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14- (2007).

39 ɻ (The 39 Steps), 1935
39 ɻ (The 39 Steps), 1959
39 ɻ (The 39 Steps), 1978
39 ɻ (The 39 Steps), 2008
49- ʻ (The 49th Man)
000 ۻ (Agentti 000 ja kuoleman kurvit)
008: -ܻ (A 008, operazione Sterminio)
009: Ż (Das Geheimnis der drei Dschunken)
077: ֻ (A 077, sfida ai killers)
077: - Ȼ (Agente 077 missione Bloody Mary)
077: (Agente 077 dall'oriente con furore)
3S3: Ļ (Agente 3S3: Passaporto per l'inferno)
3S3: ̻ (Agente 3S3, massacro al sole)
S03: (Agente S03: Operazione Atlantide)
505: һ (Agent 505-Todesfalle Beirut)
OSS 117 ʻ (OSS 117 prend des vacances)
OSS 117 л (OSS 117 n'est pas mort)
OSS 117 ߻ (OSS 117 se dechaine)
OSS 117: - » (OSS 117: Le Caire, nid d'espions)
X 1-7: -ͻ (Agente X 1-7 operacion Oceano)
Ļ (Agent Vinod)
.... (Agent for H.A.R.M.)
ѻ (Agent Cody Banks)
-2. -ͻ (Agent Cody Banks-2: Destination London)
ػ (The MacKintosh Man)
Ȼ (Topkapi)
: л (Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever)
ɻ (Wit's End)
- » (Berlino-Appuntamento per le spie)
ɻ (Matchless)
ͻ (Deadlier Than the Male)
ܻ (Mercenary for Justice)
ۻ (Brotherhood of the Rose)
(Diamonds Are Forever)
Ż (The Ambushers)
X-13 (Baraka sur X-13)
λ (The Venetian Affair)
߻ (Rendition)
, ۻ (Der Stoff, aus dem die Traume sind)
λ (A View to a Kill)
ɻ (Above Suspicion)
һ (Point of No Return)
λ (The Return of Mr. Moto)
λ (The Saint's Return)
(El magnifico Tony Carrera)
Ȼ (The Silencers)
(The Dirty Game)
ʻ (The Assignment)
(In Like Flint)
ͻ (The Two-Headed Spy)
ۻ (Company Business)
Ż (A Dandy in Aspic)
һ (Saboteur)
һ (The Amateur)
л (Diplomatic Courier)
λ (Dr. No)
13 ͻ (13 Rue Madeleine)
92- Ż (The House on 92-nd Street)
Ի (La route de Corinthe)
޻ (The Package)
, λ (Think Fast, Mr. Moto)
ܻ (If Looks Could Kill)
Ȼ (Se tutte le donne del mondo)
ܻ (Live and Let Die)
ջ (Das Leben der Anderen)
ջ (Avec la peau des autres)
(Tomorrow Never Dies)
ʻ (Assignment K)
ֻ (Murderers' Row)
Ż (Agguato a Tangeri)
Ȼ (Defence of the Realm)
ʻ (Safe)
ͻ (Le fauve est lache)
(The Looking Glass War)
߻ (Le serpent)
, (This Means War)
ǻ (Golden Eye)
ֻ (Goldfinger)
Ȼ (Golden Earrings)
λ (The World Is Not Enough)
˻ (Fair Game)
» (Patriot Games)
» (Spy Game)
(The Bourne Identity), 2002
(The Bourne Identity), 1988
޻ (From Paris with Love)
޻ (From Russia with Love)
ֻ (The Foreigner)
һ (Foreign Correspondent)
˻ (The International)
л (The Informant!)
ǻ (The Living Daylights)
ۻ (The Art of War)
-2. λ (The Art of War-2: Betrayal)
-3. Ż (The Art of War-3: Retribution)
Ȼ (Background to Danger)
޻ (History Is Made at Night)
ܻ (Casino Royale)
л (How to Steal the World)
ͻ (Callan)
(The Karate Killers)
߻ (Quantum of Solace)
ʻ (When Eight Bells Toll)
ͻ (Safe House)
(Code Name: Emerald)
: (Kommissar X-In den Klauen des goldenen Drachen)
: ̻ (Kommissar X-Jagt die roten Tiger)
: ̻ (Kommissar X-Jagd auf Unbekannt)
: Ȼ (Kommissar X-Drei goldene Schlangen)
л (The Conspirator)
- (Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard)
: ܻ (Skyfall)
ͻ (Red Scorpion)
-2 (Red Scorpion-2)
λ (The Kremlin Letter)
? (Who?)
