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14- (2007).

ܻ (Absolute Power)
ֻ (The American)
ۻ (Angels and Demons)
˻ (Archangel)
ۻ (Redacted)
ͻ (Billy Jack Goes to Washington)
Ż (Battle in Seattle)
Ȼ (Bobby)
(The Big Fix)
(State of Play)
ͻ (Big Jim McLain)
(Los anos barbaros)
ɻ (Suddenly)
(Enemy of the State)
ѻ (Enemies Among Us)
ܻ (All the King's Men)
ܻ (All the President's Men)
Ȼ (The Year of Living Dangerously)
߻ (Year of the Gun)
ջ (The Pelican Brief)
(The Day of the Jackal)
(La ley de Herodes)
(Lone Star)
ջ (Land of the Blind)
л (I...comme Icare)
Ż (Amazing Grace)
Ȼ (The Da Vinci Code)
(The Omega Code)
-2. λ (Megiddo: The Omega Code-2)
ۻ (End Game)
ջ (Le sang des autres)
Ż (Blood on the Sun)
һ (Lions for Lambs)
һ (The Manchurian Candidate), 1962
һ (The Manchurian Candidate), 2004
߻ (Marie)
ۻ (The Ides of March)
ͻ (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)
߻ (City Hall)
, ۻ (Nothing But the Truth)
λ (Nada)
Ż (Etat de siege)
ܻ (Cast a Giant Shadow)
(The Interpreter)
̻ (Under Fire)
Ż (Underground)
Ż (L'attentat)
ʻ (The Last Castle)
ʻ (Twilight's Last Gleaming)
Ż (Abduction)
? (Perche si uccide un magistrato)
- (Kiss of the Spider Woman)
ʻ (The Constant Gardener)
ܻ (The Chairman)
һ (Le president)
һ (The Contender)
Ż (Executive Action)
Ż (L'aveu)
Ȼ (Confessione di un commissario di polizia al procuratore della repubblica)
(Confessions of a Dangerous Mind)
˻ (Blow Out)
Ȼ (Missing)
, ɻ (Adieu, poulet)
(The President's Analyst)
ѻ (Torn Curtain)
λ (Permission to Kill)
һ (The Recruit)
̻ (The Russia House)
(Air Force One)
Ż (Seven Days in May)
ۻ (Cadaveri eccellenti)
ʻ (The Next Man)
λ (The Deadly Affair)
ܻ (Der Sarg bleibt heute zu)
(The Devil's Own)
Ȼ (Good Night, and Good Luck)
(The Fearmakers)
(Conspiracy Theory)
(Vantage Point)
ܻ (La faille)
ܻ (3 hommes abattre)
λ (Assassination)
Ż (Murder at 1600)
(La menace)
̻ (Blown Away)
һ (Wall Street)
-2. һ (Wall Street-2: Money Never Sleeps)
л (Rollover)
(Man of the Year)
ͻ (Black Legion)
(The Fourth War)
˻ (The Fourth Protocol)