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14- (2007).

38- ܻ (Taegukgi hwinalrimyeo)
49- ܻ (49th Parallel)
Ż (Hell in the Pacific)
» (Hell Is for Heroes)
߻ (Alba Regia)
ѻ (American Commandos)
ۻ (American Tigers)
ǻ (Special Forces)
(Nam Angels)
һ (The English Patient)
߻ (Apocalypse Now)
߻ (Battle Circus)
Ȼ (Archiv des Todes)
Ż (Aces High)
ѻ (Strike Commando)
: ۻ (Afganistan-The last war bus)
» (Crimson Tide)
(The Base)
-2. ޻ (The Base-2: Guilty as Charged)
ͻ (Basic)
߻ (The Keep)
Ż (Escape to Victory)
ǻ (White Cargo)
˻ (Off Limits)
Ȼ (Quel maledetto treno blindato)
ջ (Battle of the Bulge)
޻ (La battaglia d'Inghilterra)
޻ (Battle of Britain)
(The Battle of the River Plate)
ۻ (The Lords of Discipline)
, ͻ (Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison)
ۻ (Battle Rats)
(Il grande attacco)
(La grande speranza)
(The Big Red One)
û (The Great Escape)
ɻ (Bombs Over Burma)
Ż (Hawai Middowei daikaikusen: Taiheiyo no arashi)
л (The Bunker)
(In the Land of Blood and Honey)
(Behind Enemy Lines), 2001
(Behind Enemy Lines), 1986
(Behind Enemy Lines), 1997
-2. (Behind Enemy Lines-2: Axis of Evil)
-3. ߻ (Behind Enemy Lines-3: Colombia)
(Framom framsta linjen)
߻ (La grande illusion)
Ļ (The Great Raid)
һ (Twelve O'Clock High)
1941 (Spring 1941)
ӻ (The War Lover)
Ż (In Darkness)
ۻ (The Frogmen)
Ȼ (Casualties of War)
λ (Return to the Hiding Place)
Ż (Action in the North Atlantic)
Ȼ (Murphy's War)
(Hart's War)
ۻ (Warriors)
ɻ (Jungle Wolf)
ɻ (The Enemy Below)
һ (Enemy at the Gates)
Ż (Appointment in London)
» (Defiance)
203 (203 kochi)
(The Raggedy Rawney)
Ȼ (Gallipoli)
(Hanover Street)
(The Heroes of Telemark)
Ȼ (Kelly's Heroes)
(Eroi dell'inferno)
1941 (Dang doi lai ming)
(Bitter Victory)
(The Dirty Dozen)
-2. Ż (The Dirty Dozen-2: Next Mission)
-3. Ż (Dirty Dozen-3: The Deadly Mission)
-4. Ż (The Dirty Dozen-4: The Fatal Mission)
(Play Dirty)
(Ten Seconds to Hell)
Ȼ (The Wild Geese)
-2 (The Wild Geese-2)
λ (Yi yu)
ջ (Home of the Brave)
ɻ (Paradise Road)
649 (State Department: File 649)
(The General's Daughter)
(The Devil's Brigade)
һ (Cross of Iron)
˻ (Iron Eagle)
-2 (Iron Eagle-2)
-3. ۻ (Aces: Iron Eagle-3)
-4 (Iron Eagle-4)
ʻ (The Iron Triangle)
(Les femmes de l'ombre)
Ȼ (Act of Valor)
ѻ (Il Cristo proibito)
! (Verboten!)
