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, (Crimes That Shook the World, 2006-09).

11:11 (11:11)
ͻ (Harlequin)
˻ (Insidious)
л (The Astral Factor)
(LAtlantide), 1920
(LAtlantide), 1932
(LAtlantide), 1961
- һ (Atlantis, The Lost Continent)
ۻ (Daai zek lou)
̻ (White Noise)
-2. һ (White Noise 2: The Light)
ʻ (The Triangle)
߻ (Bless The Child)
(Seconds Apart)
» (Waiting for the Giants)
(The Barbaric Beast of Boggy Creek)
ܻ (The Power)
ۻ (Warlords Of Atlantis)
Ż (Resurrection)
̻ (Firestarter)
-2. ɻ (Firestarter 2: Rekindled)
ۻ (Harry And The Hendersons)
ǻ (Hipnos)
ǻ (The Hypnotic Eye)
ۻ (After Alice)
(The Bermuda Depths)
Ȼ (Houdini)
л (Gift)
л (Jennifer)
Ȼ (Joey)
λ (Proof)
Ȼ (Dr. Caligari)
ʻ (The Devil's Triangle)
(Jeder Fur Sich Und Gott Gegen Alle)
߻ (The Green Mile)
Ż (Knowing)
(A Beautiful Mind)
ѻ (Impulse)
Ȼ (Das Kabinett Des Doktor Caligari)
Ȼ (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari)
̻ (Cataclysm)
һ (Communion), 1989
Ȼ (Shriek Of The Mutilated)
Ȼ (Carrie)
-2. » (Carrie-2. The Rage)
Ż (Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigfoot)
Ż (The Legend of Boggy Creek)
» (Dreamcatcher)
Ȼ (Sleepwalkers)
(The Mole People)
(Dead Zone)
߻ (The Hoax)
ѻ (The Untold)
˻ (Nell)
ɻ (Unbreakable)
23 (The Number 23)
ѻ (Nostradamus)
, (The Night That Panicked America)
(The Echo Game)
ʻ (The Abominable Snowman)
Ȼ (Sasquatch Hunters)
ɻ (Dreamscape)
» (Patrick vive ancora)
ʻ (Patrick)
ʻ (First Born)
Ȼ (Pi)
ۻ (Il Conquistatore di Atlantide)
߻ (Midnight Offerings)
Ż (Kiss Daddy Goodbye)
ƻ (The Prestige)
Ż (The Earthling)
(Curse of Bigfoot)
ʻ (Next)
Ż (Push)
Ż (Mind Over Murder)
λ (Pink Flamingos)
̻ (Seance on a Wet Afternoon)
Ż (Sette note in nero)
Ȼ (A Siren in the Dark)
(Scanner Cop)
--2 (Scanner Cop-2)
ۻ (Scanners)
-2. ʻ (Scanners-2. The New Order)
-3. Ż (Scanners-3. The Takeover)
Ȼ (Mako: The Jaws of Death)
λ (The Snow Creature)
ۻ (Smillas Sense Of Snow)
ʻ (Bigfoot)
ʻ (Snowbeast)
Ż (Spontaneous Combustion)
Ż (Superstition)
(Il Triangolo elle Bermude)
(Beyond Loch Ness)
ۻ (The Mysterious Monsters)
ۻ (Dark Water)
(The Shadow Of The Vampire)
ͻ (Phenomenon)
(To koritsi vomva)
ѻ (The Amazing Mr. X)
(The Loch Ness Horror)
ۻ (Chupacabra Terror)
ܻ (The Objective)
Ż (Bubble Boy)
(The Mothman Prophecies)
(Black Silence)
ۻ (The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima)
Ȼ (The Butterfly Effect)
-2 (The Butterfly Effect-2)
-3: Ż (The Butterfly Effect-3: Revelations)
ͻ (Nightmare Alley)
(Cameron's Closet)
ܻ (The Fury)
Ż (Second Sight)
ɻ (Psychic)
ɻ (The Clairvoyant)