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24- 100 (1996).

976-λ (976-evil)
976--2. л (976-evil-2: The Astral Factor)
ܻ (Camp Hell)
һ (Hellbinders)
Ȼ (Night Angel)
- (Salinnabileul ggotneun yeoja)
ѻ (The Midnight Hour)
л (The Blair Witch Project)
-2. ɻ (Blair Witch-2. Book Of Shadows)
ۻ (The Witches), 1966
ۻ (The Witches), 1990
» (I sette magnifici gladiatori)
ӻ (The Return of Chandu)
ͻ (The Jar)
-2. (Hellraiser-2. Hellbound)
-3. Ż (Hellraiser-3. Hell On Earth)
-4. Ż (Hellraiser-4. Bloodline)
-5. ߻ (Hellraiser-5. Inferno)
-6. Ļ (Hellraiser-6. Hellseeker)
-7. ܻ (Hellraiser: Deader)
-8. Ļ (Hellraiser-8. Hellworld)
-9. Ż (Hellraiser-9: Revelations)
(The Gate)
Ļ (Le porte dell'inferno)
(Cemetery Gates)
һ (Hollow Gate)
̻ (Season of the Witch)
̻ (Meeting Evil)
ʻ (The Ghoul)
» (The City Of The Dead)
(The Shrine)
߻ (Rough Magic)
ֻ (Long Time Dead)
ͻ (Dagon)
ѻ (Dunwich Horror)
(Maid Of Salem)
ͻ (The Unnamable)
-2. (The Unnamable-2. The Statement Of Randolph Carter)
Ȼ (Speed Demon)
ۻ (Demoni)
-2. ߻ (Demoni-2. LIncubo Ritorna)
-3 (Demoni-3)
Ȼ (Midnight's Child)
̻ (Witchouse)
-2. ػ (Witchouse-2. Blood Coven)
-3. ͻ (Witchouse-3. Demon Fire)
ʻ (House of Mystery)
(La casa del sortilegio)
л (Doppelganger)
ۻ (Daughters Of Satan)
ܻ (The Devils Rain)
̻ (Kuchisake-onna)
(The She-Creature)
- (Cobra Woman)
(The White Dog Sacrifice)
ɻ (E Tu Vivrai Nel Terrore-L'aldil)
ܻ (Spellcaster)
ӻ (Voodoo Man)
ɻ (Klatwa doliny wezy)
λ (Wicked Lake)
ܻ (Bandh Darwaza)
(The Shuttered Room)
Ȼ (Fading of the Cries)
Ȼ (The Beast Within)
(Wicked Stepmother)
(Beyond Evil)
ջ (Incubus)
(The Serpent And The Rainbow)
ۻ (Catacombs)
Ȼ (Book of Blood)
λ (Haxan)
λ (Witchcraft), 1964
1408 (1408)
Ȼ (Red Sands)
(Baby Blood)
» (Town Creek)
ۻ (Cult of the Cobra)
ֻ (Candyman)
-2. ޻ (Candyman-2. Farewell To The Flesh)
-3. » (Candyman-3. Day Of The Dead)
ѻ (The Woods)
߻ (The Craft)
(Kui moh do jeung)
ۻ (Khew ar-khard)
(Morgane et ses nymphes)
ۻ (Bride of the Gorilla)
߻ (Necromancy)
һ (Necromancer)
߻ (Necromentia)
, ܻ (The Thing That Couldn't Die)
» (Night Of The Demons), 1988
-2 (Night Of The Demons-2)
-3 (Night Of The Demons-3)
» (Night Of The Demons), 2010
(Night of the Eagle)
ɻ (Night Of The Ghouls)
̻ (Les Demoniaques)
߻ (Bewitched)
ܻ (Rejuvenatrix)
˻ (The Oracle)
: Ż (Beware: Children at Play)
(Demon Island)
: (Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell)
̻ (Cry for the Strangers)
(The Wisher)
Ȼ (The Messengers)
-2: λ (The Messengers-2: The Scarecrow)
߻ (Practical Magic)
ͻ (Cry Of The Banshee)
, һ (Ghosts That Still Walk)
Ż (The Awakening)
ۻ (Curse Of Simba)
Ż (Malefique)
ͻ (Il medaglione insanguinato)
ʻ (La Mansion de los Cthulhu)
(The Devil's Hand)
ۻ (Manos the Hands of Fate)
Ż (Skullduggery)
(Los ritos sexuales del diablo)
(Seeds of Evil)
λ (7 Faces Of Dr. Lao)
ۻ (Scalps)
ӻ (Death Curse of Tartu)
ۻ (Death of the Virgin)
û (The Tuxedo)
һ (Hello Again)
λ (The Strange and Deadly Occurrence)
» (I Misteri della giungla nera)
ܻ (The Dark Power)
(The Shadow of Chikara)
(Shadow of the Hawk)
ƻ (The 13th Floor)
ۻ (El espanto surge de la tumba)
߻ (The Devonsville Terror)
߻ (The Sorcerer's Apprentice)
̻ (Phantasm)
-2 (Phantasm-2)
-3. » (Phantasm-3. Lord Of The Dead)
-4. Ż (Phantasm-4. Oblivion)
ۻ (Phantoms)
ۻ (The Change-Up)
ػ (Soulkeeper)
ܻ (La Chiesa)
(Chandu the Magician)
Ż (Chandu on the Magic Island)
Ȼ (The Sorcerers)
ɻ (Nao mo)
߻ (Jiang tou)
߻ (The Black Magic)
(Black Mass)
(Black Rainbow)
ʻ (Warlock)
-2. ͻ (Warlock-2. The Armageddon)
-3. Ȼ (Warlock-3. The End Of Innocence)
ۻ (Black Roses)
- һ (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
Ļ (Venom)
Ļ (Jigoku)