Ż (Ambush Bay)
Ż (North Sea Hijack)
ۻ (The Beast of War)
ۻ (The Green Berets)
߻ (Oorlogswinter)
λ (Eye of the Needle)
, λ (Run Silent Run Deep)
Ż (From Hell to Victory)
Ż (Yangtse Incident: The Story of H.M.S. Amethyst)
ͻ (Inchon)
ۻ (When Trumpets Fade)
: Ȼ (Geheimcode: Wildganse)
߻ (Mosquito Squadron)
(Kommando Leopard)
ѻ (Commandos)
Ż (Commandos Strike at Dawn)
(Delta Force Commando)
-2 (Delta Force Commando-2: Priority Red One)
Ȼ (Attentato ai tre grandi)
(The Lucifer Complex)
λ (The Kingdom)
ۻ (Red Tails)
˻ (Akai tenshi)
ʻ (Duri a morire)
(Hamburger Hill)
(Blood Oath)
û (Beach Red)
Ȼ (A Circle of Deception)
Ȼ (The Desert Rats)
(The Rats of Tobruk)
- һ (Who Dares Wins)
ۻ (Where Eagles Dare)
17 (Stalag 17)
ջ (La legione dei dannati)
ܻ (Der Unhold)
Ȼ (Flying Leathernecks)
(The Purple Plain)
, Ż (Death Before Dishonor)
Ȼ (The Best of Enemies)
(Hei tai yang 731)
-2 (Hei tai yang 731 xu ji zhi sha ren gong chang)
-3 (Hei tai yang 731 si wang lie che)
-4 (Hei tai yang 731Nan Jing da tu sha)
(The Small Back Room)
(Merrill's Marauders)
̻ (Between Heaven and Hell)
ɻ (Midway)
(Ministry of Fear)
ۻ (Guerreros)
л (Mrs. Miniver)
߻ (Chain Lightning)
ۻ (The Young Lions)
ɻ (Hammerhead)
Ļ (Un ponte per l'inferno)
λ (A Bridge Too Far)
߻ (The Sea Chase)
Ȼ (The Sea Wolves)
ۻ (Hellcats of the Navy)
Ȼ (Navy Seals)
ۻ (Jarhead)
ӻ (Bridge to the Sun)
ɻ (The Bridge on the River Kwai)
Ż (The Caine Mutiny)
Ȼ (We Were Soldiers)
ͻ (All Quiet on the Western Front), 1930
ͻ (All Quiet on the Western Front), 1979
߻ (The Firing Line)
߻ (The Fighting Seabees)
Ȼ (Deathwatch)
ۻ (Above Us the Waves)
(Hope and Glory)
Ȼ (The Mercenaries)
Z (Attack Force Z)
ܻ (Hora cero: Operacion Rommel)
ɻ (In Harm's Way)
߻ (No Retreat, No Surrender)
-2. Ż (No Retreat, No Surrender-2: Raging Thunder)
-3. Ȼ (No Retreat, No Surrender-3: Blood Brothers)
ѻ (The Blue Max)
޻ (Frogmen Operation Stormbringer)
60 (Beneath Hill 60)
Ļ (Nightforce)
Ļ (They Raid by Night)
» (The Night of the Generals)
Ȼ (Gongdong gyeongbi guyeok JSA)
ӻ (They Came to Cordura)
ӻ (They Died with Their Boots On)
Ż (Crash Dive)
һ (Operation Crossbow)
(Operation Delta Force)
-2. (Operation Delta Force-2: Mayday)
-3. ܻ (Operation Delta Force-3: Clear Target)
-4. ˻ (Operation Delta Force-4: Deep Fault)
-5. Ļ (Operation Delta Force-5: Random Fire)
: Ļ (Operation Hit Squad)
һ (Soldaat van Oranje)
߻ (The Eagle Has Landed)
߻ (The Siege of Firebase Gloria)
Ż (They Who Dare)
» (From Here to Eternity)
(Delta Force)
-2: ɻ (Delta Force-2: The Colombian Connection)
-3. (Delta Force-3: The Killing Game)
10 Ż (Force 10 from Navarone)
(Zebra Force)
Ȼ (U.S. Seals)
-2 (U.S. Seals-2)
-2. (The Hunt for Eagle One-2: Crash Point)
߻ (Belly of the Beast)
ɻ (The Deer Hunter)
Ȼ (The Hunters)
޻ (Away All Boats)
(Black Hawk Down)
һ (The Patriot), 1986
һ (The Patriot), 2000
ۻ (Indigenes)
ǻ (Popiol i diament)
ֻ (Heartbreak Ridge)
Ļ (The Passage)
л (Pearl Harbor)
ۻ (Letters from Iwo Jima)
Ȼ (The McKenzie Break)
(Escape from Sobibor)
» (Skeleton Coast)
Ȼ (The Hurt Locker)
X-1 (Submarine X-1)
Ļ (The Train)
Ȼ (Train de vie)
-21 (Bat-21)
Ż (Pokolenie)
Ȼ (Flight from Ashiya)
߻ (Flight of the Intruder)
ʻ (The Messenger)
ͻ (La battaglia dell'ultimo panzer)
ͻ (Coastwatcher)
ʻ (L'ultimo cacciatore)
(The Last Drop)
(Last Stand at Lang Mei)
Ļ (The Lost Platoon)
Ļ (Lost Mission)
(Dragon Seed)
! (Fixed Bayonets!)
