» (T-Men)
Ȼ (Hell Drivers)
Ȼ (The Lady Gambles)
߻ (Act of Violence)
(Scarlet Street)
л (Algiers)
Ȼ (L'alibi)
(Shield for Murder)
(Thunder Alley)
л (Albino Alligator)
λ (Angel Face)
Ż (Affair in Trinidad)
Ȼ (The Gambler and the Lady)
Ȼ (The Clouded Yellow)
» (The Drowning Pool)
߻ (A Fugitive from Justice)
߻ (Gun crazy), 1950
߻ (Guncrazy), 1992
ɻ (Ruthless)
Ż (Illegal)
(Yield to the Night)
ѻ (Berlin Express)
Ȼ (Dishonored Lady)
- Ȼ (Bob le flambeur)
ۻ (Gotter der Pest)
˻ (Praying Mantis)
(The Big Steal)
ۻ (The Big Clock)
̻ (Big Town After Dark)
Ļ (Big Town)
ƻ (The Big Knife)
ͻ (The Big Sleep), 1946
ͻ (The Big Sleep), 1978
λ (The Brothers Rico)
һ (Sunset Blvd)
Ȼ (Paper Bullets)
û (Boomerang)
ܻ (It Always Rains on Sunday)
Ż (Trapped)
ӻ (On the Waterfront)
(The Bribe)
Ż (Ride the pink horse)
ͻ (The Guilty)
, ̻ (Suddenly, Last Summer)
л (The Thief)
ͻ (Le Corbeau)
ۻ (Moonrise)
޻ (Appointment with Danger)
޻ (Appointment with a Shadow)
ѻ (Second Chance)
ۻ (Odd Man Out)
(High Wall)
- Ȼ (Somewhere in the Night)
Ļ (The Hunger)
߻ (The Blue Gardenia)
߻ (The blue dahlia)
, һ (City That Never Sleeps)
Ż (Guest in the House)
˻ (The Two Mrs. Carrolls)
߻ (Double indemnity)
һ (Double Cross)
߻ (Good-Time Girl)
Ȼ (Party Girl)
(Lady in the Lake)
Ż (The girl in the red velvet swing)
Ż (Money Madness)
л (Johnny Eager)
(Johnny O'Clock)
˻ (Johnny Angel)
ܻ (The Long Memory)
Ż (The Good Die Young)
ܻ (The Long Night)
ѻ (The Long Haul)
Ż (The Long Goodbye)
13 -һ (13 East Street)
711 » (711 Ocean Drive)
99 һ (99 River Street)
(House of Bamboo)
(The House Across the Lake), 1954
Ȼ (House by the River)
(Thieves' Highway)
(The Second Woman)
ջ (Woman on the Run)
ջ (Woman in Hiding)
(Violent Road)
̻ (Beyond the Forest)
Ļ (City for Conquest)
λ (Tomorrow Is Forever)
(Mystery Street)
ɻ (Hunted)
˻ (Cornered)
ʻ (Side Street)
߻ (Pieges)
߻ (Pitfall)
߻ (Noose)
λ (Manhandled)
777 (Call Northside 777)
ӻ (The Green Cockatoo)
- ܻ (Green for Danger)
Ȼ (Quicksand)
λ (Out of the past)
ܻ (To Have and Have Not)
Ż (Border Incident)
ʻ (The Frightened Man)
޻ (Each Dawn I Die)
101- Ż (Shack Out on 101)
˻ (Chinatown)
߻ (The Scapegoat)
һ (Conflict)
, (The Ship That Died of Shame)
- Ż (Deadline at Dawn)
Ȼ (Cry Danger)
(Cry Terror!)
߻ (Blood Alley)
ѻ (The Scarlet Hour)
Ż (Blood on the Moon)
߻ (The Big Combo)
ܻ (Hard Guy)
- ɻ (Someone to Watch Over Me)
߻ (The Lady from Shanghai)
- (Lady Killer)
36 (Private Hell 36)
ۻ (A Woman's Face)
ɻ (Mantrap)
˻ (The maltese falcon)
ӻ (Marlowe)
л (The Prowler)
ۻ (Maigret voit rouge)
(Maigret et l'affaire Saint-Fiacre)
ܻ (International Crime)
Ȼ (D.O.A.), 1950
Ȼ (D.O.A.), 1988
ѻ (Mildred Pierce)
ͻ (Mr. Arkadin)
ܻ (Don't Bother to Knock)
(The Reckless Moment)
(My Favorite Brunette)
, ޻ (The Man I Love)



, , , . , noir (- )- 40-50- . , . , , , , , .
noir 1946 , . noir , , , , , , , , , . , , , , .
, noir , , . , ( ) , , . , (2009) .
noir (1999).


