2010 (2010)
18 (Hangar 18)
ʻ (Angel Blade)
-13 (Apollo-13)
-18 (Apollo-18)

(Stranded), 2001
-2 (Starquest-2)
һ (Anno zero-guerra nello spazio)
һ (Il pianeta errante)
ɻ (Enemy Mine)
޻ (Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.)
ѻ (Galaxis)
(Galaxy of Terror)
ֻ (The Galaxy Invader)
Ż (Nude on the Moon)
ǻ (Cargo)
-01 (Dante 01)
Ż (Twelve To The Moon)
, ޻ (The Day Mars Invaded Earth)
- (I Criminali della galassia)
Ȼ (Dr. Who And The Daleks)
(Precious Find)
Ż (Frau Im Mond)
(Forbidden Planet)
Ż (Lost In Space)
Ż (Marooned)
ܻ (Star Trek), 2009
ܻ (Star Trek), 1979
-2. (Star Trek-2. The Wrath Of Chan)
-3. (Star Trek-3. The Search For Spock)
-4. ɻ (Star Trek-4. The Voyage Home)
-5. л (Star Trek-5. The Final Frontier)
-6. (Star Trek-6. The Undiscovered Country)
-7. ߻ (Star Trek-7. Generations)
-8. һ (Star Trek-8. First Contact)
-9. Ż (Star Trek-9. Insurrection)
-10. (Star Trek-10. Nemesis)
: ߻ (Star Quest: The Odyssey)
л (Ikarie XB 1)
ͻ (Capricorne One)
(The Wizard of Mars)
» (Alien Cargo)
(Queen of Outer Space)
» (King Dinosaur)
2001 (2001: A Space Odyssey)
Ȼ (Space Truckers)
Ȼ (Space Cowboys)
Ȼ (Space Raiders)
λ (Space Battleship Yamato)
ܻ (Space Camp)
л (The Terrornauts)
ۻ (Space Men)
(Red Planet)
(Pitch Black)
-02 (Moon Zero Two)
2112 (Moon)
-44 (Moon 44)

ɻ (Lunarcop)
- ۻ (Radar Men from the Moon)
Ȼ (Martian Chronicles)
ۻ (Mars Needs Women)
: ܻ (Mission Stardust)
ܻ (4321morte)
ѻ (Mission To Mars)
û (Silent Running)

Ż (Mutiny in Outer Space)
Ż (Space Mutiny)


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24- 100 (1996).


̻ (Lockout)
ʻ (The Incredible Melting Man)
ۻ (The Dark Side of the Moon)
(Fire Maidens of Outer Space)
ջ (Fire in the Sky)
(They Came from Beyond Space)
ɻ (Ravager)
̻ (Pandorum)
Ż (First Men In The Moon)
ӻ (Der schweigende Stern)
ɻ (Il pianeta degli uomini spenti)
ɻ (Battle Planet)
» (Horror Planet)
(The Phantom Planet)
ۻ (Beyond the Moon)
ѻ (Flight to Mars)
ƻ (Terminal Voyage)
(Ghosts Of Mars)
Ȼ (Decoys)
-2. » (Decoys-2: Alien Seduction)
: (Project Moon Base)
̻ (Riders to the Stars)
Ż (Journey To The Seventh Planet)
ӻ (Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet)
ӻ (Rocket To The Moon)
ӻ (Missile to the Moon)
(Rocketship X-M)
Ż (Robinson Crusoe On Mars)
ӻ (From the Earth to the Moon)
(The Angry Red Planet)
һ (Event Horizon )
ۻ (Zone Troopers)
ѻ (Solaris)
Ļ (Beyond the Stars)
λ (Creature)
(Dark Star)
ۻ (The Tommyknockers)
Ż (Murder by Moonlight)
(Menace from Outer Space)
Ż (Terrore Nello Spazio)
(The Chronicles of Riddick)
ѻ (Phoenix)
- (Destination Moon)
(The Black Hole)
߻ (Outland)
Ż (Aliens)
ɻ (Alien)
(Alien vs. Predator)
-2. ̻ (Aliens vs. Predator-2. Requiem)
-3 (Alien-3)
-4. Ż (Alien. Resurrection)
Ż (Space Rage)
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