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1941 (1941)
911: ӻ (Reno 911: Miami)
00 (Agent 00)
ػ (Johnny English)
-2: (Johnny English Reborn)
(An American Carol)
λ (Analyze That)
λ (Analyze This)
ͻ (Bugsy Malone)
, ܻ (The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight)
» (The Apple Dumpling Gang)
Ż (The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again)
(Razor Blade Smile)
ǻ (The Men Who Stare at Goats)
ػ (The Honey Pot)
ͻ (Big Stan)
ʻ (Bomber)
ƻ (Bonzo Goes to College)
, ܻ (Bedtime for Bonzo)
޻ (I due superpiedi quasi piatti)
(Bottle Rocket)
ܻ (To Be or Not to Be), 1942
ܻ (To Be or Not to Be), 1983
ɻ (Le magnifique)
! (Faites sauter la banque!)
ӻ (Visit to a Small Planet)
- ܻ (M.A.S.H.)
Ȼ (Crimewave)
޻ (Invasion Earth: The Aliens Are Here)
(The Nude Bomb)
(Missing Pieces)
: Ȼ (The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad)
-2: (The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear)
-3: Ļ (The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult)
Ż (Gorilla at Large)
ܻ (Disorganized Crime)
Ȼ (Hillbillys in a Haunted House)
ɻ (Kindergarten Cop)
Ȼ (Jabberwocky)
(Dynamite Jack)
ɻ (George of the Jungle)
˻ (Doctor Dolittle), 1967
˻ (Doctor Dolittle), 1998
-2 (Dr. Dolittle-2)
Ȼ (Big Momma's House)
-2 (Big Momma's House-2)
߻ (The Other Me)
ۻ (European Vacation)
Ȼ (Eat and Run)
Ż (Le gendarme et les extra-terrestres)
- -ǻ (Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills)
Ż (L'animal)
ӻ (Life Of Brian)
л (Az elvarazsolt dollar)
ɻ (Iceman)
ɻ (Married to the Mob)
(L'emmerdeur), 1973
(L'emmerdeur), 2008
(Forbidden Zone)
л (Forbidden World)
̻ (Sucker Punch)
Ż (Loaded Weapon)
ۻ (Earth Girls Are Easy)
ɻ (The Villain)
-2000 (Cinderella 2000)
(Inspecteur la Bavure)
ۻ (The Witches Of Eastwick)
(History of the World: Part I)
ܻ (Casino Royale)
Ȼ (Come svaligiammo la banca d'Italia)
ۻ (Vacation)
Ż (Vegas Vacation)
- (Killer Clowns From Outer Space)
: ʻ (Code Name: The Cleaner)
(Suburban Commando)
Ż (The Other Guys)
ʻ (Short Time)
- (Big Top Pee-wee)
ۻ (Spaceballs)
Ļ (The High Crusade)
Ȼ (Africa Screams)
߻ (L'auberge rouge), 1951
߻ (L'auberge rouge), 2007
ӻ (Xanadu)
: ʻ (Kung Pow: Enter the Fist)
̻ (Men In Black)
-2 (Men In Black-2)
-3 (Men In Black-3)
Ȼ (Little Nicky)
ͻ (Mannequin)
-2: Ȼ (Mannequin-2: On the Move)
һ (Mars Attacks)
Ȼ (Small Time Crooks)
» (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid)
Ȼ (My Cousin Vinny)
(My Best Friend Is a Vampire)
λ (Multiplicity)
ۻ (Revenge of the Pink Panther)
ͻ (My Favorite Martian)
ܻ (Monty Python And The Holy Grail)
(Morons from Outer Space)
- (My Stepmother Is An Alien)
ܻ (Search and Destroy)
Ȼ (Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfolds)
Ȼ (No Way to Treat a Lady)
ܻ (Heaven can wait)
Ż (Pure Luck)
ɻ (The Wrong Guy)
(The Impossible Kid)
ܻ (Innocent Blood)
ͻ (Spy Hard)
(The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones)
λ (The Creature Wasn't Nice)
޻ (Trouble in Paradise)
(Beverly Hills Ninja)
, ӻ (See No Evil, Hear No Evil)
һ (Zero Effect)
, , -˻ (Oh, God! You Devil)
, Ż (Oh, God!)
