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- (Abraxas-Riti segreti dall'oltretomba)
̻ (Abraham)
Ļ (Inferno)
Ȼ (Adams abler)
(Hard Ride to Hell)
һ (LAnticristo)
Ȼ (Los sin nombre)
, (Fratello sole, sorella luna)
߻ (Le concile de pierre)
ۻ (The Brotherhood Of Satan)
߻ (Storm Of The Century)
߻ (The Mephisto Waltz)
Ż (The Rapture)
˻ (The Eighteenth Angel)
ۻ (666 Mo gwai fuk wut)
Ż (The Ascension)
ۻ (Tutti i colori del buio)
߻ (El segundo nombre)
(Eye of the Devil)
(The Devil's Tomb)
(Greaser's Palace)
(The Ninth Gate)
߻ (El Dia De La Bestia)
ͻ (Alisons Birthday)
ۻ (Children Of The Corn)
-2. Ż (Children Of The Corn-2. The Final Sacrifice)
-3. Ż (Children Of The Corn-3. Urban Harvest)
-4. ߻ (Children Of The Corn-4. The Gathering)
-5. (Children Of The Corn-5. Fields Of Terror)
666. (Children Of The Corn 666. Isaacs Return)
-7. Ż (Children Of The Corn-7. The Revelation)
ۻ (Satan's Children)
ۻ (Nothing But The Night)
, (Child Of Darkness, Child Of Light)
(Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes)
, ͻ (Here Comes Mr. Jordan)
(Good Against Evil)
(Devil's Prey)
(The House of the Devil)
(La Casa Dell'Esorcismo)
ѻ (Dorothy Mills)
Ļ (L'altro inferno)
Ȼ (The Devil Inside)
Ȼ (Dust Devil)
һ (The Devil Rides Out)
л (The Devil and Daniel Webster)
޻ (Chi Sei?)
-2 (Schock)
-3 (Beyond The Door-3)
Ȼ (Lost Souls)
Ȼ (The Beast of the Yellow Night)
» (The Calling)
ɻ (Shadow Builder)
(The Prophet's Game)
ۻ (Blackwater Valley Exorcism)
ǻ (The Exorcism of Emily Rose)
(The Exorcist)
-2. ʻ (The Exorcist-2. The Heretic)
-3 (The Exorcist-3)
-4. λ (Exorcist-4. The Beginning)
-5. ͻ (Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist)
- Ż (Die Papstin)
ջ (All Saints Eve)
ɻ (The Skeleton Key)
. (Genesi: La creazione e il diluvio)
ͻ (The Witchmaker)
(La beaute du diable)
ۻ (Un Urlo Nelle Tenebre)
(The Blood of Jesus)
ۻ (Crocodile Tears)
λ (Incense For The Damned)
, ̻ (Magdalena, vom Teufel besessen)
˻ (Michael)
Ż (L'ossessa)
̻ (Race with the Devil)
(Fear No Evil)
Ļ (L'oeuvre au noir)
ֻ (The Unholy)
(Night Of The Demon)
Ȼ (Needful Things)
ۻ (Satan's Skin)
Ļ (The Rite)
ܻ (The Possessed)
Ȼ (The Possession of Joel Delaney)
Ż (Besat)
̻ (Besat)
ǻ (Audrey Rose)
ͻ (The Guardian)
ӻ (Voodoo Island)
Ȼ (To The Devil A Daughter)
» (Absolution)
˻ (The Fallen Ones)
ܻ (Fallen Knight)
ܻ (The First Power)
ʻ (The Wicker Man), 1973
ʻ (The Wicker Man), 2006
ɻ (Lord Of Illusions)
Ȼ (The Assisi Underground)
ػ (Devour)
ʻ (The Night Owl)
Ż (The Message)
(Devil's Messenger)
(The Last Exorcism)
(The Reaping)
, Ȼ (Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby)
܅ (The Next Voice You Hear)
Ż (The Omen), 1976
Ż (The Omen), 2006
-2. ͻ (The Omen-2. Damien)
-3. һ (The Omen-3. The Final Conflict)
-4. Ż (The Omen-4. The Awakening)
ǻ (The Order)
ۻ (Prince Of Darkness)
ۻ (Satanico pandemonium)
λ (Moro Witch Doctor)
λ (The Prophecy)
-2 (The Prophecy-2)
-3. Ż (The Prophecy-3. The Ascent)
(Manhatten Baby)
Ȼ (Rosemarys Baby)
ʻ (Superstition)
ɻ (Begotten)
Ȼ (Ruby)
(La Main Du Diable)
Ȼ (Sinners and Saints), 04
Ż (The Seventh Sign)
(La Setta)
(Angel Heart)
ۻ (Credo)
ۻ (Skeletons)
Ȼ (The Ministers)
6:66 (6:66 Dtaai Mai Daai Dtaai)
(Sodom and Gomorrah)
ۻ (Stigmata)
ƻ (The Sentinel)
߻ (The Dark Secret of Harvest Home)
Ȼ (Le Ombre roventi)
ܻ (La terza madre)
(Habemus Papam)
ۻ (Asylum of Satan)
ۻ (The Killing Of Satan)
Ż (The Horror at 37000 Feet)
Ȼ (Paganini Horror)
ͻ (Sheitan)
(Satan's Schoolgirls)
Ļ (Highway to Hell)
һ (Faust)
Ȼ (Abby)
̻ (I Don't Want to Be Born)