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24- 100 (1996).

- ͻ (Abar, the First Black Superman)
һ (The Outpost)
Ż (Alraune), 1928
Ż (Alraune), 1952
--2 (Watchers-2)
--3 (Watchers-3)
--4. Ż (Watchers-4. Reborn)
(Arrest Bulldog Drummond)
(The Astro-Zombies)
» (Silent Rage)
л (The Mad Monster)
ܻ (The Mad Ghoul)
Ż (Bionic Ever After?)
: 6 (Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic)
ܻ (Swamp Thing)
Ȼ (The Great Alaskan Mystery)
Ż (Growth)
Ȼ (The Return Of Swamp Thing)
(The Invisible Man Returns)
(Memoirs Of An Invisible Man)
(Invasion of the Bee Girls)
л (DNA)
Ȼ (Slime City)
ۻ (Humanoids from the Deep),
(The day of the dolphin)
-2000 (Johnny 2.0)
Ȼ (Altered States)
ܻ (The Devil Bat)
- (The Invisible Woman)
- (The Wasp Woman), 1960
- (The Wasp Woman), 1995
Ż (Animal)
һ (Zaat)
λ (Der Fall X701)
ֻ (The Frozen Dead)
ɻ (Chiller)
ػ (Embryo)
ջ (Animal Protector)
Ż (Evil Spawn)
߻ (Sssnake)
ʻ (The Projected Man)
Ȼ (Scared to Death)
Ż (Kamikaze)
ʻ (Cyberjack)
߻ (The Happiness Cage)
ۻ (The Clones)
ѻ (Red Planet Mars)

Ļ (Blood Freak)
(Kaitei gunkan)
л (The Magnetic Monster)
- (The Invisible Boy)
һ (The Manhattan Project)
(The Invisible Mans Revenge)
߻ (Mr. India)
- (L'inafferrabile invincibile Mr. Invisibile)
ɻ (Junior)
, ܻ (The Brain That Wouldnt Die)
߻ (Brainstorm), 1983
߻ (Brainstorm), 1965
̻ (The Brain Machine)
ۻ (Brainwaves)
(The Monster And The Girl)
, Ȼ (Man Made Monster)
ܻ (Monstrosity)
Ż (The Creeping Flesh)
Ȼ (The Mutations)
(Hollow Man)
-2 (Hollow Man-2)
׻ (The Invisible Ray)
ʻ (The Amazing Transparent Man)
ʻ (Indestructible Man)
̻ (Godsend)
(The Ape)
(They Saved Hitler's Brain)
λ (Island Of Dr. Moreau), 1996
λ (The Island Of Dr. Moreau), 1976
(Devil's Island)
- (LIsola degli uomini pesce)
ػ (Island Of Lost Souls)
(Fear Chamber)
» (Primal Rage)
Ȼ (Flesh Feast)
(Body Melt)
ɻ (The Jungle Captive)
(The Phantom Creeps)
(The Devil Commands)
Ż (Abenteuer im Roten Meer)
Ȼ (Lifespan)
: (Project Viper)
: ܻ (Project: Kill)
ѻ (Project X), 1968
ѻ (Project X), 1987
߻ (Accidents)
ɻ (Proteus)
һ (Replicant)
ʻ (Kindred)
λ (Dr. Renault's Secret)
Ļ (Deathline)
» (The Monster Maker)
ܻ (Creator)
ѻ (Strange World Of Planet X)
Ȼ (The Twilight People)
Ż (The Dark Past)
Ż (Crack in the World)
: (Asso di picche operazione controspionaggio)
» (The Clonus Horror)
߻ (The Blood Beast Terror)
Ȼ (Miami Golem)
- ʻ (Terror Is a Man)
ֻ (Creature Of The Walking Dead)
(The Man Without A Body)
» (The Six Million Dollar Man)
: , (The Six Million Dollar Man: Wine, Women and War)
: (The Six Million Dollar Man: Solid Gold Kidnapping)
Ȼ (The X-Man With X-Ray Eyes)
, ܻ (The Man Who Could Cheat Death)

- (The Invisible Man)
- (The Ape Man)
ʻ (Four Sided Triangle)
ܻ (The 6th Day)
ۻ (Shock Waves)
(Abbott And Costello Meet The Invisible Man)