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14- (2007).

25 » (25 kilates)
߻ (Breakdown)
λ (Agency)
Ȼ (Alibi)
ѻ (L'Albatros)
(American Perfekt)
Ȼ (Rollercoaster)
û (Der amerikanische Freund)
߻ (Amnesia)
Ȼ (Das Amulett des Todes)
һ (Angels Don't Sleep Here)
һ (Blacktop)
Ļ (The Atomic City)
Ż (Affair in Havana)
Ż (Butterfly on a Wheel)
һ (ATM)
Ȼ (Running Hot)
ʻ (The Running Man)
Ż (SOS Pacific)
(Absence of Malice)
Ż (Date Night)
Ļ (Mad City)
߻ (Coup de torchon)
Ȼ (Big Trouble)
Ȼ (The Big Lebowski)
(The Stray)
λ (Just for the Hell of It)
(The River Wild)
Ż (Into the Fire)
̻ (Sleeping with the Enemy)
˻ (Five Star Final)
λ (Betrayal of Trust)
޻ (Guilty by Suspicion)
Ż (Addiction)
ʻ (The Love Butcher)
ӻ (Pod powierzchnia)
Ż (Beneath the Dark)
ʻ (The Plumber)
һ (Kate's Addiction)
߻ (Agent trouble)
л (Thief)
(Return from the Ashes)
ܻ (Passage a l'acte)
߻ (Fall Time)
ܻ (The Killing Time)
ܻ (Le temps de mourir)
Ż (Lower Level)
Ż (Pour elle)
Ȼ (The Life Before Her Eyes)
Ż (The Truth About Layla)
Ȼ (The Truth About Charlie)
ܻ (Invasion of Privacy)
л (Body Shot)
̻ (Exit in Red)
һ (No Way Out)
(Where the Truth Lies)
(The Eyes of Charles Sand)
ۻ (Through the Eyes of a Killer)
߻ (Gloria)
߻ (Blue Desert)
ۻ (Silver Dream Racer)
ܻ (Hot Target)
λ (The Hot Spot)
Ȼ (Press Run)
ջ (Wicked)
߻ (Sins of Desire)
(Dirty Weekend)
(Hudson Hawk)
Ȼ (Distant Cousins)
(Double Threat)
߻ (Session 9)
Ļ (Money Train)
ۻ (Il giorno della civetta)
(Child's Play)
λ (Joe)
ۻ (Diary of a Hitman)
(Giorni d'amore sul filo di una lama)
(Prey for the Hunter)
(Un long dimanche de fiancailles)
ܻ (The Long Kiss Goodnight)
ǻ (Dream House)
Ļ (Road to Hell)
λ (Get the Gringo)
˻ (Devil)
Ȼ (The Devil Inside)
ܻ (Greed)
(Swamp Woman)
(The Victim)
Ȼ (Victim of Desire)
(The Crying Game)
Ȼ (The Zero Boys)
̻ (Darr)
̻ (Il faut vivre dangereusement)
ɻ (Die)
λ (Nihon kuroshakai)
λ (Pour la peau d'un flic)
Ż (Frozen)
һ (Secuestrados)
(The Green Glove)
ʻ (The Sinister Urge)
Ȼ (The Serpent of Death)
Ȼ (The Golden Lady)
: һ (Quicksand: No Escape)
Ȼ (Quicksand)
Ż (Gone)
ʻ (The Player)
(Perfect Friday)
(The Perfect Neighbor)
û (A Perfect Getaway)
ͻ (The Perfect Host)
ѻ (Impulse)
λ (Intimate Betrayal)
ʻ (The Spanish Prisoner)
޻ (The Bleeding)
Ż (The Disappearance)
ܻ (Kate Plus Ten)
Ȼ (Panic Button)
л (The Collector)
л (The Box Collector)
һ (The Cradle Will Fall)
л (Blue Collar)
ۻ (End Play)
- һ (Checkpoint)
һ (Cohen and Tate)
ۻ (Extreme Measures)
(La sirene rouge)
Ȼ (Feux rouges)
Ȼ (Red Lights)
Ȼ (Scream for Help)
- - ۻ (Fatto di sangue fra due uomini per causa di una vedova-si sospettano moventi politici)
Ȼ (Blood Screams)
Ȼ (I ragazzi del massacro)
ϻ (Autostop Rosso Sangue)
(Bleeding Rose)
ܻ (Les seins de glace)
Ż (Arctic Blue)
ɻ (The Ice Harvest)
ѻ (Lakeview Terrace)
