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ܻ (Total Reality)
» (Tower Of Terror)
, , Ȼ (Lola rennt)
ͻ (Escape From The Planet Of Apes)
Ȼ (Time Runner)
. Ȼ (Biggles: Adventures In Time)
ͻ (Brigadoon)
Ȼ (Timeline)
Ż (LAnnee derniere Marienbad)
ɻ (Forever Young)
ۻ (The Dungeonmaster)
߻ (The I Inside)
ۻ (Sanatorium Pod Klepsydra)
ͻ (Rise of the Planet of the Apes)
̻ (Time Under Fire)
- Ȼ (Somewhere In Time)
: (Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann)
ֻ (Highlander)
-2. Ż (Highlander-2. The Quickening)
-3. ͻ (Hightlander-3. The Sorserer)
-4. ۻ (Hightlander-4. Endgame)
-5. ʻ (Highlander-5: The Source)
߻ (2000 Years Later)
ͻ (Twelve Monkeys)
, ߻ (Toki o kakeru shojo)
(Deja Vu)
(Groundhog Day)
(The Baby Of Macon)
Ļ (Welcome to Blood City)
(The Lake House)
Ȼ (The Time Traveler's Wife)
ͻ (Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes)
Ȼ (Grand Tour: Disaster In Time)
л (Zeder)
̻ (A Sound of Thunder)
ɻ (The Next One)
߻ (Time Changer)
λ (Izo)
ۻ (The Langoliers)
, ޻ (Je t'aime, je t'aime)
Ȼ (The Time Machine), 1960
Ȼ (The Time Machine), 2002
Ȼ (The Yesterday Machine)
Ȼ (Hot Tub Time Machine)
ѻ (Moebius)
ͻ (Meridian)
(World Without End)
(Mr. Destiny)
һ (My Science Project)
߻ (Bridge Across Time)
л (The Navigator: A Mediaeval Odyssey)
Ż (Back To The Future)
-2 (Back To The Future-2)
-3 (Back To The Future-3)
(Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)
Ȼ (Donggam)
ѻ (Necropolis)
(Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey)
ѻ (Nostradamus)
߻ (Retroactive)
ͻ (Frankenstein Unbound)
17 (17 Again)
Ȼ (Timecop)
ͻ (Planet Of The Apes), 1968
ͻ (Planet Of The Apes), 2001
ɻ (Prisoners of the Lost Universe)
ͻ (Beneath The Planet Of The Apes)
(Flight of the Navigator)
һ (The Final Countdown)
ۻ (Les Visiteurs)
-2. Ȼ (Les visiteurs-2. Les Couloirs du temps)
һ (Click)
Ȼ (Time Bandits)
Ȼ (The Time Travelers)
Ȼ (Timequest)
Ļ (Touchback)
Ļ (Retrograde)
ܻ (Celine et Julie vont en bateau)
» (Dead Again)
ͻ (Battle For The Planet Of The Apes)
Ȼ (Happy Accidents)
. - ɻ (Twin Peaks. Fire Walk With Me), 1992
ѻ (Twin Peaks), 1990
һ (Jumper)
R (Arpointeu)
Ż (Millennium)
λ (Terror from the Year 5000)
ɻ (Sleeper)
Ȼ (A Clockwork Blue)
߻ (The Philadelphia Experiment)
-2 (The Philadelphia Experiment-2)
ͻ (Time of the Apes)
ɻ (Time After Time)