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20 ߻ (20 Years After)
451 ӻ (Fahrenheit 451)
Ļ (Hell)
Ż (Hell and High Water)
߻ (Adaptation)
ܻ (Alphaville. Une Etrange Aventure De Lemmy Caution)
л (The Astronaut Farmer)
Ȼ (Atlas Shrugged)
-2. л (Atlas Shrugged-2: The Strike)
Ż (The Atomic Cafe)
(The Shoes of the Fisherman)
(Fuga dal Bronx)
(Logans Run)

ۻ (Blade Runner)
ܻ (Serenity)
(Fight Club)
߻ (Brazil)
ʻ (Oldboy)
̻ (Being John Malkovich)
(Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
λ (Blast from the Past)
Ļ (Bakuretsu toshi)
-: ɻ (Roller Blade Warriors: Taken by Force)
߻ (Miracle Mile)
߻ (In Time)
(Invasion USA)
(Glen And Randa)
Ļ (Hunger)
ɻ (La Cite Des Enfants Perdus)
л (City of Ember)
λ (Mr. Nobody)
! (Viva la vie!)
л (Brave New World)
ۻ (Wild Palms)
Ż (Children of Men)
ܻ (Dogville)
Ȼ (Death Proof)
, ӻ (Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb)
Ȼ (Deathlands)
λ (Donnie Darko)
(Yellow Brick Road)
(Dune), 1984
(Dune), 2000
ȅ (If....)
ʻ (Tetsuo)
-2. -һ (Tetsuo-2: Body Hammer)
λ (Iron Sky)
(Beyond the Time Barrier)
Ż (Testament)
, (Tomorrow, When the War Began)
ǻ (Zardoz)
߻ (A Zed And Two Noughts)
(The Game)
7- Ż (Vanishing on 7th Street)
һ (Quintet)
Ż (Dead-End Drive In)
1984 (Class of 1984)
(Der Baader Meinhof Komplex)
(The Final Programme)
߻ (The End of Violence)
һ (Red Dawn)
һ (Red State)
» (The Blood of Heroes)
һ (El topo)
Ȼ (Where Have All the People Gone)
л (Maximum Shame)
, ƻ (The Cars That Ate Paris)
ѻ (Metropolis)
ͻ (A Clockwork Orange)
» (The Creation Of The Humanoids)
Ż (The Moment After)
-2. Ż (The Moment After-2. The Awakening)
Ż (The Mouse on the Moon)
, һ (The Mouse That Roared)
Ȼ (No Blade of Grass)
һ (North)
̻ (Naked Lunch)
Ȼ (X-Change)
ƻ (The Final Cut)
Ż (Blue Sunshine)
Ż (Left Behind)
-2. Ȼ (Left Behind-2: Tribulation Force)
-3. (Left Behind-3: World at War)
» (The Island)
Ȼ (Lost City Raiders)
λ (The Shape of Things to Come)
ӻ (Left in Darkness)
λ (Panic in Year Zero!)
ѻ (A Boy And His Dog)
Ȼ (The Boys from Brazil)
߻ (Planet Earth)
Ȼ (Beyond the Black Rainbow)
(Master Of The World)
Ļ (The Underwater City)
Ȼ (Death Train)
21 (Warlords of the 21st Century)
(After the Apocalypse)
λ (The Last Seven)
Ż (4:44 Last Day on Earth)
Ż (Last Woman on Earth)
(Le Dernier Combat)
(The Day After Tomorrow)
Ȼ (L'eventreur de Notre-Dame)
Ż (Performance)
ۻ (Le Fantome de la liberte)
Ż (The Touchables)
߻ (Damnation Alley)
Ż (The Damned)
Ż (The Stand)
ܻ (Wasteland)
߻ (Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea)
λ (Five)
Ȼ (Die Sklavinnen)
Ż (Equilibrium)
ۻ (Radioactive Dreams)
-2000 (Holocaust 2000)
ɻ (Richard III)
(Z.P.G. Zero Population Growth)
ջ (Knightriders)
߻ (Seksmisja)
һ (Sextette)
߻ (Seven Days to Noon)
2000 (Death Race 2000)
Ȼ (Death Race)
-2 (Death Race-2)
Ż (La Mort En Direct)
(Death of the President)
ܻ (Soylent Green)
һ (Soldier)
߻ (The Quiet Earth)
ɻ (Battle Beneath the Earth)
» (Fatherland)
л (Strange New World)
Ȼ (Lust in the Dust)
ͻ (Tykho Moon)
-1138 ( 1138)
(Tromeo and Juliet)
л (The Tournament)
˻ (Final)
ɻ (Cold Harvest)
, Ż (Taiyo wo nusunda otoko)
(Black Moon)
(Phase 4)
߻ (This Is Not a Test)
ɻ (Six-String Samurai)
(The Truman Show)