ǻ (Eagle Eye)
ۻ (Scum)
ɻ (El desperado)
, -Ȼ (Pasolini, un delitto italiano)
-2 (Transporter-2)
û (Rosa Luxemburg)
ۻ (Darkness Falls)
ֻ (The Sicilian)
ػ (Scaramouche)
λ (Tetro)
߻ (Walking Tall)
(Ed and His Dead Mother)


Ļ (Inferno)
ͻ (Crank)
(Supreme Sanction)
- ̻ (JCVD)
һ (Sunset)
Ȼ (Fading of the Cries)
ۻ (King Richard and the Crusaders)
(Beverly Hills Ninja)
ܻ (Born to Raise Hell)
Ȼ (Random Hearts)
ʻ (Kiss the Blood Off My Hands)
λ (Showdown in Little Tokyo)
» (S.W.A.T.)
(Il mistero di Oberwald)
ѻ (Junkyard Dog)
Ż (Charlie Chan in Paris)
(Shadow Man)
(Genghis Khan)
ͻ (I Walk Alone)


ʻ (The Bank)
һ (The Hustler)
Ļ (The Great Raid)
λ (Mr. Nobody)
Ż (John Rabe)
Ȼ (All'ultimo sangue)
һ (Seizure)
-2 (Sien nui yau wan-2: Yan gaan do)
(Hamburger Hill)
! ! (Nanjing! Nanjing!)
(La science des reves)
ƻ (Final Cut)
ӻ (3:10 to Yuma)
ʻ (Stag Night)
ܻ (To Protect and Serve)
ͻ (The Fountain)
: (CIA Code Name: Alexa)
. ߻ (Che: Part One)
-2. (Walking Tall-2: The Payback)
ͻ (Eichmann)

28 -3

л (The Aviator)
-2: ܻ (Azumi-2: Death or Love)
-18 (Apollo-18)
- ۻ (Aragami)
(Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol)
Ż (All About Evil)
߻ (The Blue Gardenia)
ۻ (The Mountain Men)
ܻ (Choker)
(The A-Team)
λ (A Lover's Revenge)
Ȼ (Across the Wide Missouri)
Ż (Amusement)
6 (Ricky 6)
(Silver Streak)
(The Disturbance)
˻ (Tight Spot)
(The Black Waters of Echo's Pond)
Ż (Storm Warning)


Ȼ (Weisse Wolfe)
-2. Ȼ (White Wolves-2: Legend of the Wild)
-3. (White Wolves-3: Cry of the White Wolf)
Ż (Golia e il cavaliere mascherato)
Ļ (Golia alla conquista di Bagdad)
߻ (California)
Ļ (Captain Kidd)
Ȼ (Cry Danger)
- (Zui hou nu)
: Ȼ (Brain SmasherA Love Story)
Ż (The Broken)
л (Jui kuen)
-2 (Jui kuen-2)
-3 (Jui kuen-3)
߻ (Broken), 2006
߻ (Broken), 2006-2
» (Dark Island)
44 (Catch .44)
ӻ (A Cold Day in Hell)
» (Giulio Cesare contro i pirati)


Ż (Trapped)
(Horizons West)
(The Tiger Woman)
ܻ (Carne tremula)
ʻ (O Invasor)
ۻ (Tangled Destinies)
˻ (Tooth and Nail)
ۻ (Timber Falls)
Ż (Torment)
ܻ (True Romance)
» (Monster Night)
(The Unfaithful)
Ļ (Train)
ۻ (Ultimos dias de la victima)
ѻ (The Trial)
(Tony Arzenta)
ͻ (Tombstone)
л (The Tournament)
ۻ (Tucker and Dale vs Evil)
λ (Charlie Chan in Reno)

24 -13 2015 ( )

ۻ (Redacted)
-2. ߻ (Hellboy-2: The Golden Army)
Ż (La piu grande rapina del west)
һ (Valdez Is Coming)
, ʻ (The Wind That Shakes the Barley)
, һ (City That Never Sleeps)
Ż (Piedone l'africano)
ѻ (Knockin' on Heaven's Door)
» (Drive)
(Joan of Arc)
ܻ (Ironclad)
(Les femmes de l'ombre)
-3 (Dead or Alive: Final)
: ߻ (Joshuu sasori: Kemono-beya)
߻ (Oorlogswinter)
߻ (Kagero-za)
ܻ (Katyn)
(Der Baader Meinhof Komplex)
λ (Space Battleship Yamato)
Ż (Bloody Sunday)
߻ (The Big Combo)
(Little Fish)
ܻ (Revenge)
ʻ (The Mechanic)
: һ (Mussolini: Ultimo atto)
Ż (Choke Canyon)
˻ (Shark Night)
(Playing Dangerous)
Ȼ (Lost City Raiders)
, , , , ɻ (Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad)
57 (Passenger 57)
ͻ (Flammen and Citronen)
Ȼ (Escape from Wildcat Canyon)
(Two of a Kind)
(Trent's Last Case)
ܻ (Sophie Scholl-Die letzten Tage)
λ (Righteous Kill)
(Gulliver's Travels)
ۻ (Ulzana's Raid)
λ (Rio Bravo)
-2. Ż (Onna hissatsu ken: kiki ippatsu)
û (The Tuxedo)
: Ż (TRON: Legacy)
Ȼ (Die Falscher)
Ȼ (The Kentuckian)
Ȼ (The Midnight Man)
߻ (Black Magic)


(Le sette folgori di Assur)
λ (I nipoti di Zorro)
» (La rivolta dei pretoriani)
» (La sfida dei giganti)
߻ (Oro per i Cesari)
- (Maciste nell'inferno di Gengis Khan)
» (Maciste nella valle dei re)
ۻ (Sea Devils)
-2. ߻ (Mosura-2: Kaitei no daikessen)
-3. ۻ (Mosura-3: Kingu Gidora raishu)
л (The Musketeer)
Ȼ (Orlando e i Paladini di Francia)
޻ (Reap the Wild Wind)
˻ (The Portal)
ۻ (Robin Hood e i pirati)
- ɻ (Sandok, il Maciste della giungla)
» (I sette gladiatori)
Ȼ (Scott of the Antarctic)
Ȼ (Slattery's Hurricane)