- . . , , , . , , , . (1925), 40- . , .

Ż (An American Werewolf In London)
Ż (An American Werewolf In Paris)
л (The Undying Monster)
ۻ (Dog Soldiers)
ʻ (Big Bad Wolf)
(Le Pacte Des Loups)
߻ (El Retorno de Walpurgis)
߻ (El retorno del Hombre-Lobo)
߻ (Cry Of The Werewolf)
ɻ (The Howling)
-2. - (The Howling-2. Stibra The Werewolf Bitch)
-3. Ż (The Howling-3. The Marsupials)
-4. л (The Howling-4. The Original Nigthmare)
-5. Ż (The Howling-5. The Rebirth)
-6. ۻ (The Howling-6. The Freaks)
-7. ۻ (The Howling-7. New Moon Rising)
-8. Ż (The Howling-8: Reborn)
ӻ (A Howling in the Woods)
(Scream of the Wolf)
ʻ (Wolf)
(She-Wolf of London)
ʻ (Teen Wolf)
-2 (Teen Wolf Too)
ۻ (Hyenas)
(Wolf Girl)
ܻ (Dr. Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo)
(La lupa mannara)
ܻ (Beast Must Die)
Ȼ (The Beast of Bray Road)
߻ (La Marca del Hombre-lobo)
(Red Riding Hood)
Ļ (Blood and Chocolate)
! ! (The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here!)
Ż (Legend of the Werewolf)
߻ (Face of the Screaming Werewolf)
(Moon of the Wolf)
(Cat People), 1942
(Cat People), 1982
, ߻ (The Boy Who Cried Werewolf)
Ż (Mexican Werewolf in Texas)
Ż (Never Cry Werewolf)
Ż (Neowolf)
(Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf)
߻ (La Noche de Walpurgis)
(Fright Night), 1985
-2 (Fright Night-2)
(Fright Night), 2011
Ż (Werewolf in a Women's Prison)
(The Werewolf of Washington)
(Werewolf Of London)
ѻ (Werewolf: The Beast Among Us)
ܻ (DarkWolf)
ܻ (Ginger Snaps)
ܻ (Lycanthropus)
ܻ (The Wolf Man)
-2. Ż (Ginger Snaps-2. Unleashed)
-3 (Ginger Snaps Back)
ջ (Werewolves on Wheels)
ɻ (Once Bitten)
Ż (Full Eclipse)
ջ (Last Gasp)
(Bad Moon)
(The Curse Of The Cat People)
߻ (The Curse Of The Werewolf)
Ż (Cursed)
ֻ (Haunted Honeymoon)
߻ (Silver Bullet)
(Death Moon)
» (The Company Of Wolves)
14 (Saturday the 14th)
14-2 (Saturday the 14th Strikes Back)
л (Jennifer's Body)
6-5000 (Transylvania 6-5000)
(The Wolfman)
(I Was A Teenage Werewolf)
߻ (La furia del Hombre Lobo)