ͻ (Leon)
(The Resident)
ܻ (Caught)
Ȼ (Lies and Illusions)
ۻ (Best Laid Plans)
Ż (The Loved Ones)
(The People Across the Lake)
ͻ (Michael Clayton)
- ʻ (The Poppy Is Also a Flower)
(Baby Blues)
ʻ (Pendulum)
ܻ (Dead Calm)
л (Dead Air)
ܻ (Revenge)
λ (Blowback)
Ȼ (Christie's Revenge)
ͻ (Mr. Klein)
ӻ (My Trip to the Dark Side)
(Point of Betrayal)
Ż (Un papillon sur l'epaule)
߻ (So Evil, My Sister)
ۻ (Dark Games)
Ż (Calvaire)
Ȼ (Man on a Ledge)
߻ (Frantic)
(Point of Terror)
ӻ (On the Ice)
Ȼ (No Highway)
Ż (Sit yan fung wan)
-2 (Sit yan fung wan-2)
Ż (The Deep End)
Ż (Surveillance)
Ż (Obsession)
ͻ (Chasing Sleep)
̻ (Straightheads)
» (En face)
λ (Inheritance)
(The Real Deal)
ܻ (The Right Temptation)
(Darkness Falling)
(See No Evil)
(Don't Say a Word)
λ (Say Nothing)
̻ (Dont Go In The House)
- л (Inside Man)
ɻ (Don't Mess With My Sister)
(Hear No Evil)
Ļ (Dead End Falls)
߻ (Unfaithful)
̻ (La mariee etait en noir)
߻ (No Place to Hide), 1970
߻ (No Place to Hide), 1993
(Shallow Grave)
ɻ (Tendre poulet)
Ż (Unlawful Entry)
ܻ (An Invited Guest)
ܻ (El habitante incierto)
һ (A Stranger Is Watching)
ܻ (Mute Witness)
Ż (Unthinkable)
ܻ (Irreversible)
Ļ (An Occasional Hell)
» (Irresistible Impulse)
ܻ (An Indecent Obsession)
λ (Nightkill)
л (Night Watch)
Ļ (Night Train)
-4. ܻ (Night Eyes-4: Fatal Passion)
Ż (Mordnacht in Manhattan)
ۻ (Limitless)
ͻ (Deception), 2008
ͻ (Deception), 2010
ͻ (The Lookout)
߻ (Deceived)
ӻ (Apprentice to Murder)
(Reservation Road)
߻ (Obsessed), 1992-I
߻ (Obsessed), 1992-II
ܻ (Obsessed)
ܻ (Wicker Park)
ܻ (Irresistible)
(Lonely Hearts)
(Once You Kiss a Stranger)
ۻ (Eve's Necklace)
ѻ (The Petrified Forest)
Ż (Dangerous Touch)
ǻ (Eagle Eye)
Ȼ (L'arme a gauche)
Ȼ (Hak gam)
Ȼ (Footsteps)
Ż (Retreat)
һ (Countdown)
(La traque)
ʻ (The Hunter)
һ (The Pact)
Ż (The Fall)
-2 (The Executioner-2)
λ (Palmetto)
߻ (Disturbia)
߻ (Le passager de la pluie)
߻ (Pathology)
Ȼ (Jing hun ji)
Ȼ (Web of Deception)
˻ (Paintball)
л (Crossplot)
ӻ (Across the Line)
» (A Letter from Death Row)
(The Anderson Tapes)
Ȼ (Caught Inside)
(The Bad Game)
Ż (Bad Influence)
Ļ (Bad Ronald)
Ż (Changing Lanes)
(The Naked Edge)
Ȼ (Retour de manivelle)
λ (Buried)
ӻ (Dark Descent)
Ȼ (In the Cold of the Night)
ۻ (Killshot)
Ż (Suspicion)
Ȼ (Bullies)
ۻ (La demoiselle d'honneur)
Ļ (Pociag)
Ի (The Pornographer)
߻ (Pornography)
ܻ (Arbitrage)
ۻ (Illicit Dreams)
-2 (Illicit Dreams-2)
̻ (Portrait in Red)
, ߻ (After Dark, My Sweet)
߻ (After the Rain)
Ȼ (Postmortem)
Ż (Last Embrace)
һ (The Last Boy Scout)
ʻ (Twilight's Last Gleaming)
ѻ (Last Hour)
(The Last Stop)
߻ (Consequence)
Ż (Snatched)
ܻ (Jezebel's Kiss)
Ż (The Betrayed)
λ (Betrayal)
Ȼ (Betrayal of the Dove)
(Margin Call)
߻ (Scorned)
-2 (Scorned-2)
: ʻ (A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story)