߻ (Missing in Action)
-2. λ (Missing in Action-2. The Beginning)
-3. ʻ (Missing in Action-3. Braddock)
Ļ (Lost Command)
λ (Opposing Force)
, Ż (A Farewell to Arms), 1932
, Ż (A Farewell to Arms), 1957
ۻ (The Dogs of War)
ܻ (Passage to Marseille)
(5 per l'inferno)
л (Five Graves to Cairo)
ͻ (The Dam Busters)
Ļ (Serbuan maut)
Ȼ (Darby's Rangers)
һ (The Bridge at Remagen)
û (Dio e con noi)
һ (Satan Never Sleeps)
Ż (La svastica nel ventre)
һ (The Seventh Cross)
һ (The 7th Dawn)
(The Secret of Blood Island)
(The Grey Zone)
ɻ (Lan yu hei: Shang)
-2 (Lan yu hei Xia)
(Tears of the Sun)
, ɻ (Too Late the Hero)
Ļ (The Bedford Incident)
(Any Man's Death)
-2 (Sniper-2)
-3 (Sniper-3)
-4 (Sniper-4: Reloaded)
, ? (Hunde, wollt ihr ewig leben?)
һ (The Soldier)
ͻ (G.I. Jane)
ۻ (Soldier Boyz)
Ż (Saints and Soldiers)
: Ż (Rukajarven tie)
ܻ (Savior)
һ (Rescue Dawn)
69 ߻ (The Fighting 69th)
Ż (Battle of the Coral Sea)
Ȼ (Testa di sbarco per otto implacabili)
Ż (Crash Dive)
-2 (Counter Measures)
Ļ (Stalingrad)
ƻ (The Guardian)
» (Tigerland)
ѻ (Strategic Air Command)
, ѻ (Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence)
(Tactical Force)
ۻ (There Be Dragons)
޻ (Shadows in Paradise)
ʻ (Tobruk)
ۻ (None But the Brave)
߻ (Only Angels Have Wings)
! ! ! (Tora! Tora! Tora!)
߻ (Three Kings)
ۻ (Paths of Glory)
޻ (Ice Cold in Alex)
(The Chaos Factor)
» (Flags of Our Fathers)
(The Angry Hills)
ֻ (The Good German)
(Attack Force)
Ļ (Strike Force)
ۻ (Horrors of War)
ۻ (Jin ling shi san chai)
- (Objective, Burma)
ɻ (Charlotte Gray)
߻ (Attack on the Iron Coast)
ͻ (Across the Pacific)
ۻ (Black Dragons)
Ļ (Back Door to Hell)
(Von Ryan's Express)
-2. ѻ (Tropa de Elite 2-O Inimigo Agora e Outro)
633 (633 Squadron)
һ (Flyboys)
λ (Southern Comfort)
̻ (I See a Dark Stranger)
ѻ (A Yank in the R.A.F.)
һ (Flight of Fury)
ѻ (Commando Fury)
ܻ (A Midnight Clear)