, -2 (Oh, God! Book-2)
, ѻ (Oh, Heavenly Dog)
ʻ (Going Ape!)
3 ɻ (Atraco a las 3...y media)
ɻ (Operazione San Gennaro)
λ (Orgazmo)
Ȼ (Bedazzled), 1967
Ȼ (Bedazzled), 2000
(Austin Powers In Goldmember)
: - (Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery)
-, ˻ (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me)
Ȼ (Scum of the Earth)
Ȼ (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels)
, (Weird Science)
Ȼ (Ghostbusters)
-2 (Ghostbusters-2)
ֻ (Kick-Ass)
ӻ (The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag)
ѻ (Bad Taste)
(Bad Santa)
Ȼ (The Beach Girls)
ͻ (Two Way Stretch)
(Teenagers from Outer Space)
- (Teenage Space Vampires)
(Paul Blart: Mall Cop)
ػ (Midnight Mass)
ۻ (Field of Dreams)
- (Poppeauna prostituta al servizio dell'impero)
λ (Kiss Me Quick!)
ջ (The Wrong Arm of the Law)
Ȼ (The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini)
ܻ (The Phantom of Morrisville)
ͻ (Fun with Dick and Jane)
Ȼ (Adventures in Babysitting)
, Ż (Amico, stammi lontano almeno un palmo)
ۻ (Curse of the Pink Panther)
һ (The 5000 Fingers Of Dr. T.)
ۻ (Vampire Vixens from Venus)
߻ (Le corniaud)
л (The Absent Minded Professor)
» (Tales of the Apple Dumpling Gang)
ۻ (Santa's Slay)
: λ (Robin Hood: Men in Tights)
ۻ (Christmas Vacation)
-2. Ż (Christmas Vacation-2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure)
(The Pink Panther), 1963
(The Pink Panther), 2006
-2 (The Pink Panther-2)
л (The Pink Panther Strikes Again)
? (What Planet Are You From?)
- ͻ (Santa Claus Conquers the Martians)
Ż (Deadly Weapons)
ӻ (Death Becomes Her)
ܻ (Snow Day)
ۻ (Modern Problems)
Ȼ (Il soldato di ventura)
! ܻ (Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot)
Ż (Super Troopers)
ۻ (Son of the Pink Panther)
(Son of Flubber)
һ (Undercover Brother)
, ! (Carry on Dick)
܅ Ȼ (Carry on Up the Jungle)
ܻ (The Toxic Avenger)
-2 (The Toxic Avenger-2)
-3. Ȼ (The Toxic Avenger-3. The Last Temptation Of Toxie)
-4. Ȼ (The Toxic Avenger-4. Citizen Toxie)
- (For Y'ur Height Only)
(The Hot Chick)
-2 (Cheech and Chong's Next Movie)
-3. » (Nice Dreams)
ۻ (Street Trash)
л (Flubber)
(The Love Bug)
ͻ (Francis Joins the WACS)
Ż (Francis in the Navy)
(Francis Goes to West Point)
Ļ (Francis Covers the Big Town)
Ȼ (Francis Goes to the Races)
ѻ (Francis)
ѻ (Fred Claus)
(Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo)
ӻ (Herbie Rides Again)
(Herbie Goes Bananas)
ǻ (Chan Is Missing)
Ȼ (Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel)
Ż (The Man with One Red Shoe)
Ȼ (The Man With Two Brains)
- (Lobster Man From Mars)
, ˻ (The Man Who Knew Too Little)
ͻ (La valise)
л (The Nutty Professor), 1963
л (The Nutty Professor), 1996
-2. » (The Nutty Professor-2. The Klumps)
(Freaky Friday)
(Freaky Friday)
Ȼ (Mad Money)
Ȼ (Balls of Fury)
һ (2001: A Space Travesty)
Ȼ (L'entente cordiale)
ѻ (Abbott and Costello Go to Mars)
߻ (Evolution)
޻ (Amos and Andrew)
, , , л (It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World)
Ż (Coneheads)