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, (Crimes That Shook the World, 2006-09).

21 ̻ (21 Grams)
96 һ (96 Minutes)
ѻ (Albert Nobbs)
(American Girl)
(El Angel Exterminador)
Ż (Angels in America)
Ż (Tenshi no kokotsu)
һ (Antichrist)
л (Antwone Fisher)
(Arizona Dream)
Ż (Narayama-bushi ko)
ʻ (Barton Fink)
Ż (Crazy Heart)
. ֻ (Berlin Alexanderplatz)
ɻ (Bless the Beasts and Children)
ӻ (Reflections in a Golden Eye)
л (The Beaver)
(Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol)
Ņ (God Told Me To)
, ӻ (God Bless America)
߻ (Boiler Room)
(Big Fish)
߻ (Brothers)
߻ (Septien)
ɻ (Bruce Almighty)
̻ (Boom)
ۻ (Rebel Without a Cause)
˻ (Biutiful)
(Sekai daisenso)
̻ (The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit)
, ˻ (Le diable probablement)
- ʻ (The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds)
ɻ (8 1/2)
(Werckmeister harmoniak)
ܻ (Blue Fin)
(Bittere Ernte)
(Bitter Moon)
һ (Die bitteren Tranen der Petra von Kant)
Ȼ (Homer and Eddie)
» (City of Angels)
(Cidade de Deus)
λ (Gran Torino)
(The Grapes of Wrath)
Ż (Things To Come)
̻ (Distant Thunder)
Ȼ (The Tree of Life)
Ȼ (Savages)
ջ (Wild in the Streets)
ܻ (The Wild One)
һ (The Amateur)
(Journal d'un cure de campagne)
, Ȼ (Au revoir les enfants)
Ż (Bizalom)
(Long Weekend), 1978
(Long Weekend), 2008
л (Doppelganger)
(Another Country)
, ܻ (Si te dicen que cai)
- ̻ (JCVD)
(The Bishop's Wife)
ջ (Suna no onna)
(The Belly of an Architect)
Ż (The Living and the Dead)
ۻ (Bobby Deerfield)
(It's A Wonderful Life)
λ (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close)
һ (Zabriskie Point)
, ? (They Shoot Horses, Don't They?)
(The Hudsucker Proxy)
߻ (The Human Stain)
һ (Lost Horizon)
(Sound of Noise)
û (Zelig)
߻ (Land of Plenty)
ɻ (The Chosen)
߻ (The Picture Of Dorian Gray)
߅ (Sometimes a Great Notion)
Ż (Atonement)
(The Story of Mankind)
߻ (Switch)
(Korkarlen), 1921
(La Charrette Fantome), 1939
ӻ (When a Man Falls in the Forest)
(La habitacion de Fermat)
(The Draughtsman's Contract)
ۻ (Vacas)
(The Fisher King)
ܻ (Bone)
Ż (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)
? (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?)
ۻ (Faustrecht der Freiheit)
Ȼ (Candy)
(The Sunchaser)
Ȼ (The Best Years of Our Lives)
ѻ (Max)
Ȼ (The boy with green hair)
ʻ (Papillon)
Ż (Les bas-fonds)
Ȼ ( bout de souffle)
Ȼ (Breathless)
Ż (Na srebrnym globie)
û (L'ennemi naturel)
ӻ (Touche pas la femme blanche)
̻ (Der Himmel uber Berlin)
ʻ (Den brysomme mannen)
, , ޻ (No es nada, mama, solo un juego)
(Rookie of the Year)
ۻ (The Night of the Iguana)
λ (It)
ɻ (Stand by Me)
Ż (The Island on Bird Street)
ۻ (Scum)
» (Drowning by Numbers)
Ż (Despair)
Ȼ (The Bounty Killer)
λ (A Guy Named Joe)
ɻ (Punishment Park)
һ (Boys Don't Cry)
ʻ (Crossroads)
Ż (Fires Within)
, , ʻ (The Cook the Thief His Wife and Her Lover)
ջ (Lord of the Flies), 1963
ջ (Lord of the Flies), 1990
ۻ (Sous le soleil de Satan)
(Two of a Kind), 1951
(Two of a Kind), 1983
(The Trip)
Ȼ (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
Ȼ (Memento)
λ (Hardcore)
̻ (Ritratto di borghesia in nero)
: (Spielzeugland Endstation)
л (Austeria)
» (Ladri di biciclette)
һ (Der Student von Prag)
Ż (Crime and Punishment), 1935
Ż (Crime and Punishment), 1998
Ż (Rikos ja rangaistus)
л (Ghost world)
ѻ (The Trial)
- (Queen Bee)
߻ (Woundings)
ۻ (Breaking the Waves)
ۻ (Wild Hogs)
Ż (Requiem for a Dream)
ܻ (A Christmas Carol)
߻ (Rocco e i suoi fratelli)
ʻ (The Rum Diary)
ʻ (The Pawnbroker)
: Ȼ (Wristcutters: A Love Story)
λ (Satantango)
ͻ (Fellini-Satyricon)
(The Holy Mountain)
ܻ (Det Sjunde inseglet)
, λ (Sex, Lies, and Videotape)
ۻ (Seconds)
Ż (Hearts in Atlantis)
Ȼ (Heart and Souls)
˻ (The Signal)
߻ (Ugetsu monogatari)
ʻ (Notes on a Scandal)
޻ (The Defiant Ones)
ܻ (Slaughterhouse-Five)
Ȼ (Le Charme discret de la bourgeoisie)
, λ (Scrooged)
ƻ (Scrooge)
(Sweet Smell of Success)
̻ (Sweet Movie)
ɻ (Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto)
Ż (Moju)
ӻ (La mort en ce jardin)
Ȼ (A Matter Of Life And Death)
Ż (Crash)
» (Tideland)
(Strategia del ragno)
(Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)
» (Beastly)
, л (Au hasard Balthazar)
(Body and Soul)
(The Pillow Book)
(Leaves of Grass)
: ɻ (Trois couleurs: Blanc)
: ɻ (Trois couleurs: Rouge)
: ɻ (Trois couleurs: Bleu)
Ż (Ace in the Hole)
ʻ (Fluke)
ϻ (Forrest Gump)
Ż (Unman, Wittering and Zigo)
(Week End)
- ܻ (Success Is the Best Revenge)
л (Karakter)
Ȼ (Harvey)
ͻ (Harrison Bergeron)
(The Color Purple)
Ż (Blumen fur den Mann im Mond)
ۻ (Tsigoineruwaizen)
(The Man Without a Face)
Ż (The Man In The White Suit)
Ż (The Boy in the Plastic Bubble)
߻ (Rain Man)
Ż (Man on the Moon)
߻ (The Man from Earth)
ѻ (Black Narcissus)
- Ż (Something Wild)
ۻ (The Gypsy Moths)
߻ (Six Degrees of Separation)
߻ (Philadelphia)
ɻ (Evan Almighty)
Ļ (Ed Wood)
(Edward Scissorhands)
, ܻ (Io, Emmanuelle)