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24- 100 (1996).

(Runaway Car)
(Adela jeste nevecerela)
һ (Wishcraft)
һ (Batteries Not Included)
- (Killdozer)
λ (The Great Gabbo)
Ż (La Venere Di Ille)
ʻ (The Vineyard)
ܻ (The Power)
(Return of the Killer Tomatoes)
(The Outing)
Ļ (Super Hybrid)
̻ (Der Golem, Wie Er In Die Welt Kam), 1921
̻ (Le Golem), 1936
Ȼ (Trucks)
Ż (Le Demon Dans L'Ile)
Ȼ (Demonic Toys)
» (The Day Of The Triffids)
(Childs Play)
-2 (Childs Play-2)
-3. , ߻ (Childs Play-3. Look Whos Stalking)
-4. Ȼ (Childs Play-4. Bride Of Chucky)
-5. Ȼ (Childs play-5. Seed of Chucky)
߻ (The Wraith)
ܻ (Duel)
߻ (The Mangler)
-2 (The Mangler-2)
(Munecos Infernales)
, λ (Mirror, Mirror)
, -2. (Mirror, Mirror-2. Raven Dance)
, -3. ɻ (Mirror, Mirror-3. The Voyeur)
ۻ (Teeth)
ɻ (Wishmaster)
-2. (Wishmaster-2. Evil Never Dies)
-3. (Wishmaster-3. Beyond The Gates Of Hell)
-4. λ (Wishmaster-4. The Prophecy Fulfilled)
ۻ (The Monolith Monsters)
- (Killjoy)
--2. (Killjoy-2: Deliverance From Evil)
--3 (Killjoy-3)
-2. (Witchboard-2. The Devil's Doorway)
-3. Ż (Witchboard-3. The Possession)
Ȼ (The Crawlers)
ʻ (The Shout)
ۻ (Blood Dolls)
ʻ (Blood Hook)
û (Brain Of Blood)
Ȼ (Death Bed: The Bed That Eats)
(Devil doll)
ۻ (Dolls)
ʻ (Dollman vs. Demonic Toys)
ʻ (Dollman)
һ (De Lift)
һ (Down)
» (Tourist Trap)
Ż (Maximum Overdrive)
» (The Little Shop Of Horror), 1960
» (The Little Shop Of Horror), 1986
(The Car)
(Dead Silence)
λ (Pinocchio's Revenge)
λ (Mr. Wrong)
(I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle)
(Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes!)
(Night Of The Scarecrow)
(From Hell It Came)
λ (Pin)
˻ (Puppet Master)
-2 (Puppet Master-2)
-3. (Puppet Master-3. Toulons Revenge)
-4 (Puppet Master-4)
-5. (Puppet Master-5. The Final Chapter)
-6. ˻ (Puppet Master-6. Curse Of Puppet Master)
-7. λ (Retro. Puppet Master-7)
-8. λ (Puppet Master-8: The Legacy)
, ӻ (Please Don't Eat My Mother)
ͻ (Womaneater)
- л (Killer Tomatoes Strike Back!)
- ޻ (Killer Tomatoes Eat France!)
(Black Devil Doll)
(Black Devil Doll From Hell)
ɻ (The Gingerdead Man)
-2. ӻ (Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust)
ѻ (Pulse)
ۻ (The Ruins)
(The Hand)
Ļ (Les Raisins de la mort)
ʻ (Jack Frost)
-2. -ۻ (Jack Frost-2. Revenge Of The Mutant Killer Snowman)
(Body of the Prey)
(Dark Night Of The Scarecrow)
ʻ (The Reeds)
ͻ (The Fog), 1980
ͻ (The Fog), 2005
ǻ (The Pumpkin Karver)
ʻ (Ragno Gelido)
ѻ (Cronos)
ʻ (Black Cadillac)
ӻ (Murder by Phone)
ջ (Wheels of Terror)
80000 һ (Electric Dragon 80.000 V)
- (La Lengua Asesina)