Ȼ (To the Ends of the Earth)
Ȼ (Edge of Doom)
Ż (On Dangerous Ground)
Ȼ (All Through the Night)
1119 (Dial 1119)
Ż (Suspense)
ܻ (Tension)
ɻ (The Unsuspected)
(No Man of Her Own)
ɻ (Never Let Go)
ֻ (The Stranger)
Ż (Stranger on the Third Floor)
(L'inconnue de Hong Kong)
(Raw Deal)
ѻ (Nora Prentiss)
ͻ (Night Passage)
Ȼ (Night Train to Mundo Fine)
л (Night Editor)
Ļ (Night and the City), 1950
Ļ (Night and the City), 1992
ǻ (Night Has a Thousand Eyes)
ͻ (Deception)
(The Unfaithful)
Ļ (The Naked City)
ɻ (The Naked Kiss)
Ļ (Detour)
Ż (Shoot to Kill)
ۻ (Armored Car Robbery)
߻ (Possessed)
߻ (Woman Obsessed)
ܻ (Ossessione)
(Edge of the City)
ӻ (He Ran All the Way)
̻ (He Walked by Night)
̻ (They Drive by Night)
̻ (They Live by Night)
Ż (They Won't Believe Me)
(The Flanagan Boy)
߻ (Jeopardy)
ͻ (The Upturned Glass)
(This Gun for Hire)
ܻ (Cast a Dark Shadow)
ܻ (Backfire)
ɻ (Desperate)
ʻ (Girl Hunters)
Ȼ (Naked Alibi)
˻ (The Fallen Idol)
(The Spider and the Fly)
(The Cobweb)
̻ (A Letter to Three Wives)
(A blueprint for murder)
(Cry of the City)
λ (Bad for Each Other)
Ż (Undercurrent)
û (Arson, Inc.)
Ȼ (Railroaded)
ɻ (Framed)
һ (While The City Sleeps)
(Rogue Cop)
߻ (The Midnight Story)
(Midnight Manhunt)
λ (Midnight Lace)
ѻ (Terror at Midnight)
ʻ (The Hitch-Hiker)
(Trent's Last Case)
(The Last Page)
Ȼ (Kiss me deadly)
ۻ (Killer's Kiss)
ʻ (Kiss the Blood Off My Hands)
ۻ (The Postman Always Rings Twice), 1946
ۻ (The Postman Always Rings Twice), 1981
Ż (A Crime)
ջ (Crime in the Streets)
ܻ (The Crooked Way)
Ż (Red Rock West)
(Touch of Evil)
, ߻ (Farewell, My Lovely)
˻ (Alias Nick Beal)
Ի (Hollow Triumph)
λ (5 Against the House)
Ż (Brighton Rock), 1947
Ż (Brighton Rock), 2010
Ż (Portland Expose)
(The Payoff)
Ȼ (Dead Reckoning)
Ļ (Roaring City)
ܻ (Born to Kill)
ʻ (Loan Shark)
Ȼ (Slightly Scarlet)
һ (The Racket)
Ȼ (Nightfall)
̻ (Appointment with Crime)
ܻ (Eyewitness)
Ż (Inner Sanctum)
л (The Lineup)
޻ (Secret Beyond The Door)
Ȼ (Danger Signal)
ۻ (The Lusty Men)
ܻ (The Blue Lamp)
ɻ (Hangover Square)
ʻ (Pushover)
λ (Follow Me Quietly)
ǻ (Too Late for Tears)
λ (Pickup)
(The Spiral Staircase)
ջ (Hidden Fear)
߻ (Lured)
ͻ (Union Station)
(The Glass Wall)
߻ (Strange Illusion)
ѻ (The Strange Love of Martha Ivers)
ʻ (Strange Triangle)
Ȼ (The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry)
߻ (Human Desire)
Ȼ (Fear in the Night)
ۻ (Stage Fright)
, ֻ (Tread Softly Stranger)
Ȼ (Clash by Night)
, л (Where the Sidewalk Ends)
, λ (Where Danger Lives)
Ļ (Dark passage)
˻ (The Dark Corner)
(Tiger Bay)
̻ (Tony Rome)
ܻ (The Third Day)
ʻ (The Third Man)
ۻ (The Three Faces of Eve)
˻ (Tight Spot)
ǻ (You Only Live Once)
, ߻ (Murder, my sweet)
Ȼ (Murder by Proxy)
ӻ (Murder by Contract)
, -ʻ (The Killer That Stalked New York)
(The Threat)
- (Fortune Is a Woman)
߻ (The Street with No Name)
߻ (A Lawless Street)
л (Harper)
ʻ (The Limping Man)
ͻ (The Hoodlum)
Ի (The Public Eye)
(Destination Murder)
(The Price of Fear)
Ż (The Man on the Eiffel Tower)
, ߻ (The Man Who Cheated Himself)
߻ (The October Man)
(The Man in Half Moon Street)
λ (A Man Betrayed)
ͻ (Champion)
һ (Across the Bridge)
(Black Widow)
˻ (Black Angel)
(Fourteen Hours)
ɻ (The Shanghai Gesture)
301 (Highway 301)
Ż (Storm Warning)
ӻ (I Met a Murderer)
ܻ (I Take This Oath)
ͻ (I Walk Alone)
Ȼ (Desert Fury)
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