Ż (Puppet on a Chain)
һ (The Lady Vanishes)
(The Flying Saucer)
л (The Liquidator)
λ (Licensed to Love and Kill)
λ (Licence to Kill)
Ż (The Good Shepherd)
ܻ (False Witness)
ʻ (Moonraker)
Ȼ (Night People)
ɻ (M. Butterfly)
ջ (Madame Sin)
(The Little Drummer Girl)
(Little Nikita)
ֻ (Marathon Man)
- S-077 (Marc Mato, agente S. 077)
(The Mask of Dimitrios)
Ȼ (Mata Hari)
- H21 (Mata Hari, agent H21)
(The Quiller Memorandum)
Ȼ (Tiffany memorandum)
޻ (Ill Met by Moonlight)
Ȼ (Mercury Rising)
(Mission: Impossible)
-2 (Mission: Impossible-2)
-3 (Mission: Impossible-3)
-4: ̻ (Mission: Impossible-4. Ghost Protocol)
һ (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)
ʻ (Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation)
ѻ (Mr. Moto Takes a Chance)
Ȼ (Mr. Moto in Danger Island)
ܻ (The Counterfeit Traitor)
ǻ (Modesty Blaise)
, » (Billion Dollar Brain)
ɻ (Hammerhead)
ۻ (La peau de torpedo)
(On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
һ (Nazi Agent)
Ż (Our Man in Havana)
Ż (Our Man in Marrakesh)
һ (Our Man Flint)
̻ (Green Zone)
Ȼ (Sky Raiders)
һ (The Stranger Wore a Gun)
ɻ (Unknown)
(Never Say Never Again)
λ (Duplicity)
߻ (The Prize)
ͻ (Night Train to Munich)
- (New York chiama Superdrago)
޻ (Silenzio: Si uccide)
˻ (One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing)
˻ (One of Our Spies Is Missing)
λ (One Spy Too Many)
һ (Danger Route)
: (A.D.3 operazione squalo bianco)
: ʻ (Operazione Goldman)
: л (Laser Mission)
: (A 001, operazione Giamaica)
: Ȼ (Peligro! Mujeres en accion)
(Man Hunt)
Ȼ (Spy Smasher)
ʻ (The Sentinel)
׻ (The Executioner)
ɻ (The Tailor of Panama)
Ż (Banco a Bangkok pour OSS 117)
Ż (Panic in the City)
λ (Mr. Moto's Gamble)
ͻ (Flammen and Citronen)
߻ (Bad Company), 1995
߻ (Bad Company), 2002
̻ (Silent Trigger)
(To Trap a Spy)
(Midnight in Saint-Petersburg)
λ (Mr. Moto's Last Warning)
Ż (Funeral in Berlin)
һ (Kiss KissBang Bang), 1966
һ (Kiss Kiss...Bang Bang), 2005
(The Bourne Supremacy)
Ż (Betrayed)
ܻ (The Whistle Blower)
λ (Betrayed)
ۻ (Formosa Betrayed)
(Confessions of a Nazi Spy)
ǻ (My Name Is Modesty: A Modesty Blaise Adventure)
Ȼ (Time Lapse)
Ż (Walk on Water)
(Pickup on South Street)
(Clear and Present Danger)
ջ (Journey Into Fear)
ӻ (Dark Journey)
(Radar Secret Service)
Ļ (The Wrecking Crew)
(The Debt)
߻ (Knight and Day)
һ (Einer spielt falsch)
(North by Northwest)
ƻ (Sabotage)
(The Salamander)
ɻ (The Saint)
(The Saint in New York)
(The Saint Meets the Tiger)
ӻ (The Saint Takes Over)
Ļ (Le Saint prend l'affut)
ʻ (The Saint and the Brave Goose)
Ż (The Saint's Vacation)
л (The Saint Strikes Back)
ۻ (Agents secrets)
һ (Secret Agent)
777: - (Agente segreto 777-Operazione Mistero)
FX 18 (Agent Secret FX 18)
07 (Sette donne d'oro contro due 07)
ͻ (Scorpio)
Ȼ (Deadly Rivals)
׻ (Il raggio infernale)
ѻ (Avalanche Express)
һ (The Internecine Project)
Ż (Der Tod im roten Jaguar)
Ȼ (Body of Lies)
(The Holcroft Covenant)
ֻ (The Fiction Makers)
һ (Salt)
ֻ (Salt and Pepper)
ֻ (Spartan)
, λ (Thank You, Mr. Moto)
ʻ (The Shooter)
» (The Sum of All Fears)
λ (Mysterious Mr. Moto)
(Mystery Liner)
Ȼ (The Whisperers)
һ (Undercover Agent)
ͻ (Telefon)
̻ (Le tigre se parfume a la dynamite)
ǻ (For Your Eyes Only)
ǻ (Topaz)
(Three Days of the Condor)
-2. ܻ (xXx-2: State of the Union)
ʻ (13 Frightened Girls)
ۻ (You Only Live Twice)
һ (The Tourist)
λ (Assassination)
(The Eiger Sanction)
(Schusse aus dem Geigenkasten)
ۻ (Anonima de asesinos)
(The Bourne Ultimatum)
, ѻ (Die Another Day)
, Ȼ (OK Connery)
(The Formula)
: (CIA Code Name: Alexa)
-2: (CIA-2 Target Alexa)
λ (L'homme de Rio)
, λ (The Man Who Wasn't There), 1983
, λ (The Man Who Wasn't There), 2001
, ˻ (The Man Who Knew Too Much)
- (The Jigsaw Man)
Ż (The Man Between)
˻ (A Man Called Dagger)
̻ (The Man with the Golden Gun)
л (The Human Factor)
117 (Atout coeur Tokyo pour O.S.S. 117)
(The Black Windmill)
ۻ (Der schwarze Panther von Ratana)
˻ (Black Eagle)
һ (Black Dawn)
ɻ (Black Samurai)
߅ɻ (A toi de fairemignonne)
̻ (Step by Step)
߻ (Thunderball)
һ (Checkmate)
ͻ (L'espion)
, ͻ (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)
, ˻ (The Spy Who Loved Me)
, (The Spy Who Came in from the Cold)
, ӻ (Bactron 317 ou L'espionne qui venait du show)
, (Spie Vengono Dal Semifreddo)
Ż (The Spy in the Green Hat)
Ż (Spy in the Sky!)
̻ (The Spy in Black)
̻ (The Spy with My Face)
Ż (Le spie uccidono a Beirut)
߻ (Spy Story)
ۻ (S*P*Y*S)
ջ (The Helicopter Spies)
(The Bourne Legacy)
(Bullet to Beijing)
һ (That Man Bolt)
OSS-117 Ȼ (Furia a Bahia pour OSS 117)