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24- 100 (1996).

36- ʻ (36 fillette)
Ȼ (The Toybox)
ͻ (La piscine)
ֻ (Escapee)
Ż (Dementia)
, ܻ (Bigger Than Life)
Ȼ (Bloodbrothers)
Ȼ (Death Warmed Up)
߻ (Aandhi-Toofan)
Ż (Dans ma peau)
ʻ (Misbegotten)
û (Sudden Fear)
ǻ (Abwarts)
һ (Whirlpool)
(Raising Cain)
(Taste Of Fear)
ܻ (Ooru naito rongu)
-2. ܻ (Ooru naito rongu-2: Sanji)
-3. (Ooru naito rongu 3: Saishuu-sho)
-4 (Ooru naito rongu R)
-5 (Ooru naito rongu: Inisharu O)
ʻ (The Paper Boy)
һ (Gaslight)
ܻ (Deadbolt)
Ȼ (Let's Scare Jessica to Death)
ܻ (A Double Life)
Ȼ (Bonnie's Kids)
, ߻ (Julie Darling)
(Something Wild)
Ȼ (Diabolica malicia)
(Diary of the Dead)
(Diario di una schizofrenica)
ͻ (Dolores Claiborne)
Ȼ (Bonnes a tuer)
ɻ (The Other)
Ȼ (Le Malizie di Venere)
ۻ (Diabolique)
Ȼ (Les Diaboliques)
(Body Heat)
ֻ (Le Locataire)
(Beyond Dream's Door)
Ȼ (Behind Locked Doors)
߻ (Remember My Name)
(Animal Room)
λ (The Murder Game)
» (Palabras encadenadas)
ۻ (Games)
߻ (Side Show)
Ż (Frenzy)
߻ (Hysteria)
Ż (Spoorloos)
Ż (The Vanishing)
Ȼ (The Cabinet of Caligari)
ܻ (Night Must Fall)
13 (Trece campanadas)
л (Nightmare)
ܻ (Day of the Nightmare)
ۻ (Nightmares)
Ȼ (A belles dents)
Ȼ (Along the Great Divide)
ϻ (The Screaming Skull)
ӻ (Ansikte mot ansikte)
߻ (Snake pit)
, (The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane)
ػ (The Baby)
, ߻ (Mommie Dearest)
ܻ (Mother)
һ (El Maquinista)
Ȼ (Misery)
» (Brain Dead)
λ (One Hour Photo)
ɻ (May)
Ȼ (The Haunting of Sarah Hardy)
Ż (Dead Ringers)
߻ (Heavenly Creatures)
ɻ (Bewafai)
λ (Sweet Murder)
ܻ (Phobia)
» (Bad Timing)
Ȼ (Boogie Nights)
߻ (The Nanny)
ܻ (Possession)
(Single White Female)
-2. ǻ (Single White Female-2: The Psycho)
л (Rear Window), 1954
л (Rear Window), 1998
λ (The Window)
Ļ (A Dangerous Method)
߻ (Stay)
Ż (Repulsion)
ܻ (Daddys Girl)
ʻ (Paranoiac)
߻ (Paranoia)
ʻ (Spider)
ջ (Primal Fear)
߻ (The Bad Seed)
Ż (Bad Day on the Block)
Ȼ (Bad Boy Bubby)
(A Climate for Killing)
λ (Border Radio)
ɻ (Peeping Tom)
һ (Half Light)
Ȼ (Crimes Of Passion)
» (The Attic Expeditions)
(Straight on Till Morning)
(Asylum), 1997
(Asylum), 2005
ǻ (Psycho), 1998
ǻ (Psycho), 1960
-2 (Psycho-2)
-3 (Psycho-3)
-4. λ (Psycho-4. The Beginning)
һ (The Psychopath)
Ż (Disconnected)
ۻ (Twisted Nerve)
Ȼ (Picture Mommy Dead)
ɻ (Born to Be Bad)
ɻ (Aar Paar)
߻ (Der freie Wille)
߻ (Atame)
Ż (Alone)
(The Arrangement)
ܻ (The Seventh Veil)
߻ (Secret Ceremony)
» (Spalovac mrtvol)
(The Orphan)
ɻ (The Shining), 1980
ɻ (The Shining), 1997
Ż (Party Crasher: My Bloody Birthday)
л (The Sniper)
ӻ (Homicidal)
Ż (Hider in the House)
(The Strange Woman)
̻ (Madhouse)
λ (Play Misty for Me)
, Ż (The In Crowd)
Ż (The Dark Mirror)
, , (HushHush, Sweet Charlotte)
ʻ (Blind Alley)
ܻ (Youll Like My Mother)
Ż (Shelter)
ƻ (The Killing of Sister George)
߻ (Threat of Exposure)
ѻ (The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse)
(Street Asylum)
Ļ (Ugly)
(The Cold Room)
һ (Fanatic)
(Fragment Of Fear)
Ż (Flowers In The Attic)
ۻ (The Hours)
(Black Widow)
? (What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?)
? (Whats The Matter With Helen?)
Ż (Whispers in the Dark)
ʻ (Shock)
л (Shock Corridor)
̻ (Noise)
λ (The Clown Murders)
Ļ (Edmond)
Ż (I Love a Man in Uniform)
ǻ (I Never Promised You a Rose Garden)
ܻ (Rabia)