. , 50- , - ( , ) . ( ) . , , . , . ( ), (trash- , schlock- ).
14- (2007).

100 ǻ (100 Tears)
Ȼ (The Hellcats)
ӻ (Voodoo Academy)
ʻ (The Alchemist)
ܻ (The Scarlet Worm)
߻ (Deviation)
(The Arena)
ͻ (Swimming Pool-Der Tod Feiert Mit)
ֻ (Decampitated)
л (Monster a-Go Go)
˻ (Violent Shit)
-2 (Violent Shit-2)
-3. Ȼ (Violent Shit-3: Infantry of Doom)
, ! ! ! (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!)
(Gator Bait)
˻ (Beyond the valley of the dolls)
ǻ (Vampire Blues)
- (The Spider Woman Strikes Back)
ջ (Back From The Dead)
ջ (The Undead)
ۻ (Blood Moon Rising)
Ż (All About Evil)
Ż (Salvage)
: (Guyana: Crime of the Century)
ۻ (Ultime grida dalla savana)
ܻ (Dead of Night)
ۻ (Hungry Wives)
̻ (El Monte de las brujas)
ۻ (Angels of the City)
Ż (Brutes and Savages)
Ȼ (The Dirty Girls)
ۻ (Wicked Minds)
- ջ (Guru, the Mad Monk)
, (The Girl, the Body, and the Pill)
» (Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet)
л (Demon Wind)
» (The House on Skull Mountain)
(Dracula vs. Frankenstein)
߻ (Internal Behaviors)
-2. ʻ (Internal Behaviors-2. The Regurgitation)
Ȼ (Blood Thirst)
- Ż (Female Animal)
(Women of the World)
(Savana violenta)
ܻ (Life Blood)
ۻ (Shrunken Heads)
, ͻ (The Beast That Killed Women)
Ȼ (And Then They Were Dead)
Ȼ (Igor and the Lunatics)
Ȼ (All the Marbles)
- (Karl the Butcher vs Axe)
ۻ (Santa Claws)
λ (Witchcraft), 1988
-2. (Witchcraft-2. The Temptress)
-3. Ȼ (Witchcraft-3. The Kiss of Death)
-4. ۻ (Witchcraft-4. The Virgin Heart)
-5. ̻ (Witchcraft-5. Dance with the Devil)
-6 (Witchcraft-6)
-7. ۻ (Witchcraft-7. Judgement Hour)
-8. (Witchcraft-8. Salem's Ghost)
-9. ܻ (Witchcraft-9. Bitter Flesh)
-10. Ȼ (Witchcraft-10. Mistress of the Craft)
-11. Ȼ (Witchcraft-11. Sisters in Blood)
-12. Ȼ (Witchcraft-12. Lair of the Serpent)
-13. ջ (Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen)
(Nudist Colony of the Dead)
(Tomcat Angels)
ͻ (Red Canopy)
Ȼ (Bikini Bloodbath)
-2. ͻ (Bikini Bloodbath-2 Car Wash)
-3. λ (Bikini Bloodbath-3 Christmas)
Ȼ (Zombie Bloodbath)
-2. » (Zombie Bloodbath-2: Rage of the Undead)
-3. ͻ (Zombie Bloodbath-3: Zombie Armageddon)
߻ (Scarlet Countess)
(Blood Car)
(The Bloody Ape)
ۻ (Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood)
Ż (Ice Scream: The ReMix)
λ (Blood Shack)
λ (Bloody Murder)
-2. ܻ (Bloody Murder-2. Closing Camp)
- (Blood Red Planet)
- ۻ (Black Blooded Brides of Satan)
Ȼ (Blood Tracks)
˻ (Carnival of Blood)
˻ (Malatesta's Carnival of Blood)
ܻ (Camp Blood)
-2 (Camp Blood-2)
ʻ (Bloody Bender)
Ż (Rubber's Lover)
- (Maniac Killer)
--2 (Maniac Killer-2)
(Teenage Mother)
û (Brain Dead)
ǻ (Metempsycho)
ӻ (The Million Eyes of Sumuru)
߻ (The Blancheville Monster)
, ӻ (The Monster of Camp Sunshine or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nature)
- - (Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula in 8 Legs to Love You)
һ (Some Girls Do)
Ż (Sie Totete In Ekstase)
λ (A Dangerous Place)
» (Orgy Of The Dead)
˻ (Angel Unchained)
Ż (Desecration)
˻ (The Doll Squad)
(Plan 9 From Outer Space)
ۻ (Devils of Darkness)
ɻ (The Body Beneath)
Ż (August Underground)
(Teen-Age Strangler)
(The Trip)
̻ (Snuff)
Ȼ (Desu pawuda)
л (Final Stab)
ͻ (Final Exam)
, ߻ (Stop It, You're Killing Me)
л (Suburban Nightmare)
ʻ (Bad Girls Dormitory)
, (Africa addio)
, ̻ (Goodbuy, uncle Tom)
ʻ (Empty)
Ż (Five Loose Women)
Ȼ (Memorial Valley Massacre)
Ļ (Rocktober Blood)
Ȼ (Racket Girls)
- ̻ (Simon, King of the Witches)
̻ (Satanic)
(Zombie Women of Satan)
(The Sex Killer)
Ȼ (Nurse Sherri)
(Vampire Sisters)
Ȼ (Sisters of Death)
(The Babysitter)
Ż (The Blinds)
ۻ (Broken Dolls)
̻ (Espiritismo)
ѻ (Among Us)
Ȼ (Stakes)
Ż (Strange Things Happen at Sundown)
» (Fear of Clowns)
-2 (Fear of Clowns-2)
(The Frightening)
ӻ(Tabu n. 2, I)
(Misterios de ultratumba)
߻ (Dark Confessions)
(Point of Fear)
ӻ (A Crack In The Floor)
(Freaky Farley)
--ֻ (Amateur Porn Star Killer)
---2 (Amateur Porn Star Killer-2)
---3. (Amateur Porn Star Killer-3: The Final Chapter)
ѻ (Horror)
(Honeymoon Horror)
Ż (The Horror of Party Beach)
(Horror Of Snape Island)
߻ (Bite Me)
Ļ (Dead West)
ܻ (Blood Runs Cold)
? (Do You Wanna Know A Secret?)
(Sweet 16)
» (Monster High)
- (Killer School Girls from Outer Space)
(Vampire Hookers)
л (I Was a Zombie for the F.B.I.)
- ̻ (I Was a Teenage TV Terrorist)