̻ (Par un beau matin d'ete)
ͻ (Criminal Law)
߻ (Kokuhaku)
Ȼ (Confessions of a Psycho Cat)
Ȼ (Haunts)
л (The Ghost Writer)
ۻ (The Visitors)
̻ (Live Wire)
ۻ (Alexandra's Project)
ܻ (Transparency)
˻ (The Lost Angel)
, ܻ (Dead Easy)
ܻ (Blood Simple)
ͻ (A Simple Plan)
һ (Que la bete meure)
ջ (Unknown)
߻ (Cherry Crush)
» (Break Up)
» (La rupture)
ɻ (L'homme en colere)
λ (Play Murder for Me)
Ļ (Tengoku to jigoku)
һ (The Lazarus Project)
λ (Eden Lake)
һ (Ricochet)
һ (Fatal Instinct)
(A Fish Called Wanda)
̻ (Ragtime)
ۻ (Darkness Falls)
һ (Falling Down)
ʻ (Samuel Bleak)
(Omicidio per appuntamento)
ܻ (Eye of the Beholder)
(Witness to a Kill)
ܻ (La 7eme cible)
߻ (Scoop)
(St. Ives)
ɻ (Brimstone and Treacle)
7: ۻ (Series 7: The Contenders)
(The Drag-Net)
Ļ (Bleu comme l'enfer)
ʻ (Notes on a Scandal)
ӻ (Beneath the Darkness)
ܻ (The Ambulance)
ܻ (Ambulancen)
һ (The Next Hit)
λ (A Bold Affair)
(Deadfall Trail)
߻ (Backlash)
߻ (Mortelle randonnee)
λ (Deadly Betrayal)
Ż (Match.Dead)
Ȼ (Sushi Girl)
Ȼ (Mortal Thoughts)
ۻ (Deadly Strangers)
(Death Weekend)
һ (The Doomsday Flight)
Ż (Morte in Vaticano)
Ż (Dead by Dawn)
߻ (Mort d'un pourri)
Ż (A mort l'arbitre)
Ȼ (The Babysitter's Seduction)
Ȼ (Am zin)
-2 (Am zin-2)
(Woman of Straw)
Ż (Doubt)
Ż (The Roommate)
ʻ (Collateral)
ܻ (A Savior Red)
ܻ (Spiral)
» (The Hit List)
ʻ (Apt Pupil)
ܻ (Justice)
Ż (Nowhere to Hide)
λ (A Table for One)
ƻ (La sentinelle)
(The Apocalypse Watch)
ܻ (Crush)
ɻ (Luck of the Draw)
ͻ (Le fils)
̻ (Dance with a Stranger)
ܻ (The Bodyguard)
(Thelma and Louise)
л (Underworld)
л (The Dark Dancer)
λ (Tetro)
λ (Le tigre aime la chair fraiche)
̻ (Le tigre se parfume a la dynamite)
ֻ (The Quiet American)
ۻ (Pacific Heights)
Ļ (The Convincer)
ǻ (Brake)
ʻ (Traffic)
- Ż (Noir comme le souvenir)
߻ (Baise-moi)
ƻ (The 13th Floor)
ܻ (13 Tzameti)
ܻ (13)
ܻ (Harm's Way)
ʻ (Dead End)
(You'll Never See Me Again)
ۻ (Water's Edge)
λ (Killing Me Softly)
λ (L'ete meurtrier)
(Killing Mr. Griffin)
(Assassinio made in Italy)
(Murder at My Door)
λ (Killer Joe)
ѻ (Die Morder sind unter uns)
˻ (Teaching Mrs. Tingle)
Ż (The Crush)
Ż (Messages Deleted)
Ż (Choke)
» (Deja mort)
ܻ (The Narrow Margin), 1952
ܻ (The Narrow Margin), 1990
Ż (Fait Accompli)
Ȼ (Stealing Candy)
޻ (Seuseung-ui eunhye)
ۻ (The Dark Hours)
(Private Parts)
߻ (Desperate Hours)
л (Un homme est mort)
߻ (Human Desires)
(Black Widow)
(Emmett's Mark)
ܻ (Black Swan)
(De vierde man)
ƻ (The 4th Floor)
̻ (Sur mes levres)
ѻ (The Parallax View)
һ (The Fan)
л (Picture Claire)
һ (The Fruit Machine)
(Cold Play)
߻ (Chloe)
һ (Cold Sweat)
߻ (Good Chemistry)
ۻ (Derailed)
߻ (Chain Reaction)
˻ (The Jackal)
л (The Swiss Conspiracy)
ͻ (Exam)
л (Convergence)
ܻ (Io non ho paura)
(The Hole)
ܻ (The Rage)
ۻ (Die Buchse der Pandora)
ۻ (Pandora's Box)